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Daniela Macander


I am a seasoned, multifaceted, U.S. Veteran with experience in U.S. military communication, marketing and outreach strategy trough the development and execution of multi-million dollar high stakes projects using proven strategies to engage target audiences, increase issue awareness and position organizations for greater success. I posses an active Secret Clearance and I am bilingual in Polish and conversant in Spanish.

Work History

Work History


2014 - Present
Atlas Research (Washington, DC)

Supports the VHA Office of Communications in its efforts to communicate organizational priorities (e.g., Blueprint for Excellence) through strategic planning, technical writing, tactical plan execution, employee engagement, and focus group testing.

  • Develop, execute, and evaluate strategies for client communications, including branding, press releases, social media, and marketing products.
  • Develop press releases and featured news for the company website.
  • Provide research, analysis and develops recommendations for the improvement of corporate internal communications.
  • Integral member of the taskforce responsible for researching, analyzing and developing corporate marketing and communication strategy.
  • Integral member of the taskforce responsible for advising and developing a process to better understand IT capabilities and challenges within the organization.
  • Integral member of the taskforce responsible for researching, developing and implementing platforms that foster collaboration and communication across project teams.

Assistant Program Manager/Program Coordinator

2010 - 2014
The George Washington Univ. Medical Faculty Associates (Washington, DC)

Assistant Program Manager (2011 – 2014)

Managed the resources and operational health for two US government (USG) health service subcontracts totaling $45M in Kuwait and Qatar.

  • Deployed to Qatar for two months as the medical services manager to resolve major issues and stabilize clinic operations during a critical transition period.
  • Reduced new hire pre-deployment phase time by more than 50 percent through improvemets to existing processes.
  • Improved and enforced policies for two USG health care service delivery subcontracts policy revisoin and facilitating easier access to contract and policy information for overseas resources.
  • Created a comprehensive communications strategy for handling line-of-duty deaths for specific USG subcontracts through the introduction of new protocols and processes.
  • Developed an integrated recruiting approach leveraging low-cost strategies like social media and career expos to influence Veterans and transitioning military to participate in unique health service delivery projects.
  • Increased executive leader awareness of challenges of overseas leading to improved response through the development and implementation of an executive knowledge transfer to address communication barriers between executive leadership and overseas work sites.
  • Increased team morale and reinfoced project mission through an internal communication effort to honor veterans and employees working overseas.
  • Received the organization’s “Common Purpose Award” in 2013.

Program Coordinator (2010 – 2012)
Managed a $2.4M budget for a pre-residency program for Saudi Arabian military physicians and the Fellowship in Extreme Environmental Medicine (FEEM).

  • Developed marketing and outreach campaigns. Established evaluation tools to assess effectiveness of academic programs.
  • Increased interest and physician applications in the FEEM program through the design and development of a successful marketing campaign.
  • Increased awareness of the emergency medicine capabilities at the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates by engaging embassies in the Washington, DC area resulting in follow-on business with the embassies of Ghana and Italy.

Research Assistant

2007 - 2010
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Silver Spring, MD)

Supported behavorial biology research of the psychological resilience, neurological functioning, and operational readiness in Service Members for DoD.

Led chemical analysis of catecholamines in plasma using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). 
Administered neurocognitive behavior tests to human subjects during sleep deprivation studies. Results of the study were used to inform the military on psychological resilience, neurological functioning, and operational readiness in Service Members.

Research and Evaluation Intern, Maternal Child Health

2010 - 2010
Center for Global Health and Development, Boston University
  • Researched and documented innovative approaches used in operational research projects.
  • Reviewed and edited technical operational research proposals and final reports.
  • Designed and managed a proposal / project tracking matrix.

