Hadi Ibraheem

تاريخ العمل

تاريخ العمل

يناير 2011 - مارس 2016


Al-Bassel Hospital

Working in a busy surgery providing a full range of dental treatment to patients to help them maintain oral health. Spending a significant amount of time standing and using specialist equipment. Working as part of a dental team, comprising of dental nurses, dental hygenists and dental health educators.


2006 - 2010

Faculty of Dentistry

Damascus University

The student studies in the first two years a lot of general subjects studied by students of medicine and is a public materials related to life sciences and cell physiology, physics, chemistry and the matter is not free from some specialist dental materials

In the third year outweigh the balance and turn things .. specialist materials are increased significantly and train them in addition to the second year of an artificial examples mimic the mouths of patients in order to become familiar with the real work on the patient without errors ..

In the fourth year and fifth start clinical work, for every student insurance for all patients required of it by the cases of each section. In addition, he will be given the rest of his practical and theoretical subjects to complete the construction of scientific and theoretical before graduating from college and receiving a bachelor's degree.

2004 - 2006

Technical diploma in prosthodontics

Damascus University

Learning how to:

restored natural teeth

compensate for the lost teeth, oral tissues and facial surrounding those teeth

Giving good knowledge in techniques of removable and fixed prosthodontics