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It is my mission to transform education through the close collaboration of teachers, students, administrators, and industry. 


Outdoor education, hiking, biking, snowboarding, kayaking, water-sports, life-long learning, film, film-making, film discussion, creative commons.

What Educators Say:

"His tireless efforts, including many hours of his own time each week, make this network a quickly-growing and far-reaching voice for education and educators across the world. I currently co-host two of the EdReach programs, one with Dan as a co-host and one with Dan as a behind-the-scenes producer, and these experiences have given me great admiration for Dan as an individual and as a passionate leader in the field. He is really making change happen, especially when it comes to how the general public views our profession and our significance in society. His focus on the positive, while also exposing and highlighting those needs for change in our field, prove him to be the kind of insightful thought leader we need in today's education climate. I welcome every chance I get to work with Dan, and I whole-heartedly recommend him for any role in education leadership." 

-Diane Main, San Jose, CA, President - Silicon Valley CUE

"From the moment I first met Daniel Rezac, I admired him not only for his integrity but for his willingness to go the extra mile to help others out.  He has proven, both online and on his campus, to be both an encourager and a leader.  Through his website, EdReach, he has created a vibrant, helpful community to assist teachers in making their classroom an effective and enriching learning environment for students."

- Jen Wagner,  San Diego, CA,

"Dan has to be one of the most creative and deep thinkers in education that I have come across in my career. Dedication, hard working, and passionate all describe Dan’s best qualities and why he is such a good educator.  Dan is a go to person in his field because of his knowledge and because of the personal learning network that he has built.  Finally, Dan is simply a good person who cares about his fellow co-workers and the culture within he works."

- Scott Meech, Chicago, IL,  Apple, Inc

"Dan Rezac is one of the most dedicated, intelligent, inspiring, and capable people working in education today.  Dan sees challenges and rises above.  He views obstacles as puzzles to solve and is more than capable of doing just that.  Dan has created a powerful brand (EdReach) which resonates with educators around the world as being a trusted name in educational thought leadership and insight.  Dan has wrangled some of the biggest names in the industry into a network that he designed and runs to help make positive change in education.  Some recent successes Dan has had is the viral positive marketing campaign around the concept of the "EduWin".  I have also been lucky enough to see Dan's passionate and well-crafted presentations both in-person and online.  I can't say enough good things about Dan, his ability to lead positive change, and the quality of his character.  Any organization would be at a loss not to have Dan as a valued member of their team."

-Adam Bellow, New York, NY, 

"I have been fortunate to travel all over (and beyond) the United States to help teachers learn to use technology, and I can say that Daniel Rezac is one of the top five creative communicators about technology's possibilities for teaching and learning I have met.  His work building EdReach clearly shows his ability to take dynamic ideas to a very large audience, but even in a small conference session, he shows a creativity in his stage skills, insights, and encouragement that make him the kind of presenter every teacher needs to experience."

- Rushton Hurley,


"Mr. Rezac was very helpful in making this process easy for me to understand and use.  Daniel got me set up and started within minutes.  I was even able to problem solve some issues myself with the confidence that he gave me in using the google docs program."

-  B. Burger, Band Teacher, FMS

"Mr. Rezac was absolutely instrumental in getting this accomplished. When presented with the challenge he set up a meeting and enthusiastically and patiently instructed me on how to get it done."

- M. Moon, P.E. Teacher, FMS

"Mr. Rezac not only presented google docs to teachers during a staff meeting, but also took the time to explain Google Forms and Spreadsheets to me on an individual basis.  Without his help, I would have spent my weekend hand scoring two hundred paper surveys.  Using google docs was efficient and a time effective way to collect large amounts of data."

- A. Schwartz, Social Services, FMS

"Daniel Rezac has been very helpful throughout the year.  He is always sending me information and websites that I am able to use in my classroom.  In addition, he takes the time to help me with any questions I may have."

- J. Orgon,  ESL Teacher, FMS

"Mr. Rezac is knowledgeable in many areas and is an excellent first resource when you have a problem. He'll take the time to either email or meet with you to fix the issue, or help you plan out a new idea."

