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Work experience


Application Architect


I am an application architect for the RelayHealth online medical information system. My work has covered all aspects of the RelayHealth system, from the consumer-facing RelayHealth web site to the core infrastructure and integration systems and interfaces at the heart of the application.

I have primary design and review responsibilities for the RelayHealth core service API. This has been an essential role in guaranteeing the high quality of our software product and has provided a solid foundation for maintaining and extending our platform as it continues to evolve.

In addition to my role as an application architect, I have served as a team lead with day-to-day responsibility for managing feature-based analysis, design, development, deployment and support of the RelayHealth application. This work has covered all layers of the RelayHealth application stack and its associated technologies, including  .NET 4.0 ASPX pages, AJAX and JavaScript, SQLServer 2008 R2, LINQ for objects, and SOAP and REST-based APIs based on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

I have also been a frequent contributor to our internal engineering blog and a regular presenter for our ongoing Way of the Keyboard (WOTK) and RelayHealth University (RHU) sessions. This is a key leadership responsibility as it facilitates essential ongoing technical education for our development, operations and support staff.

My responsibilities also include serving as a hiring and reporting manager. I consider recruiting and guiding the career development of the people who build our product a key to our success as a development group and thus one of my most important responsibilities at RelayHealth.


Software Developer

Aircraft Technical Publishers

Architecture and Development Process

  • Reviewed the software architecture of ATP flagship Navigator product, and mentored team in implementing recommendations for architectural improvements and adoption of Microsoft best practice guidelines.

Software Development

  • Redesigned and implemented Navigator's automated update sub-subsystem using core Windows technologies (such as BITS) and Microsoft's .NET application blocks.

Content and Software Developer

3 Leaf Solutions

Developer Training

  • Wrote presentation scripts, PowerPoint presentations, code samples and recorded video demonstrations for Microsoft Corporation's Visual Basic .NET training series.
  • Created demonstration videos highlighting key aspects of the .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET language; including GDI+ support, Windows services, threading, messaging, etc. 

Project Management

  • Coordinated project development for several Microsoft Corporation training courses. 
  • Managed project schedules for distributed development team, reviewed code samples and presentation scripts, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on lab materials. 

Web Development

  • Built a document automation Web service for integration with a J2EE-based commercial knowledge management system. The document automation system was built on the .NET platform, using the C# and VB.NET programming languages.

Software Developer

GoAmerica Communications

I originally worked for, an online document generation service. Hotpaper was subsequently acquired by GoAmerica in 2000. One of our key customers was, which used the Hotpaper web service for their mail merge functionality.

Web Development

  • MobileOffice:  an email attachment reader and storage service for handheld device users of the Hotpaper consumer web site.

Web Services

  • Architected and implemented a SOAP interface to the Hotpaper document automation and library management services based on the SOAP 1.1 specification. 


  • Ported a VB implementation of a WAP 2.0 compliant Push Initiator to C# for GoAmerica’s mobile application developer SDK.

Visual Basic

  • Designed and implemented the document automation component of the Hotpaper service using Microsoft Word as an automation server.
  • Designed and implemented components of the MobileOffice email attachment reader service; including a POP3 email agent and document-to-text conversion agents for PDF and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

IT Engineer and Software Developer

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

I began my IT career at OH&S as a network engineer and systems analyst. I later transitioned to software development, beginning with automation of the firm's Microsoft Word templates. In my last year with OH&S, I worked on web site development, building the firm's first intranet-based benefits web site.

Web Development

  • Designed and implement the firm's first online benefits enrollment web site using classic 3-tier architecture; client-side Active Server Pages (ASP), transactional business components written in VB6, and data components residing on MS-SQL.

Microsoft Office

  • Developed templates and compiled components for creating custom legal documents.
  • Developed an Outlook/Exchange information management application integrating Outlook contacts, Exchange public folder data and relational data stored in a MS-SQL database.

Systems Integration

  • Developed a system installation program automating the installation of the Windows operating system, drivers and applications. The program was customized to detect and install drivers for each of the varied hardware configurations in use at the firm.



Gustavus Adolphus College

Gustavus Adolphus College is a residential liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Graduated magna cum laude.


Columbia University

Columbia University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of New York and the fifth oldest in the United States.


I am software architect and developer with over 15 years of experience in a variety of business applications. My technical focus has been distributed application development using MS-SQL server and the Microsoft .NET platform.



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