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 Mechanical engineer for five years experience in maintenance engineering, maintenance management  and technical management support  of projects planning  in order to obtain understanding of how to get involved in production process and  knowledge of daily operations of the company.


May 2017Feb2018

Feed mill Manager

Sayed farms Nigeria
  • Manage feed mill resources to ensure cost effective manufacture in line with budget.
  • Ensure that all poultry products are packed to fulfil customer service requirements whilst meeting agreed quality specifications and cost parameters and ensuring that all necessary resources are available and utilized in a safe and efficient manner.
  •  Manage the mill to company policy on environment, health & safety.
  • Increase the production process from 70 tons/shift to 140 tons/shift with improved product quality.
Jun 2016May 2017

Maintenance Manager

Belady Feedmill
  • Plan and oversee all repair and installation activities.
  • Allocate workload and supervise upkeep staff.
  • Monitor expenses and control the budget for maintenance.
  • Manage relationships with contractors and service providers.
  • Ensure health and safety policies are complied with.
Jul 2015Jul 2016

Technical Manager of projects planning

Elkhawas Feedmill

Planning, handling designs, responsible for price negotiation., operating, overseeing and providing developing solutions for foundation of new production lines. 

Jan 2015Jul 2015

Maintenance Manager

Elkhawas Feedmill

Operating both of the mechanical and electrical maintenance teams, managing tasks and administrating operations.

Jul 2013Jan 2015

Maintenance engineer 

Elkhawas Feedmill

Handling  different programs of maintenance such as Daily, Weekly and monthly.
Working on a series of machines such as Pellet mill, hammer mill, cooler, Crumblar, and rotary Vibro which had been a challenge  I had to find a solution for:

  •  Time of cooking.

Worked out the most suitable P.T.H levels for our cooking system using Mollier chart and steam table.

  •  Vibrator machine simulation.

Made an entire rotary Vibro machine as a separator using old spare parts of the other machines.

Technical and Personal Skills

  •  Knowledge of pneumatic systems & hydraulic systems. 
  •  knowledge of vapor and steam based systems.
  • Knowledge of water treatment
  • Team building and leadership.
  • Providing solutions for massive problems.
  • Providing engineering consultations.
  • Knowing electrical systems and power circuits.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Participant of the 2015 IPPExpo Istanbul and AGRENA exhibitions for all concerning feeding mill machines.




Sep 2008Jul 2013


Shubra Faculty of Engineering

Power Mechanics.

Graduation project


Air condition with thermal cool storage.


Air conditioning in Hotels , Hospitals & schools.


Reducing energy consumption via storage the cooling during peak off to use it through peak on.


  • Refrigerant cycle.
  • Coolant cycle.

The project was presented by cinema 4D visual basic.

Practical Training

  • Khalda Company “tareq gas plant”
  • Misr Petroleum.
  • Nasr Petroleum.


  •  Auto machines 

        Mechanical course from istituto salesiano  “ don bosco “ 240 hours Grade: very good.

  •  English

        Ministry of Defense language institute (MODLI)  

  •  AutoCAD course from Information System Center.
  •  Passed all modules of International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

Computer Proficiency

  •  Excellent in using windows operating systems, and Microsoft Office applications.
  •  Excellent in dealing with the Internet and its search capabilities.
  •  ICDL full program.

Language Skills

  •  Arabic: Mother Tongue.
  •  English: Very Good.

Personal Information

  •   Birthday:10 November 1987.
  •   Nationality: Egyptian.
  •   Military Service: Accomplished.
  •   Marital Status: Married.