- K. Snow, Social Studies Teacher, FMS


Andy Kohl

Mr. Kohl is my current supervisor, mentor, and Technology leader at District 30. 

Do Not Contact

Scott Weidig

Scott and I have been colleagues for 2 years, whether part of ICE or with EdReach. We have been sharing resources and supporting each other in our positions in numerous ways. I count on Scott for creative ideas to problem solving. 

Scott Meech

Scott Meech is the former Director of Technology at Downers Grove District 58, as well as the fellow founder of He's been a colleague and mentor for 6 years. He currently works for Apple, Inc. 

Diane Main

Diane Main, is a Tech Integrator in California, as well as a contributor the the network. She's the host of the Google Educast, and his heavily involved in the Computing Using Educators in California as well as the President of SVCUE. 

Current Speaking Events

Recent Appearances: 

CoSN 2014: Visibility Matters. Sharing Your District Success Stories With The World

SXSWedu 2014: More Than Making a Difference, EdNews is Evolving


Past Talks: 

ISTE 2012, San Diego, CA

  • Tools. Intuition, and the Future of Education- Panel Moderator

Learning TECH 2012, IQPC, Wyndham Chicago, April 23, 2012- Featured K12 Speaker and Panelist

  • Featured: Receive Buy-in from Faculty and Administration for Learning Technologies
  • Panel: The Changing Role of Teaching: New Learning Platforms for the Classroom

Illinois Computing Educators 2012

Google Docs and YouTube Teacher

Americorps Alumnus

Wilderness Classroom

My Affiliations

ICE Media Roundtable


What is the missing ingredient in building an effective learning organization? If you ask me- it’s enthusiasm.

We are currently in a learning revolution. However, when integrating technology or rolling out 1:1 device programs, you can’t be deterred by “naysayers.” A leader isn’t brought down by those who fear change; they are, in fact, motivated by all the voices in the crowd.

Administrators bring leaders together, and I’ve spent the last 8 years of my career seeking out the best leaders’ advice, their best suggestions, and their best strategies. It’s my turn to put that experience to the test.

Rather than building networks to improve teacher development in technology, I think that it’s important to be the network, the hub, that joins all of the innovators together.  As a Technology Administrator, I want my school district to be the hub of classroom innovation, crossing the bridge into STEM education, creating the world’s brightest thinkers, innovators, and building a community of lifelong learners. That kind of community can exist when you have a leader who is forward-thinking, isn’t afraid to ask big questions, and takes the lead when implementing new strategies. 

The people who will guide us into this new century are good listeners who can make well-researched decisions, and people who have their hand on the pulse of the future. I believe my experience in technology integration, as well as my experience building an education network that is, puts me in the driver’s seat as a leader in the field of technology education. 

Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Technology Integration Specialist

Northbrook/Glenview District 30

Responsibilities at D30:

iPad 1:1 Environment Planning: 

  • Initial Rollout
    • Working with the Tech Team to plan for a district-wide 1:1 iPad rollout.
    • School Board presentations to pitch pilot. 
    • Researching with my PLN to decide on appropriate apps.
    • Creating an application process for potential pilot applicants. 
  • iPad Professional Development
  • Mobile Device Management
    • A big part of any 1:1 program is implementing the iPad MDM strategy. Here, I worked with my team to push out apps, enroll devices using Meraki MDM. This also included:
      • Organizing vendors for iPad breaks
      • Collecting broken devices and re-distributing them to students. 
      • Researching new MDM solutions, namely Casper, our new platform.
      • Researching and testing the appropriate peripherals for iPad protection. 

Teaching and PD:

