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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Senior Programmer / Analyst

TCG (formerly Turner Consulting Group, Inc.)

Turner Consulting Group specializes in delivering high quality, individually tailored e-Government and e-Business solutions. Headquartered in Washington, DC, TCG is a small business that has successfully conceived, created, integrated, and secured interactive environments since 1994.

Aug 2007Feb 2009

Web Application Developer

Yakabod, Inc.

I helped develop the Yakabox, a web-based knowledge management and collaboration tool built on the LAMP stack and used by more than 10,000 federal government users.  My team at Yakabod practiced an agile development process loosely based on Scrum.  Some of my contributions to the product included building a shared "to do" list module, implementing system-wide tags and tag clouds, and developing an audit trail module built with both end-users and developers in mind.

Sep 1999Aug 2007

Computer Specialist III / Internet Software Architect

U.S. Department of Commerce

As a member of the Office of the Chief Information Officer within the Office of the Secretary, I developed and/or managed numerous software development projects and operational systems, including:

  • top-level public websites for DOC, the Office of the Secretary, and OS staff offices;
  • mission-critical web applications such as the Department’s Emergency Notification System;
  • the GeoLearning Learning Management System (LMS) used throughout the Department;
  • several specialized intranet/extranet web applications operated by the Department.

In this position, I also:

  • acted as technical liaison and day-to-day project manager for vendors and external government agencies on projects including a “from scratch” Department-wide identity-based intranet development;
  • supported other offices within the Office of the Secretary by helping customers define requirements, drafting requests for proposals and statements of work, evaluating proposals, aiding in project management, and validating contract deliverables;
  • represented the Department in meetings with Congressional staffers and in cross-agency initiatives spearheaded by the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Management and Budget, and others;
  • carried out special research projects, technology analyses, and feasibility prototypes at the direction of senior DOC, OS, and OCIO management officials;
  • implemented and evangelized numerous website and web application accessibility initiatives.
Aug 1998Sep 1999

Senior Systems Architect / Project Manager

Ellsworth Associates, Inc.

Primarily on-site at the DOC, I had a substantial business development role and managed a team of web developers — graphic and web designers, application developers, and database specialists (some of them subcontractors) — working directly with our DOC clients on projects that included:

  • implementing a complete functional, structural, and cosmetic redesign of the top-level DOC website;
  • relaunching the e-commerce website of the International Trade Administration’s Tourism Industries unit;
  • identifying, designing, and developing several intranet applications for the Office of the Secretary.
Apr 1998Aug 1998

Senior Systems Analyst

Castle Rock Consultants, Inc.

At Castle Rock, I helped launch and manage the Foretell project (a joint endeavor of five U.S. states, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and Environment Canada) providing real-time integrated information on weather and roadway status to multiple constituencies, including the driving public.  I also developed the system architecture and helped lead our subcontractors building a comprehensive traveler information system for the city of Branson, Missouri.

Apr 1996Apr 1998

Senior Systems Analyst / Team Leader

Ellsworth Associates, Inc.

On-site at the DOC’s U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, I managed numerous Ellsworth and subcontractor staff (systems analysts, programmers, and quality assurance and user support specialists), scheduled work assignments, monitored and reported task status, and ensured the high quality of our team's work.  I was also active on several development and maintenance tasks, including:

  • a comprehensive personnel management system used by the Office of Foreign Service Personnel;
  • client and trade event management systems and other specialized software used throughout US&FCS;
  • an intranet helping to unify the 2,000 members of the Commercial Service at 250 posts worldwide.
Nov 1993Apr 1996

Programmer / Analyst

Supporting a number of clients including the American Insurance Services Group, the Logistics Management Institute, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the U.S. Department of Defense, I worked on and managed a variety of projects, small and large, including:

  • a desktop search tool tied to an underwriting database used throughout the U.S. insurance industry;
  • LMI’s very first website, an application that brought together disparate resources at numerous NASA, academic, and commercial sites in a single, unified application discovery and launch tool;
  • Lotus Notes applications for travel management, action item workflow, and assessment of the corporate health of DOD suppliers and U.S. industrial capability to meet national defense requirements.
Nov 1992Nov 1993

Programmer / Analyst

Ellsworth Associates, Inc.

