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Since 1999 I've worked in some capacity as a QA specialist.  My objectives are geared to meet and exceed my employers expectations in Quality Assurance and Software Testing.  I'm seeking the opportunity to combine my passion for excellence with my ability to lead quality, create strategic and tactical test plans, and flawlessly execute and exceed stated objectives.

Work experience

Dec 2007Present

Sr. QA Analyst

Universal Music Group

At Universal Music Group, I have been performing Senior Level QA duties for their global applications, such as: Creating Test Plans, Creating Test Cases from Functional Specifications and Business Requirements, Utilized Load Runner - to create performance and load tests for global applications, Performed White/Grey/Black Box Testing, Worked with Live Team with scheduled launches of products to Live Environments, Handled related tasks given to me from management - including defect logging and tracking, assigning tasks to contractors, reviewing bugs reported by end users and contractors. 

  • Assisted Manager in designating Testing Activities amongst the team
  • Created test plans and test cases for QA team
  • Provided QA on global music products from pre launch through live and post launch phases
  • Provided Load and Performance testing as needed (using Load Runner.)
  • Provided Performance Reporting for other teams (DBA team) 
  • Worked with team members and other teams seamlessly
  • Performed White and Black Box testing
  • Performed Manual testing
  • Created Automated tests using Load Runner
  • Created Load Testing scripts with Load Runner
  • Performed testing on AJAX/Java based applications 
  • Utilized defect tracking system to track issues and resolutions  
  • Developed great working relationships with coworkers and other teams

Intermediate QA Eng

Yahoo! Inc.

Worked with the Yahoo! Sponsored Search Team in the Quality Assurance team - providing QA support for their Sponsored Search products.  At Yahoo! I was analyzing Load and Performance tests, creating test cases, creating test plans, providing training to new hires, providing back end testing via Red Hat Unix.  Provided weekend and evening support for Live Launches and testing scenarios. 

  • Performed primary testing of multi-million dollar projects (i.e. Panama Intl.) 
  • Designed and implemented testing strategies for all projects assigned 
  • Defined Standard Operating Procedures for team 
  • Performed as lead QA on any Priority 1 and 0 (production issues causing revenue loss) 
  • Performed as the role of Launch Master, verifying launch packages 
  • Worked well on projects stretching across multiple teams (i.e. DST testing) 
  • Performed White/Grey/Black Box Testing  
  • Created Test Plans / Test Cases / Testing Strategies
  • Interviewed candidates for the QA teams in Domain Matching & Sponsored Search 
  • Performed Load, Feed and data stream tests on servers 
  • Utilized automation tools (for load and regression) on projects 
  • Performed manual testing (at UNIX, XML and GUI/HTML level) on new product code
  • Performed well in a quickly changing environment - regular launches every 2 weeks
  • Built performance reports, comparing metric changes in CPU/Memory/Av Res. Time
  • Learned and worked with the Yahoo! Software Development/Testing Life Cycle

Sr. QA Analyst

Warner Brothers Online

At Warner Brothers Online, I started in 1999 as a Web Producer, and later became a QA Specialist.  My final Title here was Sr. QA Analyst.  I wore many hats while at Warner Brothers Online, including that of: Web Developer, Media Developer (video editing for website delivery), QA Analyst.  Specific to QA, my role included testing websites (Java/JSP/Websphere), Online Games (Flash Based), Massive Multiplayer Games (C++), Billing and Accounting Applications designed in house, management of QA team members (both internal and external.) 

  • Managed external (black box) QA teams 
  • Developed/planned/executed Test Plans for B2B software & website development 
  • Worked with a team of differing departments and backgrounds, to create a solid test matrix
  • Created & maintained Quality Assurance in house lab, for internal (white box) testing
  • Reviewed deployment strategies with Engineers and upper management
  • Tracked unreported bugs - logged by back-end processes (server logs) 
  • Worked within the JSP (J2ME), Oracle, PHP, and stand alone development environments 
  • Coordinated the development and installation of internal Quality Assurance bug tracking and  
  • Customer Support software products 
  • Provided QA for B2B parnters (WHV, WBITV, WBIE)
  • Used tools such as Right Now! and DevTrack



California State Polytechnic University-Pomona


Shopping Cart / e-Commerce
I've worked with creating, setup and performing QA on e-commerce solutions such as:   Yahoo! Small Business   OSCommerce   Zencart  
Defect (Bug) Tracking Systems
I'm familiar with a variety of defect/bug tracking systems - from homegrown to the 3rd party applications.  Examples of 3rd party defect tracking systems I have great experience with, would be: Jira Bug Tracking System Issue Tracker Bugzilla Dev Track  In the case of Dev Track, my experience went beyond the ordinary.  In this case, while at Warner Brothers, I took the bug database from a home grown software application, and imported it into Dev Track - retaining all the data and added enhancements.
Team Builder
One trait that I've been credited with by my various employers, is my ability to work well with others.  I'm very focused on the team as a whole.  I work to help others and build the team up.  Having worked in some very challenging environments, I've learned how to work with some of the most "difficult" team members and pull off lasting friendships and mutual respect.
Learn New Technology
I'm very adaptable with new technologies, tools and content.  Some examples of this, would be: Yahoo! Sponsored Search: When I came aboard the Yahoo! team, I had no knowledge of their tools. All their tools were designed in house.  They created their own performance testing tools, load applications, etc.  I had a short amount of time to come up to speed on the tools (less then 2 months) and begin using them in daily work. Warner Brothers Online: While working for Warner Brothers Online for nearly 8 years, I wore many hats - from the Web Developer to the Massive Multiplayer Game Designer.  In regards to the Matrix Online Massive Multiplayer Game - I was tasked with coming up to speed on Payment and Billing Systems.  I studied the Functional Spec's from PaymentTech and helped design and QA the  billing product (both the front end and the back end) which was like a home grown SAP with a front end user interface.
Warner Brothers required me to build and maintain websites for TV Shows (such as Jenny Jones, Queen Latifah, etc.) as well as Theatrical productions (Harry Potter for example.)  I am well versed in HTML and although my current employer does not require me to build HTML based content, I do keep my HTML skills up to par.
Payment Processors (Payment Tech, Paypal, etc.)
I have worked on payment systems with Warner Brothers, in our pay to play online games - as well as my own private ventures.
Since my early days at Warner Brothers, I've been testing products made on the Oracle/Websphere environments.  This has included billing software as well as theatrical websites, and even global applications.
While not an AJAX Developer, much of the work I QA is written in AJAX.
While not a developer, most of the work I QA is written in Java for JSP/Websphere environments.
Corel Painter
Adobe Photoshop
Remote Desktop
Used at various companies (including UMG) to connect to servers and colo's that have specific applications not installed locally (i.e. Load Runner and other Load Applications.)
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Linux (Red Hat)
Microsoft Windows
Load Runner
For Universal Music Group, I created and ran various load and performance tests via HP Load Runner.



Ups and Downs