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A graduate of Ohio University, Sheldon Krieger entered the financial sector in 1969, when he accepted a place in Merrill Lynch’s JET program for high-potential employees. After six months, Sheldon Krieger became an Equity Salesman, and his outstanding achievements in this position marked only the beginning of his distinguished career in finance. Sheldon Krieger next demonstrated his abilities at Bear Stearns as a High-Yield Bond Salesman; shortly thereafter, Lehman Brothers invited Sheldon Krieger to become Co-Head of its High-Yield Department. In 1982, Sheldon Krieger withdrew from Lehman Brothers and founded RFSG Group. Sheldon Krieger concentrated his professional energies on outperforming bond indices until the sale of the firm in 1988, when he became President of Lake Capital. For more than a decade, Sheldon Krieger guided Lake Capital to success in corporate finance and restructuring as well as leveraged buyouts. Upon his departure from Lake Capital, Sheldon Krieger spent time at ALM, Inc. as an Asset Management Specialist; Sheldon Krieger also served as the President of GPHF-LP, a notable hedge fund. At present, Sheldon Krieger serves as Director of Krieger Family Partners in Jupiter, Florida, where he focuses on both investments and opportunities in real estate. Among his many other personal interests, Sheldon Krieger collects biographies and belongs to the National Rifle Association.

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