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I value a job that uses practical applications of knowledge and appreciate having the opportunity to be inventive and pragmatic in any approach.

I seek adventurous opportunities that exercise my assertive and risk-taking qualities. I do not shy away from competitive environments and in fact, often thrive in leadership roles that require me to influence and persuade others. I prefer debating ideas, selling/purchasing products, managing people/projects and giving presentations.

I am productive in environments that are organized and structured, offering clear lines of authority and product-driven. The best job experience for me is one that is "Bottom-line" focused and results-oriented.

I tend to rely most heavily on rational thinking skills to come to conclusions. Prefer to use facts to justify an action instead of persuasive acumen and I am more comfortable stepping back from situation at hand and analyzing it without letting my own personal perspective influence my decisions.
I am excellent when it comes to making objective analyses; I have an excellent ability to evaluate the logical effects of different strategic moves and then choose an approach decisively and calmly.

  • I am a strong individual; I am frank, self-reliant, productive, concrete in my thinking style.
  • Like to lead, influence, direct or manage people for organizational goals or economic gain.
  • Appreciate status and power and I’m highly driven to attain leadership roles.
  • Seek practical accomplishments and appreciate rules.

I enjoy work environments that are active and driven towards an end that brings value to the organization. I may be drawn to work environments that promote “friendly” competition among peers and reward associates based on performance, contributions and the value they offer.

Work History

Feb 2016Sep 2016

Market Consultant

KMGI Group | Transparent Business
  • Research and analyze the market
  • Participate in evaluation and development of marketing services and tools
  • Look for the potential consumers in the markets and plan strategies and attractive plans
  • Write proposals and create marketing content 
Jul 2015Feb 2016

Business Development | Marketing and Lead Generation

SAM Engineering & Trade Co. | Business Development
  • Generate interest among prospects through various lead contact activities; majority of contact generation via the phone
  • Schedule appointments with key decision-makers, advancing opportunities to the Key Account Team
  • Build a complete CRM for the company via an online CRM platform.
  • Introduce an online project management platform.
  • Update and maintain account information and current sales stages on the platform.
  • Develop and maintain the company website.
  • Develop and maintain company appearance on social media.
  • Creating marketing material [emails, messages, brochures, etc.]
  • Marketing Events Planning

Jan 2011Jan 2016


PA| VA| PM at Upwork
Feb 2015Dec 2015

Teacher Assistant 

Jordan University of Science And Technology | Industrial Engineering Department
Sep 2014Dec 2014

Research Assistant

Jordan University of Science And Technology | Chemical Engineering Department
Dec 2013Oct 2014

Operations Manager and Project Lead

at MyeVideo
  • Providing project management support to deliver project within the established process and time line.
  • Acts as a first point of contact for regular, on-going process Management on daily operational matters.
  • Communicate with both internal and external customers at the individual contributor and management levels.
  • Train the team for all new –process and updates and to make sure performance metrics are meeting to our internal KPI.
  • Work on tasks-process re- engineering in order to reach the required utilized working procedures.
  • Manage the service quality through different customer access channels and Review customer’s feedback.
  • Works with high level escalated customers.

Dec 2010Jan 2014

Proposal Engineer (Technical and Financial)

SAM Engineering & Trade | Instruments & Valves
  • Prepare offers (Technical and Financial)
  • Process orders
  • Follow up both offers and orders
  • Supervise Shipping and Delivery to customer
  • Prepare department financial reports 
  • Provide | Supervise after sales services 
Sep 2010Dec 2010

Chemical Analyst

Royal Scientific Society

Training at Chemical Analysis Laboratory in the Environmental Laboratories Division:

  • Collection and Preservation of Samples
  • Data Quality(Control Charts)
  • Expression of Results
  • Preparation of Reagents Specified in Standard Methods
  • Tests Performed: Ammonia Test, Nitrate Test, Chloride Test, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen Test, Calcium, Magnesium, Total HardnessTest& pH/Alkalinity Test.
Feb 2010Jun 2010

Research Assistant

Jordan University of Science And Technology | Chemical Engineering Department

 Sea Water Desalination using RO Polymer Membranes


Feb 2014Feb 2017

MASTERS of Industrial Engineering

Jordan University of Science and Technology
Sep 2005Jun 2010

B.Sc Chemical Engineering

Jordan University of Science and Technology



Energy Manager in Training

Association of Energy Engineers

Licence No. 92869


Marketing Research Fundamentals

Licence No. AE6318


Fundamentals of Logistics

Licence No. 5B64B8


Distributing and Marketing Ebooks

Licence No. 208608


Managing Teams

Licence No. 0D1643


Managing Virtual Teams

Licence No. 4FB989


Internal Audit


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Appreciation and Interpretation





Research & Analysis
Process Improvements
Team Leadership
Project Planning
Team Work


DART - JUST Association, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2009/2010

Position: Vise president
DART [Dream, Aim, Reach, Target] its goal is to introduce entrepreneurship to
local community starting with youth to encourage them to start their own unique