  • Teach (and co-teach with K-8 teachers), as needed, to help implement tools, platforms, and develop new teaching processes in regards to 21st Century Literacy and Skills. 
  • Responsible for crafting a mission for Media Literacy that helps us sell the conversation of integration throughout the district: 
    • "Building a community of lifelong learners and creative thinkers, who seek out knowledge and contribute to the world of ideas."
  • Crafting, planning, and teaching Professional Development as needed to teachers throughout the district. A sample of PD includes:
    • Blogging with Students and Teachers. 
    • Google Sites: Transitioning Into a Fully-Functioning Online Space.
    • Screencasting and Creating Learning “Channels” with Teachers.
    • iPads in the Classroom: Using iPads for improving the teachers’ process.
    • iPad Administration: Purchasing Apps and Syncing
    • Social Bookmarking for Teacher and Students. 
    • Apple TV and the iPad: Moving Beyond the Interactive White Board.
    • Additional PD includes support for:
      • Flipped Teaching
      • Google Apps: Docs, Sites, Forms, Presentations, Spreadsheet
      • Blogging and Wordpress in the classroom
      • Web 2.0 tools: Glogster, Voicethread, Popplet,, Wordle- you name it.
      • Apple TV and iPad Interactive Whiteboard integration
      • SMART Board integration
      • ENO Board support
      • ELMO and iPevo document camera support.
  • Working individually with teachers and students to implement Instructional Technology initiatives, coordinating with the technology team.
  • Constantly researching new Web tools, and looking for new platforms from which to improve the teacher’s classroom.
  • Maintaining a huge amount of communication with dozens of teachers throughout the district: planning, creating appointments, and implementing a vision of 21st Century Media Literacy.  

Student Run District Technology Support:

Building off of constructivist principals, I spearheaded a program to create student-backed tech help for the district. In the elementary schools, we call them the Tech Deputies. In the middle school we call them the Tech Avengers. In both schools, we trained a group of students to do Level I help desk solving problems like:

  • helping teachers and students in class with displays and printing problems. 
  • changing printer cartridges when needed. 
  • notifying us of wireless connection problems in the district. 
  • notifying us of issues that require further assistance. 

Also, students in the middle school have begun to make a database of tutorials that will help the students and teacher when time is factor and help isn't always around. Check out their channels here:

Learning Channels:

  • Putting learning online is a huge goal. To implement this, I’ve worked closely with YouTube to create custom channels for teachers. 
  • Using tools like Jing, the iPad and Techsmith software, we’ve taken sharing learning online to a great level. Screencasting has been a great integrative solution to freeing up time for critical thinking in the classroom.
  • Flipping the Classroom: The Mathademics Channel has been our platform for allowing math teachers to create screencasts, and “flip” their teaching. I’ve created the conversation of Flipped Teaching in District 30, and it is now taking off. 
  • Implemented and managing YouTube for Schools, a district filter that allows only teacher chosen videos to come through the filter. 
  • Creating the Math and Science Channels for teacher and student extension: 

Administration Duties:

  • Working directly with Network Admin to strategize and implement solutions to servers, wifi, LDAP, and Apple Open Directory problems associated with Google Apps and Wordpress and server logins.
  • Working directly with Instructional Technology Coordinator to craft a conversation around district’s needs.
  • Collaborate with Data and Web Developer to streamline the district’s website, and have been heavily involved in finding a replacement vendor for our failing web infrastructure. 
  • Administering Google Apps for Education Domain: 
  • Working with Vendors to find appropriate tools:
    • For iPad accessories
    • Software
    • Peripheral hardware
    • District and class licenses for Web tools/ software. 
  • Making purchases for the district. 
  • Presenting at Board of Education meetings. 
  • iPads: I am currently the Volume Purchase Plan buyer for the district. 
  • Working to create a nomenclature for login IDs and passwords. 
  • Taking help tickets, and doing all levels of Help Desk duties. 
  • Budgeting
    • Working with technology team to strategize budgets for next year, and to plan for new computer leases.
    • Coordinating with District administrator to purchase software and hardware for teacher use, as well as building principals to coordinate budgets. 
    • Tri-angulate between business manager and Instructional Technology Coordinator to plan for next year's budget. 
  • Google App for Education Domain Administration: 
    • Managing the CPanel.
    • Finding Marketplace Vendors to add on to our domain.
    • Coordinating new administrative vendors and webinars for the Tech Team to analyze. 
    • Adding new users.
    • Coordinating all Google Apps services. 
    • Working with the Network Admin to coordinate LDAP with all Google Services.
    • I am the Google Apps for Education Group Manager for the K-12 Midwest Google Group. 
  • Northfield Township Technology Conference:
    • Myself, as well as other members of the township are organized a township technology conference.
    • You can visit the website here. 
  • Wordpress Multisite Administration: 
    •  Single-handedly developed and currently maintain district’s Wordpress Multisite Blogging Platform: This platform also includes:
      • Creating PD for teachers to help them implement blogging in the classroom. 
      • Co-teaching to introduce blogging and to layer digital citizenship into the class.
      • Working with technology team and other integrators to come up with strategies for implementation of new plugins and parent involvement. 
      • Creating and implementing Digital Citizenship lessons and conversation surrounding blogging.
    • Creating and developing E.D.You: Education and Development for You: a district blog, where teachers, administrators, and people all over the district can share strategies for teaching and lifelong learning. This has been a highly successful venture. 
    • Creating a “community of sharing” where teachers all over the district can share strategies and learn from each other though blogging. 
  • Learning Spaces: 
    • Researched, developed, transformed, and literally built a Collaboration Classroom in one of the elementary schools. The “Collaboration Cafe” was designed to show teachers what the future of the classroom space can be. A fully modular classroom, with writable walls, has inspired many teachers to remake their own classrooms in the same vernacular. 
    • Link to Collaboration Cafe
  • Boxes and Wires:
    •  Hook up computers, televisions, routers, LCD projectors, installing Apple TVs, and other computer equipment as needed.

