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Work experience

May 2005Present

Senior Software Engineer

Emirates Airline - IT

Mercator (Emirates Group\Emirates Airline - IT)

Responsibilities Team Lead, Software Design and Development.

Skills needed .Net (,, Visual Basic, TIBCO technologies (Web Services, Workflows, Messaging, MQ & DB adapters) and Servers, Oracle, Command over Windows operating systems, desktop / web application development and Systems Design.

Achievements/Improvements made

eQual (TIBCO, Visual Basic.Net, Oracle):

Role: Team Lead

This project is basically the second phase of the below mentioned eBusinessItegrator software solution. This release contains more workflow processes and real-time messaging interface.

This application includes: Distributed Architecture, SOA, Workflow, Messaging, and SOAP Web Services.

Application architecture and core modules were designed and developed by me that includes System Architecture, 3-Tier Application architecture, TIBCO based Workflow, Web Services, Messaging Interfaces and Dot Net Web Services Design.

MCL (Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, Oracle):

Role: Team Lead and Developer

MCL stands for Master Crew List, which is maintained list of crew who are eligible to fly in USA. To fly to USA there are various criteria that has to be met before.

MCL is a module in the application called as BGS. This project was enhancements n the existing process. It involves various bug fixing data cleaning and security services initiatives. This is a very critical application in terms that in case of slight error in the names and the list for each flight a plane will be returned back as well as the airline has to pay a huge fine to TSA, DHS.

All user interface modifications were done in the Visual Basic 6 interface and all e background security service was done in the windows service developed in the Visual Basic.Net.

eBussinessIntegrator (TIBCO, Visual Basic.Net, Oracle):

Role: Team Lead

It is an SOA based application in the Flight Operations Team at Emirates-IT/Mercator. It manages the information related to the Flight Crew license maintenance. The software provides user interface to the regulatory affairs management of Emirates Airline to carry out the workflow processes involved in the Flight Crew license. The software also communicates with the Government authority using web services. The solution based is based on the TIBCO BWC and Business Works Server for Workflow and Web Services, while our user interface is developed on a Dot Net based WinForm application. I was involved in requirements gathering, documentation and design of Workflow, Web Services and application for this application software.

The application includes: Distributed Architecture, SOA, Workflow and SOAP Web Services.


Role: Consultant

CORE-LIDO is an existing legacy application, which uses IBM MQ Series for communication.

I have provided the consultancy and the base to do the communication with many different applications that need access to the information that CORE-LIDO provides. I achieve the purpose by using the TIB information bus using TIBCO MQ Adapter and TIBCO EMS messaging.

Macroe (Visual Basic.Net, Oracle):

Role: Software Engineer

It’s a reporting and statistics gathering application for Air Crew. It captures the route information from the route descriptors and stores them in the database, then checks with the roster information and calculates the heliocentric potential values for each crew according to the roster. It is an SOA based application. And I was one of the pioneers to introduce and work in SOA architecture in the Flight Operations team of Mercator. My responsibilities in this project were the development of the middle tier.

Feb 2002May 2005

Senior Software Engineer

KalSoft Pvt Ltd

KalSoft Private Ltd. - Microsoft Gold Partner

Responsibilities Software Development, Team Lead.

Skills needed .Net (Visual C#,,, Visual C++ (WIN32, MFC, and COM/DCOM development), Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Command over Windows and Solaris operating systems, desktop / web application development.

Achievements/Improvements made

REPTILE (Visual C#):

Role: Team Lead

It’s a reporting and statistics gathering application for an existing Call Center server application. Purpose of this application is to measure the productivity of the overall call center. The task of the project is to capture all the events generated by the Genesys T-Server (Call Center Application), process these events and then log them in the data store. This is a (distributed) multiprocessing application in which each of its component works as a separate process and has some predefined responsibilities. Each component has its own set of responsibilities. The system provides load balancing and high reliability in each of its component, in order to maintain 100 percent efficiency and 0% loss of messages received from call center for every agent.

Text2HTML (Visual C#):

Role: Software Engineer

This is a utility desktop application in Visual C# that converts certain types of text files in specific formats to HTML reports. It reads the text file, creates its tokens then calls specific parser according to the file format and outputs the XML, and then provides this XML to HTML writer, which then generates the HTML output.

Banking Vision (C Language Borland C 5, win32, Oracle, pl/sql):

Role: Software Engineer

This was an onsite project in Abu Dhabi at Union National Bank. It’s a desktop based application written in ‘C’ language using win32 with Borland C 5, with Oracle as a back-end with extensive use of pl/sql and pro*C code. Along with this, there is some reporting work done in oracle developer.

Online Visa Application (VisualBasic.Net, MS SQL Server):

Role: Software Engineer

This is also an onsite project in DIC, Dubai. It is an automation of visa application process by Sharjah airport authority. Online Applicants as well as Travel Agents can use this application to apply for visas Online. This web application helps Sharjah airport authority (SAA) users to process applications leading to Visa issuance.

