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Work experience

Aug 2007Dec 2009


Texas A&M University
  • Performed molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of gas hydrates on high speed UNIX cluster.
  • Worked on the study of lattice distortion and equilibrium of gas hydrates using the TIP4P model to describe the water interactions. Graphical visualization of output to examine hydrogen bonding and stable unit cell.
  • Calculated the chemical potential and enthalpy of simple hydrates using NVT ensemble based on the dissociation pressure data of various SI and SII hydrate formers.
  • Validated the Lee-Holder statistical thermodynamic model and determined the specific heat and coefficient of expansion.
Apr 2007Jul 2007

Process Development Engineer-Trainee

National Chemical Laboratory
  • Pilot plant operation: start-up, shut-down and production support, plant instrumentation, flow monitoring and product analysis; coverage for technical and operations supervision.
  • Performed tests throughout stages of production to determine degree of control over variables including temperature, density and composition.
  • Operated batch reactors, CSTRs and distillation column; prepared operating procedures, active participation in equipment procurement and fabrication.
Aug 2006Mar 2007

Design Engineer - Trainee

National Chemical Laboratory
  • Determining a cost-effective process for hydrogen generation using combustion of hydrocarbons.
  • Designed and tested reactors for oxidation and water gas shift reactions at 900K; Achieved 10% increase in conversion by modifying existing process.
  • Optimized energy using auto-thermal temperature of 873-923K for C1-C4 compounds. Developed PFD, P&ID and energy balance models on excel spreadsheets.
  • Developed safety procedures for high temperature reactions and handling of inflammable components.
  • Planned Equipment layout; design of measurement and control systems for data analysis.
Jan 2006May 2006


National Chemical Laboratory
  • Sizing of Absorption column using Raschig rings and Adsorption Column using silica adsorbent
  • Performed Laboratory experiments, monitored and measured gas and liquid flow rates; calculated kinetic parameters like rate of reaction, rate of absorption and adsorption.
  • Developed a model for process control; Data analysis and representation on excel spreadsheets.



Master of Science

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Phase Equilibrium of Gas Hydrates using Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation - Graduate thesis

  • Described bonding in hydrates, Unit cell geometry and location of gas molecules in the cages.
  • Explained Initialization of MD simulation and determination of hydrate reference properties.
  • Performed Free energy calculations to obtain physical properties of gas hydrates.

Krishnadeo Jatkar*, S.Y. Lee, J.W.  Lee, "MD simulation of water cavity distortion for determining clathrate hydrate equilibria" AIChE annual conference 2009 - Nashville, TN

  • Presented the simulation of the unstable empty hydrate cavity for calculating hydrate properties.
  • Explained the possible use of widom particle insertion method for calculating the chemical potential of methane hydrate.

Relevant courses: Process control, Statistical thermodynamics, Reaction Kinetics, Transport Properties, Process simulation, Two Phase Flow, Separation Processes and Process Heat Transfer.


Bachelor of Science

University of Pune

Deodorization - removal of sulfur compounds: Undergraduate senior research project

  • Designed compared absorption and adsorption columns for the removal of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Developed a general model for predicting the absorption kinetics; worked on cost estimation.
  • Established possible solutions for adsorbent regeneration, waste treatment and recycle.

Relevant courses:  Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass transfer, Classical Thermodynamics, Unit Operations, Process Equipment Design, Plant Design and Project engineering, Chemical Technology and Biochemical Engineering.


To seek a full-time position as a chemical engineer in an organization where I am able to use my knowledge and expertise in plant design and control, modification and related activities.


Experienced in performing experiments in pilot plants and laboratories. Provided start-up support, production support, technical and operations supervision. Well versed with unit operations, sizing of equipments, engineering design, evaluation and process control. Performed molecular simulations validating thermodynamic model as a research engineer.


Stage Performance and Drumming: Performed as a member of Indian Student Association, Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Social service and volunteering: Contributed as the publicity head for organizing blood donation camp in Vishwakarma Institute of technology, University of Pune.


Krishnadeo Jatkar, Jae W. Lee, Sangyong Lee, "Determination of Reference Chemical Potential using Molecular Dynamics Simulation" 342792 J. of Therm., Feb 03, 2010. (In Press)


Equipment Sizing
Engineering design, equipment sizing and unit operations; experienced in running experiments in pilot plants and laboratories.
Simulation softwares
Simulation softwares
Computer Skill
  Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint; MathCAD 3, COMSOL 3.3, MATLAB 6