Hafiz Muhammad Asif

Hafiz Muhammad Asif

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2013 - Dec 2014

Assistant Teacher of Programming

SABAC College Affiliated with Punjab

Discuss assigned duties with classroom teachers in order to coordinate instructional
Prepare lesson materials, bulletin board displays, exhibits, equipment, and
Present subject matter to students under the direction and guidance of teachers, using
lectures, discussions, or supervised role-playing methods.
Tutor and assist Students individually or in small groups in order to help them master
assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by teachers.
Distribute tests and homework assignments, and collect them when they are completed.
Grade homework and tests, and compute and record results, using answer sheets or
electronic marking devices.
Instruct and monitor students in the use and care of equipment and materials.
Plan, prepare, and develop various teaching aids such as bibliographies, charts, and
Prepare lesson outlines and plans in assigned subject areas, and submit outlines to
teachers for review.
Provide extra assistance to students with special needs, such as non-English-speaking
students or those with physical and mental disabilities.
Take class attendance, and maintain attendance records.
Laminate teaching materials to increase their durability under repeated use.
Maintain computers in classrooms and laboratories, and assist students with hardware
and software use.

Oct 2009 - Jul 2012

M Amin Vocational Training Center Multan

M Amin Vocational Training Center Multan

Instruct students on facets of Java, , C,, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and other relevant
Instruct students on how computers work, including the basic science and mathematics
behind their operation and the hardware and the software built on those foundations.
Teach how to write computer programs, algorithms and programming languages.
Keep records of grades, grade papers, and perform other administrative duties as needed.
Create projects designed to enhance lectures.


2011 - 2015


Punjab University
2009 - 2011

College Gulberg
2005 - 2007