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Research interests

- Low power wireless systems and sensors design 
- Internet of Things (IoT) and Network sensors
High-Frequency Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits design




Sharif university of technology

- GPA of 17.01/20 (3.71/4.0) via 129 credit / Last two semester GPA 18.1(3.85/4)

-  B.Sc Thesis: Experimentation and simulation of IoT with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface for maximum traffic and minimum power consumption, using TI BLE IC CC2650.  Advisor:  Dr. Fotowat Ahmady

- Expected graduation: June 2017

Minor in Economic with GPA (4/4)The Graduate School of Management and Economics (GSME) at Sharif University of Technology 


College Diploma

National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET), Quchan

- Graduated with GPA of 19.7/20(4/4)


Aug 2016Oct 2016

Robust communications for Internet of things (IoT)

Research intern, Institute for Infocomm Research( I2R) , Singapore , under supervision of Dr.Ho Chin Keong

- Efficient WLAN connection of a client moving from one Access Point to another with sensor assistance and power efficient real-time WLAN data transfer

-          Setting up a WiFi module and measuring Power profile of WL1837MOD WiLink™

-          Using an accelerometer sensor for motion detection by using machine learning methods

-          Using an accelerometer sensor for detecting heart rate and breath rate

Honors and Awards

-        Selected for Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) , Aug 2016

-        Became Member of National Elite Foundation ,Aug 2012

-        Ranked 30th (top 0.5%) among 230,000 participants in Iran University Entrance Exam for B.Sc. degree, 2011.

-        Selected in Mathematic Olympiad in Canada, Waterloo University, 2009.

Research Experience

-  Designing and implementing an instrumentation amplifier for ECG monitoring, Course Project for "Applied Electronics in Biomedical Engineering", Prof.M.Fardmash, Spring 2016

-  Designing and Implementing a bandstop Butterworth filter, Course Project for "Filter and circuit synthesis", Dr. Sadughi

implementation of a MIPS Multicycle Processor in Verilog HDL with Modelsim software. Course project for "Computer Architecture", Dr. Movahedin, Fall 2015

- Design of a Wideband CMOS Operational Amplifier, with emphasis on frequency response compensation and slew rate, Course Project for "Analog Electronics", Prof. Sharif-Bakhtiar, Spring2015

Design of a BJT Operational Amplifier, with emphasis on frequency response compensation and settling time, Course Project for "Analog Electronics", Prof. Sharif-Bakhtiar, Spring2015

- Designing and implementing Function generator ,Course Project for” Pulse techniques” Dr. Bagheri-Shouraki Spring 2015

- Designing and implementing PLL(Phase Locked Loop)circuit ,Course Project for” Pulse techniques” Dr. Bagheri-Shouraki Spring 2015

- Image de-blurring and optical character recognition(OCR) using Matlab ,Course Project for “Signal & Systems”,Dr. Karbalayi Fall 2014

- Simulation of AM,FM and PM modulation with Matlab , Course project for “Communication circuit” Dr.Behnnia Fall 2014

- Designing and Implementing Speed Competition circuit, Course project for “Logic circuits and Digital Systems” Dr. Hajsadeqi Fall 2013

Designing LC oscillator using non-linear devices, Course project for “Circuits Theory” Dr. Sharifkhani Fall 2013

Selected Courses

  •        "Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Design" with Prof. Sharif Bakhtiar
Fall 2016
  •        "Communication Circuits" with Dr. Behnia
Fall 2016
  •       “Computer Architecture” with Dr.Movahedin 
  •       "Applied Electronics in Biomedical Engineering" with Prof.M.Fardmash


  •      ‘’Analog Electronics()” with Prof.Sharif-Bakhtiar   


  •        “Principles of Biomedical Engineering” with Dr.vosoughi vahdat


  •        “Principles of Electronics”with Dr. Fotowat Ahmady   


  •        “Industrial Electronics” with Prof.mokhtari


  •        Pulse Technique Labwith Dr.Sadeghi                                                                  


  •        “Differential Equations” with Dr Shabani


Teaching Experience

-        Teaching Assistant for "Principles of Electronic" Dr.Kavehvash.

-        Lab Assistant for " Analoge Circuits(Electronic" Dr.Safarian.

-        Teaching Assistant for “Analog Electronic workshop”, Dr.Fotowat.

-        Teaching Assistant for “Principles of Electronic workshop” Prof.Sharif  Bakhtiar & Dr.Fakharzade

-        Lab Assistant for “Principles of Electronic”, Dr.Kavevash.

-        Teaching Assistant for “Principles of Electrical Engineering”,Eng tolui.

Spring 2016

Fall 2015



Fall 2014

Software Proficiency

Expert: Advanced Design Systems (Simulation), Cadence (Simulation & Layout), Orcad, PSpice and Schematic, HSpice, Cadence, MATLAB, Altium Designer (PCB layout)

Intermediate: Quartus 4.2, Simulink, Proteus, LATEX ,  C/C++ Programming, Assembly (8085,8051)

Language Proficiency

-        Native: Persian, Kordish

-        Fluent: English 

TOEFL iBT: 94/120 (Reading 26/30, Listening 26/30, Speaking 20/30, Writing 22/30)

GRE : 314 Overall(Quantative 167/170, Verbal 147/170, AW 3.5)


Dr. Fotowat Ahmady, Ali, Assistant Professor,,Phone: +98-(912) 111 7364, Address: 6th Floor - 602 East, Department ofElectrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Ave., P. O. Box1155-4363, Tehran, Iran.

Dr. Chin Keong Ho, Lab Head, Energy-Aware Communications Lab Scientist III Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR 1 Fusionopolis, #21-01 Connexis Singapore 138632 phone: +65-6408 2461, fax: +65-6776 1378 email:

Dr. Safarian, Aminghasem, Assistant Professor,, Phone: +98-6616 4391, Address: 7th Floor - 711 East, Department ofElectrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Ave., P. O. Box1155-4363, Tehran, Iran.