Awards and Recognitions:

I have a proven record of advocacy, and have written and received grant money for almost every year I've been in education, totaling over $10,000 in awards. Here's my most recent: 

  • 2013 District 30 Foundation Grant Winner - The 3D Revolution: Making Our Own Future $1200
  • 2012 District 30 Foundation Grant Winner - $500 for "Mirror Your Universe."
  • 2011 District 30 Foundation Grant Winner -  $1200 for "Flipping for Science." 
  • 2010 Recognized as a Top 50 Innovator by
Sep 2010Present

Conference Committee Planning Member

Illinois Computing Educators
Press Coordinator 

As Press Director of Illinois' most prestigious education conference, The ICE Conference,  I use my influence and contacts with the Chicago Media, as well as through my company EdReach, to publicize the ICE Conference, and highlight the amazing stories that will be told from Illinois educators and students.

Duties include:

  • Drafting Press Releases

  • Calling media contacts

  • Designing press materials

  • Creating unique programming for local and national press to flock to.
  • Running a group of volunteers that will work the Press Room. 

Successes brought newspapers to cover our event:

The Personal Learning Network Plaza Coordinator:

As the coordinator of the Personal Learning Network Plaza (PLN Plaza), my skills as a community builder are put to a state-wide test.  In my tenure us the PLN Chair, I worked to create a space, where vendor furniture and hardware would be shown off and used in an authentic way. We want the PLN Plaza to be a place where all of the conference goers would have a comfortable place to meet, talk, and share ideas found at the conference. 

My duties include:

  • The conceptual design of the space.
  • Contacting school furniture vendors to fill the space:
    • Coordinated with the Merchandise Mart and the Jasper Group to find modular, industrial furniture for the space. 
    • Creating a conference mascot, and circus atmosphere. Take a look at some of the ICE Penguin photos. 

ICE Planning Coordinator

As a member of the planning team for the ICE Conference, I have an integral part in deciding many of the conferences venues, themes, keynotes, and presentations that are at the conference. ICE has put me in a great position of understanding how an education conference is put together. 

Nov 2010Present

Editor in Chief

The EdReach Network

The EdReach Network started out of a passion for rewriting education’s story. While originally conceived as the “TechCrunch for education,” EdReach’s podcasts began taking off, as educators embraced Google Hangouts, and having discussions. Recently, embraced by TechCrunch, EdReach has been on a mission to capture the voices of the many specialists and “explainers” in education today.

In almost two years, The EdReach Network is an explainer network that boasts dozens of education channels, is reaching 25,000 unique downloads per month, and brings in the words of education’s best qualified teachers and speakers from Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Certified Teachers, Golden Apple Distinguished Educators, Microsoft Certified Teachers from all across the globe.

Daniel Rezac, Founder and Editor, not only hosts shows and produces 30-odd channels on EdReach, he works with each individual podcaster to craft a brand around each show. This includes creating titles, graphics, banners, Twitter handles- everything related to each show. In that vein, Daniel also works as a marketer and PR agent for these shows and educators.  

