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Presentation and Communication
Excellent articulation abilities to describe complex technical concepts and ideas.  Ability to connect with the audience and handle extensive QA sessions.
MS Office, Scifinder, Chem Draw, Adobe Photoshop, HyperChem, NUTS, Peak Fit
Analytical Chemistry
  HPLC, Column chromatography, FT-IR, NMR, UV-Vis, Crystallization techniques, luminescence  
Synthetic organic chemistry
  Synthesized MRI contrast agents based on cyclen macromolecules.   Synthesized small and large organic compounds to study crystal engineering of tolanes Synthesized dye and drug intermediates  

Work experience

Aug 2006Jun 2009

Research Assistant

University of Texas at Dallas

  • Research assistant at University of Texas at Dallas, synthesizing MRI contrast agents, purifying them by HPLC and other methods, characterizing and studying their luminescence properties, working to improve their design and sensitivity.
  • Running complex NMR experiments (CEST, COSY, EXSY) using Bruker 400MHz.
  • Knowledge of running high resolution luminescence experiments using a FS900 fluorimeter.
  • Research in Crystal Engineering at University of Texas at Dallas, synthesizing organic macromolecules, product extraction and column chromatography, characterization by FT-IR, NMR and UV-VIS and structure elucidation. 
  • Teaching assistant at University of Texas at Dallas 1998-2000  
  • Teaching assistant at University of Louisville, KY 1997-1998
  • Research in synthesis of polypeptides by Merrifield’s Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis at University of Louisville, KY.
  • Lab assistant in Quality Control.  Studied process control of drug intermediates and phthalocyanine pigment plant at Color Chem. India Limited, Hoechst in the summer of 1996.


  • Expertise in designing and synthesizing organic and inorganic macromolecules, MRI Contrast Agents, their purification, characterization, luminescence and structure elucidation. 
  • More than 4 years experience in research lab in analytical instrumentation such as HPLC, NMR, UV-VIS, MS, FT-IR and other chromatographic methods
  • Experience with different crystallization techniques
  • Strong communication, organization skills and ability to write protocols and reports with minimum supervision
  • Excellent synthetic organic chemistry skills of both small and large molecules as well as some experience in synthesis in multi-kilogram scale
  • Ability to plan, schedule and carry out work for successful project completion
  • Proficient in the operation of the computer and data acquisition programs
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and good team player



Nature, Green Tech, Energy Sector, Healthcare Sector, and Football


Open to suitable opportunities in: 

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Bioorganic
  • Bioinorganic
  • Biotechnology



University of Texas at Dallas


University of Texas at Dallas

August 2006-June 2009

PhD in Chemistry

Research Advisor: A. Dean Sherry

Thesis Title: Design and synthesis of MRI PARACEST contrast agents with improved properties. 

University of Texas at Dallas

August 2000

Master of Science in Chemistry with a GPA of 3.5.

Research Advisor: M. C. Biewer

Thesis Title: To study the crystal structure of novel Tolanes by crystal engineering

University of Louisville, KY 

August 1999

Graduate student in Chemistry

University of Mumbai, India

August 1997

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Technology (B. Tech) with specialization in Intermediates and Dyes