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:: Education My qualifications in Marketing Management and my professional experience gave me the background that combines marketing and design study fields. More recently i've been developing skills in design thanks to a product design course i attended at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. In order to expand my horizons, this year i'll be attending a master degree in Clients Service Management at IPAM. :: Professional Experience Besides, being responsible for marketing & design skills and strategies at Liderplas, I'm also the manager of the new design department - LPDESIGN. Its specialties go from visual design, product design (with focus on packaging), prototyping services and branding strategies. Associated to this, we also have consultancy attached to all services that we provide in Liderplas. :: Goals I've always been a creative / designer by training and will never abandon that position in my professional life and at the moment i can say that i'm actually working in the field in too many possible ways - recently i've been developing my multimedia creative side as web designer ( freelancer ) and at Liderplas where packaging design becomes the top of creativity. Since i can remember, I've always had an enterpreneurial side. So, my near future goals go through the creation of my own Fashion Design label as well as improve, develop and take Liderplas to the next level - in innovation, design and quality.

Work experience

Jul 2009Present

Designer & Design Consultant

After many colleagues and friends asking me to provide some services for them in the design and marketing field, i've decided to start being self employed in this area. My trully passion is Service design and management which in my opinion hasn't been developed correctly in Portugal. I've been working with many professionals in this areas from all around the world in order to develop new concepts of research and implementation in these fields. Areas that i've been working: .Service Design .Graphic Design .Web Design .Interior & Spaces design .Brand Design .Design Consultancy .Design Thinking .Implementation of design in business strategies .Development of design thinking and service strategies .User-centered design .Consumer experiences research .Marketing & Design Strategies > Service Design is the new oil XXI century. :::New Personal Website very very soon - Under construction.
Jun 2009Present

Creative Director


::Marketing .Responsible for international relations .Responsible for marketing strategy of LP .Responsible for implementation of Design Thinking .Responsible for implementation of new work methodologies ::Design .Responsible for Design & Innovation of products and raw materials .Packaging Design .Graphic Design .Branding Strategy .Trends Research .Cool Hunting .Field Research .Consumer experiences .User Centered Products & Services

Mar 2009Jun 2009

Trainee at Sales Department

:: Responsible for the Rebranding :: Responsible for the creation of new website :: Responsible for remodeling the interior design :: Implementation of marketing and brand plan :: Implementation of new business services :: Expanding the company internationally :: Expanding product line






Frenetik Polis


Istituto Marangoni, Fashion & Design School - Milan



FCE - First Certificate in English

Cambridge School - Portugal