The EdReach Network also covers live education conferences and events, and uses its contributors as on-the-field reporters. You can see some of this coverage at our Instagram Channel or

In addition Daniel and EdReach have begun working with the Google+ Team to create Virtual Field Trips with its outdoor education channel, The Wilderness Classroom. Titled Dogsledding Through Glass, the first of these premiered on Tuesday, February 4th at 10am CST, and was hosted by Daniel. Daniel and EdReach are currently working with the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Indiana Speedway to host their next VFTs. 

The EdReach Mission: 

The EdReach Network is an education broadcasting network. Its mission, to Take Education Forward, seeps through every show and podcast we do. By continuing to put out quality content from the world’s most qualified educators, we stand to re-brand education in the media as innovative and forward-thinking. We also have an advertising mission, designed to bring together and highlight the most innovative brands in education today. You can read more about that at  

Daniel's Responsibilities at EdReach: 

  • Crafting unique channels For educators.
  • Branding, graphics, and marketing of educator channels. 
  • Podcast and video production, including creating audio and video intros, lower third graphics, and green screen effects. 
  • Video post production, including iMovie, Garageband, Audacity, Final Cut Pro, and other shareware tools to create quality content for the EdReach ecosystem. 
  • Web design, HTML, CSS, PHP, and some Javascript for the EdReach Wordpress Theme. 
  • Crafting and running our PR campaigns, through the creation of press releases, and massaging contacts in the press like TechCrunch and Edutopia. 
  • Partnership acquisition and contract negotiation with EdReach content partners. 

Content and People Management:

As Editor in Chief, Daniel creates unique media campaigns for EdReach, that includes 100+ contributors. Each channel on EdReach has their own specialty, so Daniel can mobilize many of the EdReach contributors to create content at many of the US, Australian, and European ed tech conferences.  Each contributor is mobilized to:

  • Run Google Hangouts, including prepping for shows, scheduling events, and organizing guests. 
  • Publish their podcasts to EdReach (tutorials provided by EdReach)
  • Add quotes to our account. 
  • Share conference experiences using our Instagram, Vine, and Soundcloud accounts. 

Running the EdReach Executive Team

Daniel oversees a Business Manager and a Chief Innovation Manager, that help EdReach produce content, while also connecting EdReach to some of education's most influential players. 

Daniel is individually responsible for producing and designing:

Untangling The Web


The MacReach Show

The Google Educast

Mobile Reach

Learning RedesignED

Subtext’s The Reading Room

TechSmith’s Chalkstar to Rockstar


The #EduWin Show

Chalkles (comic)

The Edupreneurs

Mission Monday


The Disruptors (blog)

Two Guys and Some iPads

Teacher Tech Talk



Flipped Learning Network Podcast

The EdAdmin Show

iDig Video

The LiTTech Show

Arts Roundtable



The Wilderness Classroom

20% Time

Aug 2008Jul 2010

Middle School Technology Instructor/ Integrator

Fremont District #79
Technology Instructor Initiatives
  • Teach students in a 1:1 desktop environment, utilizing Google Apps for Education and other Web 2.0 tools to stimulate learning and creation. 
  • Curriculum developer for grades 6-8 tech program, a Project Based Learning environment. Classes include media formats such as digital storytelling, podcasting, digital film making, and Google Earth map making. 
  • Implemented and administer Fremont Google Apps for Education Domain. 
  • Curriculum goals has students publishing cross-classroom products for the school community. Visit the Fremont Olympic Guide to the Olympics, for example. 
  • Podcasting classes focus on creating subscription-based content for the Fremont community, such as the Fremont Story Corps. 
  • I lead Technology Club, which focus is gaming, utilizing the Scratch program to teach beginning programming to students. Our Scratch channel
  • Accepted to Tech 2009 and Tech 2010 to showcase our technology progress for legislators downstate. 
  • Received a grant from the Fremont Education Foundation to install a green screen for creative projects such as vodcasting, and creating a Fremont TV station.
  • Maintain and publish a parent outreach blog for parents and students to engage at home-Fremont Tech Class Blog. 
  • Publisher and avid creator of tutorials to guide learning. My channel:

