Xinyan Hu

Xinyan Hu

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2009 - Present

On campus intern

DePauw Information Technology Associate Program

    DePauw University’s Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) is a four-year honors program that provides special opportunities for students to develop advanced skills in a wide range of information technologies.

  Now I am working in the Tech Center as an intern. My job and works done including:

•Assistant of technicians for tech service# Help with campus PC trouble-shooting; # Work efficiently in a team with fellow classmates;

•In charge of the campus printing system maintenance;# Bring papers to every dorm that has printer;# Take care of paper jam and other worse issues;

•Design a workflow for auto cleaning and updating machines using Applescript;# Never accessed the language before;# Learned it through Internet and worked out the algorithm with a fellow studen

Jun 2011 - Aug 2011


Yindu Advertisement Company

#Work as an apprentice in the company for five weeks, in a group with three employees in client service department;

#Collect and sort materials for end-season financial report:

#Find the advertisements posted by the company on the newspapers for customers;

#Sort the newspaper samples in chronological order;

#Make sure the advertisements are posted in accordance with the contracts;

#Use excel to record the transaction between the company and newspaper offices.

#Shadow staff in client service department and communicate with customers;

Jun 2010 - Aug 2010


Nanjing Merop Network Technology Co. Ltd

# Worked as an intern in the company in the summer of 2010;

# Learnt and used the knowledge of database at the same time during the intern;

#Designed an algorism for a website to store users’ registration information into a data base:  -- Add a function to store information of latest 100 users logging into the website;


Aug 2009 - Present

Bachelor of Arts

DePauw University

Major: Math

Minor: Computer Science, Physics




Microsoft Frontpage & Dreamweaver

Audacity and other audio editing programs

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel

Visual Basic & Java