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Oct 2007Present

Bachlors Degree in

Expression College for Digital Arts

I attend Ex'pression College, where underneath that building lies many talents in either of these four programs: Sound Arts, Animation & Visual Effects, Motion Graphics Design, and Game Arts Design.  Its a good atmosphone to be in, knowing that Im surrounded by so many creative minds.  With that said...its a great networking place.  Me, as a Sound Arts student, and everyone else there have the chance to take on oppertunies, and collaborating with the other three programs.  That means working on personal and/or assigned mandatory projects at anytime.  ANYTIME!  10pm, 1am, or 4am etc.  Its open 24/7 for the students.  It allows us to put ourselves in a real-world environment.  I really do get that "real-world" feeling from this institute.  Therefore, I know that I'll be ready for the industry.  Its my undying passion and my love for music that keeps me going.  I wont stop untill my goal has been met.


Analog Consoles
Mixing Consoles I've utalized:  *Must be on your Myspace account to view my URL pix* SSL 6000   SSL 9000 J Series:   Neve VR:    
Logic Pro 8 Studio Level 2
Recording:   I have tracked many bands, and single artist with some of my fellow classmates for long hours.  Genras from Blues, Jazz, R&B, Country, Soul, Contemporary/ Gospel, Rock, Indie, Rap, Hip-Hop, to even Death Metal. (I had some assistance in my recording sessions, as well) I would like to thank those people who helped.   Sound Design:   In my experiences, I have done quite a few project to where I had to strip out all the audio in my MIDI 1 class.  We had to do sound design for a 3min. game trailer. I chose to do Spider-Man 3 and Ninja Blade.  In my MIDI 2 class, I had to strip out all the audio in a 5min movie clip (any scene).  I chose the 2007 animated movie, TMNT "The Ralph & Leo rooftop fight".  I did a voice-over for Ralph, and my good friend Airyque did voice-over for Leo.  I had also done all the ADR, Automation, mix levels, ect.  Im proud to say that I did really on my first time of doing all that. I felt accomplished.  All this was done is the DAW of Logic Pro 8 Studio.    Mixing: I have mixed a few projects for me as well as a few animation students.  My techniques could always get better.  Personaly speaking...Im not yet "superb".  Id say "Im great"  I exspect nothing less from me and my abibilies.   Mastering: I have a good sence of good amplitude level reading, compression, a EQ.    Instruments: I've been playing guitar for 9 years now.  My knowledge of all major scales, blues scales, pentatonic scales, modes, and harmonic minor scales is fluently understood, while playing guitar.  I played piano for three good years.  I also played Trumbone for two years.   Music Theory:   1-10 of understanding music theory;  Id say a mid 8-ish.  I study music theory EVERYDAY! Even classical music aspects.


Making it in the music industry as a smooth R&B (90's vibe) artist, staying humble, keeping an open mind and versitle with all genras of music, finding new inovative ways to intograte cool sounds w/ great harmonies and melodies, and doing good with the talents God has blessed me with.


Songwriting (First and foremost), Singing, Producing, Composing, Guitar, and Piano.

 *Based on my skills, I have three pending Record Lables that may want me on their staff.


Logic Pro 8 Studio