Professional Development Workshops and Presentations

Teacher Integration Projects

  • Music: Worked with the music department to create a Fremont Fight Song contest, utilizing Google Spreadsheets and Forms to submit student ideas.
  • Music: Worked with music dept. to collect data where students could track their band practice hours.
  • ESL: A strong advocate for ESL students, I worked closely with our ESL teacher to implement and Google Translate tools for her students.
  • PE: Worked closely with our PE teachers to create data tools where students could track their running times. 
  • Special Services: Working with Special Services teachers to create ELMO document camera movies and to upload those to a teacher website. Sample:
  • Volleyball/ Basketball: Created a broadcasting channel and site for our sports teams, using Google Sites and Ustream. Visit our streaming site:
Jul 2006Jun 2008

Science and Technology Teacher

Chavez Multicultural Academic Center

Classroom Initiatives

  • Taught 5th through 8th grade grade science, looping with another teacher.
  • Used Interactive White Board to engage students, bought with a Chicago Foundation for Education Grant.
  • Used laptop lab to reach ESL population, utilizing Google Translate and other online tools to make learning accessible to all learners. 
  • Focus on Project Based Learning facilitated with Backwards Design, based on Understanding by Design, by Wiggins and McTighe.
  • Science Fair Coordinator: developed school (K-8) curriculum in collaboration with Area 12 teachers.
  • Created Adventure Club, funded by Urban Gateways, to explore Chicago’s rivers, trails, and rocks. Take a look at
  • Expert in using Online Learning Environments as part of assessment process.
  • Strong and creative in motivating reluctant learners, using technology to gain science participation.

Grants and Awards:

  • Summer 2008: $5000 Writer and recipient of Americorps Grant for Professional Development
  • January, 2008: $3500 Writer and grant recipient for children’s musical theatre program, involving 70 students via
  • February, 2008: $2500 Writer and recipient for Cultural Exchange Program offered by Metropolis Arts Center, Arl. Hts, IL
  • December, 2007: $500 Writer and recipient for Chicago Foundation for Education for Interactive White Board
  • November, 2007: $500 Writer and recipient for Wilderness Classroom Scholarship,
Jan 2002May 2006

Owner and Operator

Redfern Fitness

As owner and operator of Redfern Fitness Personal Training, I employed 2 people and guided my Chicago clientele through personal regimens of health, nutritional, and exercise science. 


Meraki Mobile Device Management
As one of our 1:1 implementation team, using Meraki to manage devices in the cloud is part of my daily routine. 
Wordpress Development
I created numerous Websites using Wordpress, including The Education Media Network, as well as innumerable amounts of student and teacher blogs including (multisite), E.D. You, and countless others.  
SMART Board Trainer
I've used SMART boards for 2 years, and have trained teachers to use them in class as well. 
I am currently the VPP purchaser for our district, and have lots of experience integrating iPads with teachers and students. I am currently helping to guide our district on a path to a 1:1 environment with iPads. 
PC Skills
I've been using PCs for many years, and am familiar with the latest Windows OS. 
Google Earth/ Maps
  I teach a class called Map Casting in Google Earth, where we create tours based on current topics and events.  Past projects have included:   Olympic Historical Venues The Global Warming Project.  Global Poverty Map  
Web 2.0 Internet Technology
Current tools for the classroom include:,,,,,,, Google Apps,,,,  Name the tool, and I've probably got experience with it. 
Promethean Interactive White Board
I've taught with an IWB for three years, and consider myself an expert in using the IWB with Web 2.0 Internet tools. 
Google Apps
I'm currently a Google Certified Teacher, and have used Google Apps since Google bought Writely a few years ago. 
Macintosh Computer
I've been a Mac user for the majority of my professional and college life, and taught with Macs for 7 years. 


Sep 2000May 2002

Non-Degree Seeking

Burlington College

Living in Vermont and with my first degree, I felt I was now able to pursue my own interests. This experience is what helped me become a life-long learner. 


Jul 2011Jul 2016

Standard Elementary Teaching- Type -03

Illinois State Board of Education
Jan 2012Jul 2016

Type 10 Technology Specialist Certification

Illinois State Board of Education