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I'm an enthusiastic professional full-stack developer with excellent JavaScript knowledge. I have more than 4-year experience in Web Development. I'm also instructing JavaScript and Angular(5+). I have also an experience of leading a team in several projects with Angular and NodeJS. 

Work experience

Jul 2016Present

Web Developer

VMware Armenia

I have worked in vROps which is a web-based monitoring application for vCenter servers. The application is based on Java with ExtJS web UI.

I have worked on a tool here to bundle ExtJS scripts in order to optimize script loading and I have optimized it for 6+ times for some network connections (tested on DSL network connection). I was using NodeJS and Gulp for that tool. And in the research process, I also investigated Grunt and Webpack.

I also have worked with Angular 5+ for some separate pages and mocks and also I have worked on an idea of partial Angular integration to that old platform which will help the company to step by step move to Angular.

Feb 2018Jun 2018

JavaScript Instructor


During this classes, I taught JavaScript starting from ES5 and covering the most part of ES6. I had taught them also basics of NodeJS and we did some projects with NodeJS and pure JavaScript.

Jan 2018Jul 2018

Angular Lead


I was working there as the leader of the development team. I have worked on several projects basically with Angular and NodeJS. In the beginning, I was helping the team to fix up some of their old projects and later, we had some projects with Angular 5 and NodeJS one of which were a landing page with Angular Universal, Vimeo, and Eventbrite integrations and the other one was a website for selling pets online with its admin application for managing content. In the last one, we were also using PostgreSQL and we have had scheduler-programs, mixed rendering, and data scrappers from XML and a web link.

Apr 2017Aug 2017

Angular Instructor


I was teaching the basics of ECMAScript 5 and went deeper into its nuances. Then I was introducing them into ES6, native DOM, jQuery as a historical tool, TypeScript, RxJS. And then I was teaching the basics and fundamentals of the Angular platform. And at the end, we were working on some projects with Angular.

Feb 2014Jul 2016

Software Developer

Ogma Inc.

I have started here as HTML-CSS developer. Then I have learned {less}, JavaScript, CSS, Angular 1.x, C#, RegExp, NodeJS(basics). Here I've got deeper in the RegExp: one of my beloved tools in programming languages.


Angular & RX
Polymer + WebComponents
Design Patterns


Additional Knowledges and Skills

Data Structure
IA32 assembly and architecture basics
HTML & CSS + less & SCSS
Wolfram Mathematica