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Work experience

Cleen up/ Green Chain Puller

D.R. Johnson Lumber Company
  • Cleaned up around equipment
  • Pulled green chain / Kept work area clean
  • Operated Lumber Sorter

Core Grader

Roseburg Forest Products
  • Sorted veneer by size and grade
  • Graded veneer by size of defects and damage
  • Kept work area clean
  • Worked in a team environment to solve production and safety issues
  • Machine Maintenance; Millwright helper
  • Lead Core Grader and trainer

Machine operator/ Clean up

Fremont Sawmill
  • Helped run a lumber sorter
  • Cleaned up and around equipment
  • Utility/Relieved workers
  • Forklift Operation
  • Machine Maintenance


Calaway Trading
  • Started out as cleanup -- sweeping hay and stacking bales
  • Worked up to quality control as well as machine operator -- forklift, squeeze, yard-goat, top pick, and hydraulic hay press
  • Was then trained as supervisor and moved on to run my own shift of up to nine employees
  • Learned leadership and organization skills in a production type atmosphere
  • Developed Working procedures and job descriptions for all production jobs in the plan
  • Organized and taught the forklift certification classes for new operators.


u.s. Gypsm
  • Training for operator positions
  • Operate Bundle Machine that puts end-zip tapes on bundles of sheetrock
  • Perform quality test on sheetrock every hour
  • Maintain safe working habits
  • Keep clean working areas
  • Work with the team to solve production and Quality problems



ST. Helens School District; Winsum Staffing
  • Do preventative maintenance and routine repairs
  • Landscaping and grounds keeping
  • Work as a Team to ensure clean and safe environment for the children as well as a safe working environment for co-workers
  • Clean classroom counters, sinks, desktops and floors
  • Dispose of garbage and recyclables
  • Clean the restrooms and locker rooms
  • Help to prepare for various school functions
  • Lead night custodian; responsible for security of the building, and decisions that need to be made.
  • Fill in for Head Custodian when needed.


Jan 2008Present

Associates in Organizational Dinamics

Warner Pacific College

I am currently enrolled in My associates in Organization Dinamics program through the Adult Degree Program at Warner Pacific College. I will soon be starting my Bachelors in Human Development with a Bachelors in Busines Administrationto follow


Self Motivator
I have always been motivated t obe the best and to do the best at whatever I do. I am higher competitive but I mostly compete against my self. Once I have an objective and direction I will complete the task, no matter how difficult the challenge I will exhaust every asset to get the job done.
Team player
I have not worked anywhere that I have not been a part of a team. I have been a team leader but also been lead ina team. A team is put together for a reason, and if I embrace whatever role is given to me I know that the team will be that more stronger and that we will all succeed.
Conflict resolution
Working as a supervisor I have experienced a wide range of conflict. I have worked in a variety of diffferent industries, and understanding they way that different people from different backgrounds will react to conflict can help to resolve and possibilly grow from it.
In my experiences communication has been a primary role of my everyday success. In my family life and my professional life. I have found that is it just as important to listen as is is to be heard, and finding that balance can mean the difference between a successful relationship  or a failed relationship; whether it be personnal or professional.
My entire life I have had to find easier and more effecient ways to live my life and do my job. Every day gives me new challenges to tackle and I have a unique skill of seeing things from a different angle which gives me a step up.
Leadership Skills
In most companies that I have been employed with I  have been allowed me to grow and exercise my leadership skills. I have always felt that I was a leader, I want to be the best at my whatever I do, and that drive is what takes me to the leadership and trainer positions that I have been in.


Larry Ouillette

I have work under Larry for four years now. He has taught me how to be  an effective custodian. He encourges creativity, self motivation, also has helped me build on my communication and leadership skills.

Jim Smith

Me and Jim worked together at Roseburg forest products as a team of core graders. We became close friends and trusting co-workers. I have known Jim for eleven years.

Eddie Martinez

I worked for Eddie for two years fulltime, he taught me allot of what I know about managing personnel and how to manage conflict in the work enviroment, and management a production crew. I have known Eddie for eight years.


  • I am a student at Warner pacific College. I am studying to get my Associates degree in Organizational Dinamics,
  •  then  go on to a bachelors in Human development also a bachelors in Business administration.   I will then move on to a masters in physcology or business. 
  • My passion is to become a  school counselor, but I also have a strong pull towards business.




Forklift/heavy equiptment operations

Calaway Trading