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Seven Lakes High School

Aug 2013Present

GPA - 4.55

Class Rank - 56 (7.4%)

AP Classes (Grade on Exam) : Chemistry (5), Physics 1 (5), Language and Composition (5), US World History (5), World History (4)

Currently Taking : AP BC CalculusAP Physics 2AP Statistics, AP Government, AP Macro Economics, AP Literature 

Work History


May 2015Present

Remote Junior Software Developer

Worked on several iOS apps including :

Softmaker : (translated link)
Developed an iOS app for the Norwegian firm Softmaker that provides a dating platform for over 25,000 members focused on distinct groups with common interests.

  • Designed and implemented the layout of the app and worked with a designer on the visual appearance of the app
  • Testing and coordinating bug tracking within the app, and working to fix critical errors
  • Working with a Quality Assurance team to fix smaller issues before release, and releasing the application on the app store

Roomservice : (translated link)
In the process of creating an app for an existing web platform that allows users to order food, which is then picked up by drivers and delivered to the customer's house.

  • Designed a database that would track current orders, driver location, and available items
  • Created a system that routed drivers around around Oslo, Norway from restaurants to customers, and assigned new orders to each driver on the fly based on the position of the drivers nearest to the restaurants.
  • Implemented a client facing app that handled the purchasing and ordering of food items

Summer Camp

Attended a summer camp for 3 weeks every summer since 2009, for a total of 18 weeks and for the past two years, acted as a camp counselor to a dozen smaller kids.

Responsibilities included :

  • Guiding the cabin around camp and dealing with troublesome situations, such as small scuffles or stubborn homesick kids 
  • Communicating the overall status of the cabin to the counselor, such as possible issues the issues the kids were experiencing or 
  • Helping the cabin perform their routine cleaning for inspection by organizing and delegating work throughout the cabin

Through constant interaction with both superiors and peers, I developed my communication skills, maturity, and acquired a total of 320 hours of leadership experience.

Hobby Projects

Developed an application called Carts that allows users to scan groceries, adding them to a "cart" that can be synchronized live between other devices.

  • Provided me with extensive knowledge of, a backend provided by Facebook, and PubNub, a data streaming network
  • Challenged me to figure out how to sync data between the user and the server, even if the user temporarily has no internet connection

Worked on several other computer science projects as schoolwork, mainly involving Java and Scala programing.

Sports and Arts

  • Played the trumpet in both marching band concert band for 2 years
  • Biked and won several road races throughout Texas and participated at the Texas State Biking Championships at Fort Hood