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Olivia Kusio

Stuyvesant High School, 12th grade


A dedicated student and volunteer. Extremely passionate in volunteering and helping others, as well as in the arts, engineering and technology. Creative and innovative, hoping to find a career in engineering. Able to perform tasks quickly and effectively, with impressive communication skills. 



Big Sib Chairperson

Stuyvesant High School

I am the chair of the Big Sib program at Stuyvesant High School, one of the largest and most active organizations at our school. In our program, we take in incoming freshmen and guide them through their first year at Stuyvesant. The Big Sib program boasts 160 members. As a chairperson, I organize open houses, big sib dances, 


Breast Cancer Awareness Club Founder and President

Stuyvesant High School

I founded this club to raise awareness of breast cancer, fundraise and volunteer for Breast Cancer patients. We work with BTTF, a non profit that provides breast health services to uninsured women just above the poverty line. I plan fundraisers, awareness days, and office meetings with BTTF. So far, our BCA club has raised more than 4,000 dollars for this cause. There are 30 club members. 


ARISTA National Honor Society Events Leader

Stuyvesant High School

I find charity events for volunteers at my school to attend and I lead those events. Being a leader of ARISTA has allowed me to expand on my leadership skills, as well as communicational skills with professionals. I love helping others, and I have been able to inspire others to do the same.


Chemical Engineering Research 

Cooper Union

During the summer, I began working with a chemical engineering team to analyze and evaluate the efficiency of alternative fuels. By the end of the summer, I completed a 60 page research paper. I continue working in the laboratory one day a week during the school year. 


Polish School

Szkolny Punkt Konsularny

I attend the Polish School on Saturdays at Szkolny Punkt Konsularny in Brooklyn. I am the co-president of the high school classes. 


Stuyvesant Spectator Opinions Department

Stuyvesant High School

I write articles about social issues in my school and in the world, and I participate in a community of opinionated individuals who strive to make a difference in their communities. I write 4-5 articles per semester. 


Studio in a School Art Program

This weekend program has helped me develop my art portfolio over the course of 6 weeks. 


Barnard Science Program

Barnard College of Columbia

During this program, I learned about different science disciplines and participated in lab work. It was a project-based program, conducted by Barnard professors. 

Work/Volunteer History


Beyond the Boundary Production Intern

Beyond the Boundary is a documentary series about the groundbreaking inquiry conducted by women scientists. I completed grant work, designed the website, interviewed perspective women for the series, and established press contacts. 


9/11 Museum and Memorial Volunteer

I volunteered 70 hours during the summer and school year. Through this experience, I developed leadership skills and learned how to work in a sensitive environment. 


Josef Pilsudzki Institute Internship

Interning at this Polish historical institute allowed me to form a full understanding of my culture and what it means to me. I sorted and deciphered real Polish World War I documents, which required immense concentration, organization, and hard work. The work was incredibly rewarding, and I got to experience a bit of my country's history. 


Red Cross Volunteer

I have volunteered over 80 hours with Red Cross during my years in high school. I volunteer at charity events around the city. 



P.S. Art Competition Winner

Finalist of the 2013 P.S. Art competition


AP Scholar with Honor 

Completed 4 APs with average score of 4.75



Proficient in Polish, Four-year Spanish student, 100% on Polish LOTE

Laboratory Skills

Significant experience researching in a lab setting. 

Communication Skills

Exceptional communication and leadership skills. 

Computer Skills

Proficient in AutoCAD, Inventor, HTML, Square Space, Microsoft Word, Excell, and Power Point.