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Work experience

Apr 1989Present

ESL Trainer


1976 - 1977 Camp Counselor (Summer Job For High School Students) 

1978 - 1983 Main Library Michigan State University

1984 - Davey Environmental Services

1984 - Self  Employed under the assumed name Erv's Enterprises

1984 - 1985 Kleenway (Worked with Chrysler & GM - Pontiac Motors Division)

1986 - 1988 Legal Specialist US Army

1988 - 1989 Stars and Stripes Bookstore

1989 - inlingua International - English Instructor, trainer, communication coach

1989 - 1993 Teacher | Department of Defense Schools | American High School Nuernberg, Germany

1993 - 2007 United Parcel Service

1989 - 2010 Worked with:

aqua Mypegasus



Language ForumBrezia

Robe (Super learning)


LTC Language Training Center GmbH

Euro- Vacancies



CR Language School

Train The Trainers (2000 - Present)

Professionals (1989 - Present

Private Students (1989 - Present)

Personal Specialized Situations (1989 - Present)

BFZ (2007 - 2010)

nations (2008 - Present)

AGNF (2010)

digital publishing - (2008 - Present)

1976 -1977  Supervised children (ages 9-12)  while working as a camp counselor for a youth organization organized by the local community church leaders.

1978 - 1983  Answered phones and took messages. Shelved books, magazines and periodicals. Mended books. Filed letters, memorandums, tests and other materials. Inspected files and book shelves. Signed out/received books, magazines, periodicals, tapes and records. Requisitioned material. Typed memorandums, messages and other correspondence. Was responsible for 30 typewriters rented out by Michigan state University. Assisted patrons in the use of typewriters. Maintained typewriters. Assisted patrons with research questions.  Demonstrated how to use card catalog / computer to gather information. Mended and restored periodicals. Used computer to locate over due material. COPY AND SUPPLY CENTER SUPERVISOR: Supervised 15 employee schedules. Controlled cash funds and bookkeeping. Balanced cash in register against total on register tape. Located and corrected errors. Took orders for material to be copied and sold. Ensured that employees made good copies. Listened to complaints and solved related problems to the satisfaction of customers and supervisors.

1984  Inspected various species of hardwood to determine quality, moisture content and potential BTU rating. Purchased firewood. Operated power saws and hydraulic splitters. Located sites for operation of business. Designed methods for securing sites. Compiled information regarding market. Provided analysis of market. Made sales projections. Selected markets. Promoted product. Designed and placed advertisements. Maintained inventory. Handled bookkeeping.

1984 - 1985  Collected and disposed of chemical particles (metal substances, paint, lime...) from conveyor belts, drum venting systems, mud farms, barrels and other areas of storage, Use vacuum truck, water blaster, forklift. Modified tools to accomplish different objectives. Ordered parts for operation of business. Maintained parts of equipment. Organized crew of six men while designing methods to accomplish various tasks. Oversaw the completion of each contractual agreement.

1986 - 1988 LEGAL GENERAL ADMINISTRATION Kept receipts and logs. Delivered, routed, and dispatched incoming and outgoing correspondence. Requisitioned and received blank forms. Filed correspondence and maintained files in accordance with the Army Functional File System (TAFFS.) Adhered to the American Bar Association Code of Professional Responsibilities and Standard of Criminal Justice. Applied knowledge of common legal term and their authorized abbreviation and drafted correspondence and messages. Provided sheets and allied legal documents. Maintained elimination board statistics.

Criminal Law / Military Justice:

Provided administrative guidance to unit clerks and other professionals in preparation of Article 15's proceedings and supplemental actions. Drafted charges and specifications. Coordinated the availability of accused and / or witnesses for interview action. Requested courts-martial supporting documents and evidence. Prepared charge sheets, courts-martial orders, convening authority's actions, confinement orders...

1988 - 1989 Stars and Stripes Bookstore: Received and shelved reading material. Managed the same. Worked at cash register. Assisted customers. Opened and closed shop.   

1993 - 2007 United Parcel Service in Germany | Part Time Job | Worked with different teams to manage packages. Unloaded, loaded, sorted, checked, controlled and mended damaged packages. Washed trucks. The job always involved pushing, pulling or lifting.

1989 - Present  Entrepreneurial Educator Extraordinaire / Used intrapersonal, interpersonal, group and cultural communication skills while teaching many subjects. Help to facilitate the learning experience. Developed instructional objectives. Prepared, implemented and evaluated instructional objectives for a variety of learning outcomes. Pressured students as it pertains to entry competencies and capabilities. Motivated students to learn and work harder. Researched and developed creative and innovative approaches to teaching and tried the same in the classroom. Integrated Time-Phase while balancing contingency policy. Monitored functional options. Synchronized incremental concepts with total reciprocal capability. Planned and organized activities to assist in the learning process. Provided  individual and group counseling. Disciplined students. Provided administrative and any other assistance necessary for good teacher and student interaction. Provided instruction to help enhance the educational opportunities and performances of student interaction. Provided instruction to help. Known for being well read. Have professional experience in the educational process, guiding students to achieve mastery of skills and realization of their own goals and objectives pertaining to communication, negotiating, persuasion, telephoning, presenting, business meetings... Managed classroom.  Chaired meetings. Have professional experience in lessons, workshops and seminars design and delivery, including facilitation of an employee training program. Designed and presented seminars for managers and other professionals. Developed learning material. Trained professionals working at the aforementioned organizations. Used internet and virtual classroom to train participants. Worked with state of the art technology. Developed a  reputation for excellent communication skills, reliability, superior performance and appearance. Did ghostwriting, proofreading and edited learning material. Promoted the same. Born with the gift of gab and sense of humor. Perfected the same...


TEFL Certification


*The English Language

*Language Teaching Methods

*Print / Audio-Visual Material & Aids

*Linguistic Levels & Lesson Content

*The Four Language Skills

*English Grammar

*Classroom Management

*Error Analysis and Correction

*Lesson Planning

*Pronunciation & Phonetics


Social Networking
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The Army Commendation Medal

Department Of The Army

Alternate Energy Marketing

Davey Environmental Services

LC 102-1, Lawyer's Assistant Course

United States Army, Europe and Seventh Army Combined Training Center

Legal Specialist Diploma

United States Army Soldier Support Institute Adjutant General School

Corporate Language Trainer

digital publishing


Music | Giving English lessons in - Nuernberg - Fuerth - Erlangen - Zirndorf | Playing the guitar | reading | News |


My objective is to use the communication skills that I was blessed with and subsequently developed to the utmost for the purpose of doing what I was born to do, namely;

1.Teach English as a foreign language

2.Write, edit and proofread

3.Train, coach and educate

4.Serve as a spokesperson for the purpose of facilitating superior public relations


Worked with professionals from:

(dabei tätig für:)

- adidas

- Puma- Ericsson- Mannesmann- Elektro Union- Carrera- Tomy- Bull- TPS- ABB- nürnberger nachrichten- EMU- Südgetränke GMBH (Coca- Cola)- Diehl- TEMIC- SIFA- COMPAQ

- Primondo- Uvex sports- DERSCH- EBERT INGENIEURS- Psyma- Schroff- MCM- Insumma- SEALED Air Gmbh- Mercedes-Benz- Heller- Bode- Carrier- Schwarz- Quelle- STAUB & CO- AKEMI- EPSON- Isiltec- ErTeGe- STAHL-UND    KRANBAU- Noell- SOFTPOINT- G&P- Siemens- Schöller- Bosch  - Philips- Grundig- Hosta SCHOKOLADE- SSB- VAG