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 To become an active writer and director in the film industry. To reach upper level creative director status within the design field. Public relations and marketing campaigns for both public and private entities. Online and multi-media branding and relations.


Film, music, technology. Challenges.


A Little About Me

  Being involved with hands-on creativity and staying abreast of technology is challenging as well as satisfying. I enjoy the process of creation. Web design, Advertising, and Motion Picture work are strengths, with film being a passion. I love the Central NY area and hope to be a leader in promoting its value and beauty in film.

  Having worked and traveled the East coast in the building trades, I have been able to experience people and life from a variety of perspectives. Owning three small businesses over the years taught me the value of homework, time management, people management, and creative solutions. I love to write and hope to finish several books that are in progress, and to get involved in film as a writer, director, cinematographer, or editor.

  I am also able to create and improve your social network visibility and success. Please, enjoy some of the work that I have made available here. 

  I look forward to our future endeavors


David E. Garlow


Hopeton Smalling

Mr. Smalling was my Department Chair in the Multi-Media program.

Logo design

Motion Picture

Work experience



I started here as a part-time merchandiser which was weekends and as needed during the week. I restocked and rotated product. Built displays and handled POS signs. As I grew into a driver role it was all of those plus product delivery and cash collections. A strike was followed by lay-offs.

Dec 2009Present

Syracuse Bars Examiner

Having worked in the bar and restaurant field, this is a natural endeavor to both keep my contacts in the area strong, and, to hone my skills as a writer. I enjoy the observation and third-party style of writing that is required.

What is nice about this section is that I do a lot of stories that have nothing to do with bars and are more about family time.

Oct 2009Present


Modern Media Solutions

A graphic design company in Syracuse, NY. Web design, advertising, film and sound are my strengths. Adobe suite is my calling card for design. My education was the science of creative design from concept to presentation.

I am exceptional with Photoshop and Premiere Pro with story, cinematography, and editing skills that are advanced. My creativity and ability to think on the spot are exceptional.

I can create media content for any platform for personal and business use.

Dec 2009Present

Local Music Writer

Writing about the music scene is rewarding and a challenge. Going up against all the traditional mainstream media seemed a monumental task. With humble beginnings I strode onto the scene locally. I have come to know all of the local players and have expended into national and international acts. I have a world-wide reader base that enjoys my style and perspective. My  numbers are consistently over 10 - 1 compared to other writers in the market.

My ability to see the landscape, what has been done, and how to improve and stand out from the crowd is my strength and calling card.

Jan 2000Mar 2005


Perfect Pour Tap Systems

A beer and wine line company. I created an impressive clientele list from scratch and was considered the tops in the business locally. I cold called or was referred as I built the business and had to create a service route schedule to keep my clients satisfied.


Skilled Labor

Various Construction

I worked in the construction trade as a carpenter, painter, framer, drywall, roofer, and general laborer. I have worked on sites from small home improvement projects to multimillion dollar commercial sites. Many of these had me as the first person on-site to the last person out the door. I was regarded as hard working and reliable as well as skilled in many trades. I was also customer friendly as needed. While I must admit, like most guys in the field I never really needed or kept a resume in this field. I have worked commuting from home and lived on the road for weeks, even months at a time.

My experiences here were invaluable in knowing people, trades, skills, and problem solving. I would be more than happy to further discuss as needed. This trade was also a family business, so I grew up around it.


Fuel Product Delivery

Alaskan Oil Company

I was a fuel tanker delivery driver for all petroleum products via class III tanker truck. This included home, business, as well as commercial deliveries of heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, Avgas, racing fuel, and gasoline. Daily time and delivery paperwork for the company as well as DOT requirements. Cash and check collection and deposit with appropriate paperwork. Very demanding, physical work with very long hours.


Motor Equipment Operator

Onondaga County

I drove and operated related equipment for the Dept. Of Drainage and Sanitation. This included 5000 gallon tankers and also the packer truck twice per week. Shift work. This was also an on-call position. I was part of the lay-offs.



Apr 2010Present


Grand Canyon University

Communications program with an emphasis on writing and visual communications.

-Voted Class Captain in my 1st semester.

-Team leader on 4 of 5 CLC Group Projects

-Worldview Study.

-Communications in the Media-Theory.

-University Success.

-History and Critique of Visual Media.

-Writing for the Media.

-Persuasive Theory

Online classes are a great challenge and require enormous dedication.



ITT Tech

A professional development and technical environment. Adobe and design principles and application.

Department Chair Award Winner -Perseverance and Hard Work.


My vision and creativity are without limit. is one current outlet for this craft.  I have interviewed some of the giants of the music industry and aloso have done corporate technical writing along with press releases. I remain active in poetry and song creation for myself. Social on-line media savvy. Film script work and also a published author.
Adobe Master Suite
Adobe Master Suite CS6 in the business sense since 2009.   Adobe suites were the standard of my educational process, as well as the general education courses and business world instruction. From learning the programs used in the entire creative process, to the presentation of the finished product. Networking. An asset in every sense of the word. Very motivated and project manager capable. Very talented social-networking and media manager.  


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