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Hailey Nicole lannen

Quick Learning, Open Minded, & Eager to Learn New Skills


Aug 2011Present

Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Jun 2015Present

Associates Degree in Arts in Visual Arts & Associates Degree in Applied Sciences in Business Management

Oklahoma City Community College

Most Notable Skills

Quick to Learn, Good Memory, & Can Problem Solve

I have always been an observer of peoples actions and words so I naturally am able to learn processes, tasks, and skills very quickly. I am able to resolve most issues that may arise because of my calm demeanor and logical ways of thinking. If I do not know the answer I will figure it out. Show me simple things once and more complicated things a couple times and I can do them. I have a very detailed memory. Once I've learned something I do not forget.

Math, Physical/Biological Sciences, & Computer Technologies Proficient

I can add and count change back without a calculator because my mother always worked in a bank so she was adamant about me having math skills from an early age. I was always in advanced Math and Science courses. I have had multiple Computer Technology/Computer Programs & Typing proficiency courses. I have also had Intro to Computer Science as well as Computer Graphics/Graphic Design courses. Originally I desired to double major in Fine Arts and Computer Science but sadly the computer program had been discontinued the year I began studying at USAO.

Customer Service, Team Player, & Level-headed

I am a people person and can communicate well with others, such as coworkers and all types of customers. My balanced and laid-back personality enables me to think logically as well as keep calm when chaotic or stressful situations require resolution. I know how to work as a team or work on my own. I credit these characteristics to playing competitive softball year round for thirteen years, with eight of those years positioning me as either the only or most dependable pitcher on teams. Because of this i learned how to remain level headed and resolve issues within myself, as well as being reliable to my teammates and coaches.

Very Good Work Ethics, Dependable, Flexible Schedule, & Always Optimistic Attitude

I have always been a hard worker with an optimistic attitude. I keep a flexible schedule in case I am needed at work in a moments notice. Coming from a middle class household I understand that patience, reliability, manners, and hard work is important to maintain stability. If there are jobs that need to be done, especially if I am being paid to do said jobs, I will do them without complaint and I will do them to the best of my abilities. 

Maintaining Organization

I very much dislike lost or misplaced things. I have a mostly photographic memory, or at least more than most people I know. I tend to be a finder of lost items and remember where I have seen/put or seen where others have put things. I enjoy labeling and organizing, specifically to make locating objects and documents easier for all. I enjoy making everybody's lives easier. Seeing other people happy is legitimately what makes me happy.

Communication Skills & Writing Proficient

Over the years, many teachers and professors have commented on my writing abilities. I have always been well written and able to communicate effectively, especially through writing after in-depth writing courses at USAO. I have also had a few Rhetoric and Public Speaking, Theatre, and interactive Art courses.

Work History (Major)

Jan 2013May 2015

Delivery driver, Cashier. Server.

Chinese Express

Part-time/20 (or more) hours a week. Delivering Chinese food to customers houses. Waitress/server to dine-in customers. Cashier of two cash registers and credit card machines, used simultaneously. Keeping track of money bags and making change on delivery. Taking call-in, walk-in, and drive thru orders. Gathering everything needed to finalize orders prepared by the cooks. Making teas. Set up and keep buffet full, fresh, and tidy as well as all other items and working areas clean and stocked. (Tables, chairs, counters, floors, windows, ice machine, sauce packets, silverware, menus, bags, napkins, straws, chopsticks, cups, lids, and soy sauce on tables.) Busting tables, and closing duties such as restocking, thoroughly sweeping and mopping entire lobby, bathrooms, and behind the counter.

Apr 2012Jul 2012

Summertime Printshop employee

USAO Printshop

Part-time/10-20 hours a week. Professional dress code. Learned how to use office machines. Regularly used computer programs such as: Photoshop, Adobe acrobat, In Design, etc. Black and white office printers, fax machines, scanners, Large OSC color printer, as well as the over-sized image color printer, manual paper trimming machine, automatic stapling machines, etc. Gluing 2, 3, and 4-part papers and documents for customer purchase and professional use. Calculating customer balances, including tax, due to business office for different paper, color, quantities, sizes, and images. Answering the phone, taking orders, and solving office and customer issues. Delivering finished documents, fliers, photos, and posters to professors, offices, and customers on or off campus. Selling advertisements to support USAO and the Printshop.

Aug 2009Jun 2011

Doughnut shop employee. Cashier. Occasional Doughnut maker.

Daylight Doughnuts

Part-time/15-25 hours a week/On school days and on weekends. Opening shop at 5:15 am. Roll and bake sausage rolls and biscuits. Make gravy for biscuits. Prepare tea and coffee. Open both registers. Make sure refrigerators, crock pots, soda and cappuccino machine flavors were full, bags/sacks, cups, and doughnut case are stocked. Wash all dishes (glazing grates, baking, frosting utensils, pans, pots, mixer, doughnut trays, crock pots, etc.). Cleaning and preparing all surfaces needed to make dough and prepare doughnuts the next day. (Doughnut case, counter tops, sinks, coffee and tea machines, soda and cappuccino machines, and doughnut filling machines) Scraping, sweeping, and mopping entire restaurant (kitchen, lobby, bathrooms, and behind counter). Taking out all trash and turning off all lights, machines, and signs before locking up.

References (Non-related)

Wayne Cooper / Van Keppel Parts & Supplies "Territory Manager"

Coach/Personal Reference. Personal Cell Phone (918) 231-0455

Sue Andrews / Mapper for the Muskogee County Assessor's Office

Personal Reference. Personal Cell Phone (918) 441-3635

Dr. Zach Simpson / USAO Professor of Sociology

Professor Reference. Personal Office Phone (405) 574-1381

Joanna Condry / QMI Office Manager

Personal Reference. Personal Cell Phone (918) 557-6488

Adam Heilaman / Printing Services Manager

Business Reference. Previous Employer. Printshop/Office Phone (405) 574-1369

Hung Szeto / Owner of Chinese Express

Business Reference. Previous Employer. Work Phone (405) 222-3399