Deputy Brigade Staff for Civil Military Operations

2004 - 2005
US Army (Afghanistan)

Managed $5M budget for the Commander’s Emergency Response Program in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

  • Presented weekly briefings on the impact of the program to senior leaders and led humanitarian assistance missions, training / rehabilitation programs and politically sensitive ceremonies.
  • Planned and executed groundbreaking multi-national transfer of authority ceremony between US and Italian forces. The plan served as a model for future ISAF expansion ceremonies.
  • Secured $2M in additional funding for the brigade in western Afghanistan to fund projects that target the irregular militia forces and set the stage for successful presidential elections in Afghanistan.
  • Supported regional security strategy in Afghanistan by  developing and implementing a landscaping project that attracted and successfully employed 25 Afghan former combatants who completed the UN-led Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) program.
  • Received the “Army Commendation Award”.

Deputy Division Staff and Plans Officer for Civil Affairs Operations

2002 - 2005
US Army (Schofield Barracks, HI)

Developed a broad range of events and operational strategies, including disaster responses, redeployment ceremonies, country orientations and cultural awareness briefs.

  • Planned, coordinated and supervised redeployment welcome ceremonies for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Served as primary planner for the Division’s War Memorial. Organized membership drives, organized memorial fund awareness events and provided weekly status briefs on the high visibility project to the commanding general.

Assistant Secretary to the General Staff / Protocol Officer

2003 - 2004
US Army (Schofield Barracks, HI)

Provided expert guidance to senior commanders on protocol and etiquette matters. Managed government credit card program for six personnel. Planned and coordinated events, including community outreach events and town hall meetings.

  • Coordinated events attended by foreign dignitaries and high-ranking government officials, including former Chief of Staff of the Army General Eric Shinseki and General George W. Casey.
  • Fostered community relations between the US Army and the East West Center/University of Hawaii by inviting and arranging for 40 international and national students to participate in the Army’s Leadership Reaction course as part of their leadership program.
  • Developed a detailed administrative action tracking system to ensure that all actions for the commanding general were properly staffed in a timely manner resulting in a 100% reduction in lost action items and increased accountability.
  • Evaluated and revised an outdated government credit card reconciliation process by properly training card holders how to use the web based resulting in improved accountability through easier coding, purchase visibility, and real-time monitoring to catch errors early in the process.  Resulted in monthly reconciliations completed on time.

Secretary of the General Staff

2004 - 2004
US Army (Schofield Barracks, HI)

Supervised and provided direction to 10 soldiers within the command group. Managed $175K budget and ensured proper compliance with all US Army regulations. Relayed critical information about deployed troops in Afghanistan and Iraq between the Information Operations Center and the Commanding General.

  • Facilitated and coordinated training for 40 students in the Army’s Leadership Reaction course and participated in a leadership seminar delivered by the Commanding General of the installation.

Executive Officer

2002 - 2003
US Army (Schofield Barracks, HI)
  • Developed and managed $450K budget, 127 soldiers and oversaw $1.4M in equipment.
  • Increased unit readiness by 20% and revitalized property accountability across the entire unit.

Platoon Leader

2001 - 2002
US Army (Schofield Barracks, HI)
  • Managed 45 Soldiers and $30M+ in equipment.
  • Led team to support the Force Protection Barrier Plan following the 9/11 attacks by providing 2500 linear feet of Bailey bridge panels as a perimeter around the command headquarters under nightfall and adverse weather conditions.



Master of Public Health

2008 - 2010
Boston University

Culminating Project: Designed a communications plan to increase awareness of veteran suicide prevention and proposed an incentive-based program to increase enrollment in the VA.

Coursework, Natural and Physical Sciences

2006 - 2008
University of Maryland

BS, Speech Communication and International Relations

1996 - 2000
Syracuse University

Affiliations & Volunteer Experience

  • Member – Public Relations Society of America – New York, NY (2010 - Present)
  • Volunteer – Veterans Moving Forward – Alexandria, VA (2014 - Present)
  • Event Creator / Promoter – Afghan Star Screening – Boston, MA (2009)
  • Volunteer – Haitian American Public Health Initiative – Boston, MA (2009)
  • Volunteer – Walter Reed Army Medical Center, General Surgery Ward – Washington, DC (2007)