On-site at DOC, I was responsible for office automation analysis, application design, programming, and documentation on an array of projects and hardware/software platforms.  I developed a system to automate tracking of Congressional correspondence for the Office of Legislative Affairs.  I also helped maintain the time and attendance package used by 15,000 DOC units throughout the world, and helped design and develop a related system for auditing leave balance discrepancies between the DOC’s records and those of its payroll provider, the USDA’s National Finance Center.

Jan 1991Nov 1992

Production Systems Analyst

Bruce Morgan Associates, Inc.

In this position, I improved day-to-day work systems using new information technologies. Projects I proposed and implemented included a database system to track incoming and archived periodicals; a sophisticated document construction and routing system; and a tool for assigning index terms from a controlled vocabulary to documents produced by the firm’s research analysts, later used to automatically generate comprehensive weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual indices of those documents.



BA Candidate, Regents Degree

Specialized Training

October 2005 - PMBOK Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate, George Washington University School of Business, Washington, DCJune 2004 - Adobe Photoshop 6.0 IntermediateApril 2002 - Web Component Development Using Java Technology (SL-314)March 2002 - Java Programming Language (SL-275)September 1999 - Lotus Notes R5 Domino Programming and Application Development UpdatesJune 1997 - Lotus Domino Technical WorkshopAutumn 1996 - Lotus Notes R4 Application Development Update I & II

Hardware and Software Experience

Computer systems

Apple PCs, IBM and compatible PCs, HP Apollo workstations and X terminals, Sun single- and multi-processor workstations and servers, Palm devices, and various Z80-, 8080-, and 6502-based systemsOperating systems and environments

Apple Mac OS 7/8/9/X, Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT/XP/Vista, MS-DOS, Banyan Vines, Novell Netware, various flavors of Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, OS/2, DesqView, DesqView/X, DR-DOS and GEM, CP/M, North Star DOS, PalmOSDatabase systems, programming languages, and other technologies

ANSI SQL, Oracle SQL, Informix SQL, Watcom SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Clipper, FoxPro, dBASE, XML, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Dojo, jQuery, openWYSIWYG, Smarty, Memcache, PHP 4, PHP 5, Java, Perl, Ruby, Rails, ANSI C/C++, Borland/Turbo C/C++, HP C/C++, BDS C, APC MegaBASIC, North Star BASIC, Zinc, MagnaComm, Vitamin C, CodeBase++, db/VISTA, ProtoGen, Lotus Notes Clients and Domino Servers, Lotus Notes Formula Language, LotusScript, Crystal Reports, CVS, SVN, TortoiseSVN, Microsoft SourceSafe, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Framework, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1 2 3, SuperCalc, Google Apps, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and CS3, Adobe Illustrator 10.0 and CS3, Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Image Composer, Adobe InDesign CS3, Adobe/Aldus PageMaker, Xerox Ventura Publisher, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, Microsoft Visio Pro, FormFlow, Goldmine, NotesMail, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, cc:Mail, Banmail, BeyondMail, Noteworks, SMTP (including several gateways and MTAs), Sendmail, Telnet, FTP, Gopher, Mosaic, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Amaya, Blazer, Apache, eXceed for Windows, eXodus for Macintosh, VMWare Fusion, Insignia SoftWindows for Macintosh and UNIX, Macintosh Apple Emulator (MAE) for UNIX, etc


I'm a senior software developer, project manager, and small business owner.

I have worked as a federal employee, as a federal contractor, and in several other private sector positions.  I have extensive real-world software development experience, as well as experience managing staff and projects, and some business development experience.  I have received great positive feedback from my customers, senior management, and other developers over the years for my ability to bridge the worlds of the technical and the non-technical, to help business people communicate with technical people and vice-versa.  I have prepared and delivered numerous technical briefings and training materials, and helped write and edit well-received end-user and technical reference documentation, as well as requests for proposals and proposal response packages.

Most of my recent development work has been with PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, with semantic XHTML, CSS, and some SVG and XML thrown in for good measure.  I am currently applying Ajax principles in my PHP work and exploring the possibilities found in Ruby on Rails.  Less recently, I've developed software in C, C++, Java, Lotus Notes and Domino, Clipper and other dBase-based languages, and on numerous other platforms.

My current technical passions are information architecture, the user experience, and mobile and cloud computing; software usability, accessibility, and device-independence; and application maintainability, security, and scalability.