Hailee May

Hailee May

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Test Scores
  • Philosophy Statement
  • Core Competencies Assessment
  • Corresponding Core Competences Work Examples:
    • ┬áDemonstrating an understanding of Business Organizations/Systems
    • Use English to communicate Effectively
    • Demonstrate customer service skills in an office environment
    • Demonstrate Leadership and Teamwork
    • Demonstrate Enjoyability and Career Development Skills
    • Demonstrate Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
    • Demonstrate Ethics and Legal Responsibility
    • Demonstrate use of Technology in the Office Environment
    • Organize and Plan Functions
    • Maintain Equipment and Supplies
    • Apply Mathematical and Financial Skills
    • Manage Records and Files
    • Communicate Effectively in Administrative and Information Support
    • Demonstrate Knowledge of Information Support Technology Applications
    • Demonstrate Quality Document Production
    • Distribute Information
  • Career Information
  • Community Service
  • Photo's/Video's
  • Awards, Honors and Certificates

Philosophy Statement

Life is too short. Kiss s l o w l y, love deeply, & forgive quickly. Let go of the past,but remember what it taught you.

Test Scores

Core Compentencies Assesment

Understading of Business Systems

Use of English to Communicate

Customer Service in an Office

Leadership & Teamwork

Employability Developmet Skills

Critical Thinking

Ethics & Legal Responsibility

Use of Technology in the Office

Organize & Plan Functions

Maintain Equiptment & Supplies

Apply Financial Skills

Communicate in Admin. Support

Career Information

Community Service


Awards, Honors & Certificates