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Mental balance and Taichi. For brain practice I prefer Chinese board game Go. I have also been actively involved with local startup community in Finland. 


In my career and free time I have been deeply involved into renewable energy and sustainability issues. I believe that through sustainable business it will be possible to create unique competitive advantage and add value to the business. In most cases, this this can be implemented with active and open discussion about targets, business processes and strategy. I have been developing products and services in renewable energy industry and currently I am putting in use my consulting experience to create a better wold for us and our children.

I am interested to have a chat with anyone who is interested or wants to know more about renewable energy or sustainable business. Let us not forget that sustainable business contains in addition to environment side also social and economical sides.

Work experience

Jan 2011Jun 2012

Business Development Manager

One1 Oy

I developed the firm's business model and concept. I have been creating and developing a product and service portfolio and creating new partnership connections in Finland and in foreign countries. I have also been a project manager in multi-party IT project and coordinated involved parties actions and reporting. 

Jun 2010Oct 2010

Management analyst trainee

BearingPoint Consulting

Consulting at large international customer. I developed new tools for the customer to predict sales process more accurately. My specialty was visualization of the data and creating a story based on underlying processes. 

May 2008Dec 2009


Helsinki School of Economics

I started at sales and billing function. Soon I got promoted to take care of cash payments of the school and visiting lecturers salaries. I was responsible for accounting in my function and I guided other departments with the school's accounting practices.


Emmanuel Raymond

Tero Viitanen

We studied together at Helsinki School of Economics

Jukka-Pekka Bergman

Jani Seppänen



Sep 2005May 2011


Aalto University School of Economics
Sep 2003Sep 2007


Helsinki University

I studied and graduated with biochemistry as a major and chemistry as a minor.


I have been accountant of the largest business school in Finland and in several hobby clubs I have been involved into.
Sustainability Accounting and Consulting
I have been studying sustainable business accounting methods and practices to implement sustainability reporting to the business. I have been conducting small scale  sustainable business analysis and consulting for my friends businesses.
Problem Solving and Analyzing
I have learned my problem solving and analyzing skill from consulting industry where customers demand results and solutions. I have enlarged my scope with international experience from totally different culture in order get rid off false assumptions.
Project Management
I have been a project manager in multi-party IT project. I have taken my project from development and planning phase to implementation and finally closed it with success.