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I have worked for C3LS a GIS Location firm for more than 4 years as a Software Developer and System Analyst in C# and Java in a Microsoft and Linux environment I have enjoyed a classical technology training graduating with a 3.7 Core GPA with a Bachelor of Science Majoring in SW Programming from the Florida Atlantic University.

My experience encompasses growth from junior developer up to the LeadDevelopment position for the integration of network technologies associated to C3LS geographic information system (GIS) and RFIDline of product, to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present data that is linked to location for customers worldwide in US, Canada, South America and Africa.

I have been able to devise a systematic ‘listen to customer, plan, prototype, develop and implement’ approach akin to Agile methodology to support our team success condition interfacing with the Director Development and the President as well as development team member in house and at customer site. I have developed critical skills in advanced Object Oriented languages such as C# and Java and mapping software such as Peperwhite/ Telogis/ Google, using Tiger Data and Navteq data and advanced communications protocol such as XML, XFire, SOAP and AJAX in different environments such as Microsoft, Unix and open software environment such as Linux, MySQL and Eclipse.

I keep myself abreast of new technologies and I am quick at learning new environment and apply them with success. I am looking forward at this next challenge in my career. I am fluent in English and in French.


Programming Environments
Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Eclipse open source environment. Familiar with:  Borland C++ compiler, NetBeans IDE, Matlab
Network Communication
Socket Communications, UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, XFire , GPS, Satellite, GPS programming and transfer of information to application server and familiar with Enfora, Calamp, Edison, Wolverine, Trimble, Orbit One line of products.  
Database Environment
Microsoft SQL, MySQL
Mapping Languages
Mapping software such as: Peperwhite/ Telogis/ Google, using Tiger Data and Navteq data.  
C, C++ & Basic
Used in a work environment for 2 years and 2 years prior to that while attending FAU.
C#, Java, XHTML & HTML, Java Script, XML
Developed several C# applications to work in conjunction with a Java server. The Java server was hosting various websites related to various GPS / RFID products.

Work experience

Feb 2006Present

Lead SW Developer and System Analyst

C3 Location System

Developed software and application architecture for following key company products:

  • Developed software in order to triangulate the location of RFID devices with the help of mathematical algorithms associated to geographic information system (GIS), to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present data that is linked to location.
  • Developed Stand alone applications to localize RFID devices on a map using JSP Tags and AJAX and created a web site through HTML/JavaScript using AJAX technology to track GPS assets on a map
  • Developed web site HTML/JavaScript to find your RFID assets and manage them through an intuitive web site including employee database with rights of access that can be associated to RFID devices, the web site was tailored for dealerships in general but could have been applied to a multitude of different applications.
  • Familiar in the use of JSP tag library to send server data to a web page
  • Wrote some of the Java code base on the server side using XML communication protocol, XFire as well as SOAP to communicate with a server to support stand-alone applications and the web site.
  • Developed multiple features for the web site including user access rights, routing, lookups, preventative maintenance, group features including the server side code (Java) to handle all of these features as well
  • Created a stand-alone application to follow GPS tracking devices through mapping software such as: Peperwhite/ Telogis/ Google, using Tiger Data and Navteq data and programmed the actual GPS devices themselves to achieve the desired tracking settings
  • Gained extensive experience with the communication process between the GPS devices themselves all the way to the Server storing the location updates directly in a database.
  • Worked as a team member with business development, management, development team members and customer technical staff in support of product deployment. Produced presentations and architectures and ensured training of customers into our technologies for customers worldwide in US, Canada, South America, and Africa.
  • Supporting key 24/7 support process by working week-end or night as required to ensure restoration or modifications of customer environments.



Steve Tielens

Steve has been my boss at C3LS for 4+ years. We have developed a close friendship during these years and I am glad to be able to count him among my friends. 

Jason McCain

I have had the pleasure to know Jason for 3+ years and during this period at C3LS he has distinguished himself as a remarkable asset to the company by his ingenuity and practicality.

Al Rozio

Al has worked with me closely on many projects while working at C3LS for 3+ years.

Mark Hennessy

Mark is the chief system architect at C3LS. He has worked very closely with me for 4+ years and we have become close friends as well.

Wayne Frerichs

Wayne has been my friend for the better part of 6+ years. Under my recommendation, he joined C3LS as an entry-level programmer to be supervised and directed by me. During his stay, he was integral to many upgrades and adjustments made to our server and websites. His team spirit and ingenuity were a great asset for the length of his stay 6+ months.