Graph and Path manipulation for GIS Map data (Visual C#, GIS Software):

Role: Software Engineer

In this project I worked basically for the multi-source shortest Path problem with the GIS data. It’s a part of a big product, which is being used by UK client and enhanced by KalSoft. This GIS map portal is like My work is for the shortest paths and directions for the user query for the pair of nodes. Since our GIS data is so sparse and so huge (more than 35k nodes), we have to select between many Graph Path algorithms, and optimized/customized them according to our heuristics.

It finds shortest path between two nodes then directs user to the destination and also generates the image of the shortest path along with some information. Its components, as well as based interface was provided in Visual C#.

Business Intelligence (Visual C#, MS SQL Server):

Role: Team Lead

This is a prototypical project for estimating the work and techniques involved in the business intelligence application. In this time we studied some basic elements about the data warehouse, and I worked on schema capturing part (POC) of this research for some databases.

MIS Reports (Visual C#, – MS Excel):

Role: Software Engineer

This is a desktop application in Visual C#. This application is for Faysal Bank limited. Its primary purpose is to merge the many excel reports of a type to a single excel report file of same type. Additionally it also generates excel report files from CSV data files which was extracted from legacy Database. ADO ms excel database driver was used to work with data.

Pocket PC Application (Embedded Visual C++/MFC Pocket PC 2002, Visual C# .net compact framework):

Role: Team Lead

This project was outsourced by the Dutch software company to the KalSoft. It’s a Proof of Concept application, which demonstrates the file transfer between two Bluetooth devices using the Bluetooth serial port profile without the use of the any Bluetooth SDK. Same code is compliable on windows platform so similar PC application also works with other application on different system. This program can also be used with general COM ports.

Along with this, a simple application was also created for chatting between two Bluetooth serial port profile enabled clients using C# of .net compact framework.

Native C project deployment (C, Java, UNIX Message queuing):

Role: Software Engineer

It was a sub-task for Faysal Bank e-banking project, which needed core module deployment and interface library development on Solaris platform in Gcc. This task also included Java JNI interface development on Solaris platform.

Nokia Ring tone Player (Visual C++):

Role: Software Engineer

This is simple windows dialog based application that takes input the ring tone in RTTTL format, parses it and playback using midi instruments.

This application also save (then converted) ring tone in midi file format.

Plato (Embedded Visual C++/MFC Pocket PC 2002):

Role: Team Lead

The purpose of this application was to facilitate the workers of a Dutch firm, which provides service for equipment fixtures. The firm has mechanics that fixes up the problems at the client side and fill up details into their sheets, which are provided to them by the firm. After the service is done they submit these papers to administration with the signature of customer to whom they provided fixing service. So the solution suggested by KalSoft was to use Pocket PC for the collection of information from the customers and get the signature of the customer at the Pocket PC and send it to the office from that very spot. The project is mainly divided into two parts one part is the collection of data in the Pocket PC and sending email to server at head office. The other part is to inform the administrator when ever email is received and parse the information sent by Pocket PC at the head office and insert it into the database at head office that is later on processed by the CRM system at head office.

I developed an email-sender and a separate control for capturing the signature and saving it to bmp file format, which is then attached to email and sent to server. User Interface is also designed with EVC using MFC in the dialog based application.

Email Grabber Engine (Multi-threaded windows Nt/2k ATL service Visual C++/MFC/ATL):

Role: Software Engineer

This email engine is a successor of SMTP server that works in the emailing process of well-known huge web portal. Its tasks include email parsing, matching the exact user in Email User database and determine the exact location for the user mail folder. ATL service module starts the Executive, which creates number of child/worker threads as in configuration.

Further it logs its working and also can show them on a separate client console. The client has an mfc/win32 MDI application that shows the status of workers; also it controls them. It uses MS SQL Server with ADO in Visual c++ environment to reflect the changes on the web application for the email user.

Mobile Zone (Accounting and Inventory control system [Visual Basic/Visual C++]):

Role: Software Engineer

A desktop based Inventory Control application for the company’s warehouse. It uses MS-Access and utilizes XML to synchronize inventory from the database of company’s head office (MS SQL Server). Main application is developed in Visual Basic, using its UI capability, while it uses a printing component written in Visual C++ that prints the Bar-Code for the specific item.

KSN Messenger (A Messaging application for KalSoft [Visual C++]):

Role: Software Engineer

This is a Visual C++ form based desktop application that works on IP based as a general messaging application. It uses KALEd’s synchronous messaging server as its communication server. This software has interface similar to Msn messenger.

KALEd (A product which provides facilities for hosting multiple Virtual Universities [Visual C++/MFC]):

Role: Software Engineer

Created the MFC based ActiveX for online class in the Virtual University. Its Interface is similar to the Yahoo’s online chat room, which facilitates Teacher for Delivering lecture, and Students to attend the class and for discussion. User Interface for the students is managed accordingly as referred by the teacher of the class for the corresponding subject. The back-end network (asynchronous socket) communication with the Server is achieved through XML.