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Work experience


Hoosiers For Stutzman

I volunteered 150 hours as an intern for State Senator Marlin Stutzman's campaign for U.S. Senate during the month of January.  I still volunteer on a regular basis, but not as an "intern."



As an Apprentice, I have worked in 3 different areas.  I focused first on Audio Recording, which dealt with recording classical concerts performed by the DePauw Music School.  The second was on Multimedia Web Design, which focused on tools such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Premiere.  The third, and most recent, rotation is video.  In this rotation we critiqued films, learned how to operate a video recorder, and learned about the different types of camera shots.  For the final project, I and another student teamed up to create an interview of a student recently featured on DePauw's homepage under the Student Spotlight section.  The video will be posted on this site momentarily.

Acting Chair

Indiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Indiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council, or ILYAC, analyzes different issues pertaining to youth of the State of Indiana and makes recommendations to the Indiana General Assembly via an annual report.  I was named Acting Chair until further notice.

Sound Board Operator, Board Member

The Shed

As a board member for The Shed, I attended weekly events and ran the soundboard for band nights.  The Shed is a teen coffeehouse designed to help youth make proper choices.

May 2003May 2009

Marketing Director, Board Member

LaGrange Independent Foundation for Endowments

L.I.F.E. is a youth pod created and funded by the Dekko Foundation.  We grant out $20,000 to organizations across LaGrange Country to further education and general well-being of youth.


Video Recording and Editing
Audio Recording and Editing
I personally recorded my band's music, then advanced my understanding through ITAP's audio recording rotation.
Public Speaking and Communication
Through high school Speech and Debate and several other activities, I have given hundreds of speeches throughout the past five years. In addition, I have my own radio show.
Computer Repair
I learned this tool through PC's For Youth, and I continue to improve with every computer I fix.



ITAP stands for the Information Technology Associates Program.  It provides students with a four year opportunity to develop professional and technological skills.  I have been working in ITAP for several months now, and I have advanced my ability to record music, learned the basics of multimedia design, and created a video highlighting another DePauw student's accomplishments.  The program has challenged not only my technological skills, but my professional skills as well.  I have attended several seminars, and I will be participating in workshops designed specifically for increasing professionalism, all in addition to the technological seminars and workshops.


Through my experiences as an Extemporaneous and Impromptu speaker in high school, I developed a love for politics.  Combined with my interest in giving back to the community, I believe that civil service is a career that best combines my interests.  I am hoping this leads me to work for the government, maybe even as an elected official.  To pursue these dreams, I am studying philosophy, history, and political science.  I will likely apply for law school, with a focus in philanthropic law.


I am looking for an internship that will continue to develop my technical skills and be useful in a service-oriented environment. I hope to continue to develop and an understanding web application and design and video/audio creations.

PC's For Youth

During my Sophomore year in high school, I created an organization called PC's For Youth, an organization devoted to providing needy youth with educational computing tools.  Since its inception, PC's For Youth has grown into a fifteen member organization, and has been widely recognized by local, state, and national bodies.  Some of these include the AXA Foundation, EMBARQ, The Indianapolis Children's Museum, REMC, WISH TV-8, WNDU, and many other great businesses and organizations.  PC's For Youth owes much to all of its donors, for it would be unsustainable without them.

In addition to providing over 75 computers to needy youth, I gained a vast assortment of skills through the organization.  The most prominent, of course, is technology.  However, as the chair, I also learned leadership and organization skills, recruitment tools, communication techniques, and several other business-oriented skills.  I have continued to develop and use these tools as a student at DePauw and as an apprentice in the ITAP Program.

Because of my work with PC's For Youth, I am featured at an exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  Here is a link to a video produced about PC's For Youth.

I was also recognized as an AXA Achiever and featured in the U.S. News and World Report.  Follow this link,then scroll down to IN.