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Hosting Management
Built a Web hosting environment and back end management system for hosted websites and services, maintained the machines and environment and a 24 hour backup system.    
Business Management
Having run my own business and manage a database of 25k + accounts + monthly client payments. Ordering and maintaining stock levels. Managing and job allocation of staff and contractors. National Delivery of goods and services.    
Network Management
From ISP network management and multi homing, mail, proxy and web servers over multiple locations. excellent LAN and WAN knowledge both for clients and my own business.   good knowledge of firewalls (both software and hardware) and security measures to stop ACK, SYN, DDos, Bot Flood attacks.        
System Administration
From running an ISP to full linux / unix system administration       Game Servers Developed (100+ hours), Ragnarok, Freelancer, World of Warcraft, Blockland, Mega Team Fortress, Priston Tale, LOD (Diablo2 mod), Unreal Co-op.   Game Servers Administored (200+ clients) TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, IRC - Server, Client and scripting, Quake1 + mods, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Quake2 + mods, Quake3, Halflife + mods, Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike, Counterstrike Source, Freelancer,, Ragnarok, World of Warcraft, Blockland, Mega Team Fortress, Priston Tale, Battlefield 2 + addons and expansions.      
Database Management
From creating out own account database and back end administration via a php interface to creating databases and accounting for clients and business use.   good knowledge of MYSQL, MSSQL,Cyrix.    
Hardware Knowledge
Cisco Routers Tigris ( Ericsson ) DSLAMS Home/Business Computer Construction (repair and supply) Term Servers Stallion Boards Adsl 1+2 Routers Modems ( digital and analogue ) Viop Servers, routers, exchanges Camera's and security monitoring Rack Mount Servers ( build and maintain ) Commercial and Private Wireless routers and antenna's.    
Software Used
100+ hours   Adobe Photoshop (graphics) Adobe Premier (video) Dreamweaver (websites) Flash (graphics) VNC (remote access) PCanywhere (remote access) 3D Studio Max (4,5,6,7,8,9) (graphics) Bryce (graphics) Swift 3D (graphics) Paintshop Pro (graphics) Mysql (database) Navicat (database) MS Word MS Publisher MS Excel MS Powerpoint PHPedit (websites) MilkShape (graphics) SoundForge (audio) Cooledit Pro (audio) Shoutcast (audio) Microsoft Visual Studio Various Compilers, De compilers and reverse engineering software (Linux and Windows) Packet Sniffers Various Firewall Software.    
Operating Systems
Debian Ubuntu Mandrake Redhat FreeBSD Dos Novell Windows 3.0/1 Windows 95a Windows 95b Windows 95c Windows 98 Windows 98 Plus Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Pro Windows 2000 Sever Windows XP Home Windows XP Pro Windows Vista Home Windows Vista Pro Windows Vista Ultimate Windows 7  
PHP MYSQL MSSQL Cyrix html perl cgi C C++ Flash Java Python   and most scripting languages  
Welding (TIG/MIG/ARC)
Pneumatic Engineering Mechanical Servicing ( production line machinery and comercial fridges )    
Spray Painting
Started on Comercial Fridges Have painted cars and trucks    
Baker / Pasty Cook
Baking Pastry Cooking Ice Cream Manufacturing Cakes and Gateau's Large Kitchen Management German Pastry and Cuisine Speak better German Bakery Management Staff Management  

Work experience

May 1996Present


Ozwide PTY LTD

One of the mobile Telephone Business's I contracted to was about to go out of business, so I seized the opportunity for a shop front.

Originally taking over the business and renaming it "Digifone" and selling mobile telephone's and audio, I branched out into photocopiers, fax machines and office equipment.

As technology progressed the natural order was to start selling computers.

Within 2 years the technology had come so far that the country town I was living in lacked a serious internet provider - the speeds and reliability were awful.

So I started a small internet service.

I then added an internet cafe - the first of its type in the town

Over time the business grew - and we had 3 separate office locations on the Sunshine Coast.

We sold and serviced mobile telephones, faxes, computers, laptops, photocopiers, car audio / radio / CB / UHF, alarms for home and car.

The business grew to a stage where we had to make a choice to sell the office equipment or to move to computers and internet.

We sold off the other 2 locations and pushed forward into the computer and internet industry. and renamed the business OzWide. - its still running today.

May 1994May 1996


Dynamic Audio

With a background and hobby in electronics, I ventured into a business of my own.

Selling, Servicing and Installing, car/home audio, mobile telephones and installation for the booming telephone industry.

Skills Acquired

Servicing and Installation of all electrical equipment in homes and cars.

Manufacture of custom car parts to fit the equipment into the vehicles ( fiberglass and wood ).

Audio Specialist and Car Audio Sound Off Judge.

Knowledge of - All car audio (top and bottom end market), CB radio, UHF Radio, Marine Radio, Incar Telephones (analogue and digital) and all brands.

May 1992Dec 1994

Baker / Pastrycook

Woolworths Bakery

This was a pretty straight forward job working for a large company.

Jan 1990May 1992

Floor Manager

Wimmers Cordials

My first 6 months here was as a delivery driver then an opening appeared as a machine operator, but progressed up the chain to floor manager.

During the down times I was maintaining / servicing the machinery.

Dec 1988Jan 1990

Baker / Pastrycook

Tramcars Bakery

I moved to Gympie.

Here I ran the pastry side of the bakery for the first 12 months, then was promoted to night manager and over saw the pastry, bread and cook off (oven) sections.

Feb 1988Dec 1988

Pastry Cook

Munich Festhäus - Expo 88

I saw Expo 88 as a chance to further my knowledge of pastry cooking and to experience something new.

I was one of 3 staff employed from Australia of a kitchen staff of 44. - an awesome experience.

Jan 1986Feb 1988

Apprentice Pastry Cook

Wellington Point Bakery

First Job fresh out of College - We specialized in European cakes and pastries


West End State School

Grades 3 to 7

Brisbane State High School

Grades 8 to 10

Jan 1984Dec 1986

Alexandra Hills Senior College

Grades 11 and 12 +

2 Years of Hospitality and Catering. - took 6 months off my apprenticeship


I have a vast knowledge of computers, from professional platforms to the home user, there isn't much I haven't done with computers nor is there much I am not capable of learning in a very short time.

I know the internal workings of most electronic devices and can disassemble and assemble most of them for repair and assessment.

I have a good knowledge of brand names and which areas those brands are better at.

My knowledge of software is endless, I have had many years of experience in using, testing and developing software of all shapes and size - I have approximately 2000 programs currently installed on my home computer network.


Computers - I program and develop games and applications in my spare time.

3D Modeling and Graphic Design - I have hundreds of designs.

Electronics - Since a small child I've always been fascinated with electronics and technology and am quite handy with a soldering iron.

Fishing - Estuary and river fishing with lures give great sport and relaxation, I believe in the catch and release program.