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B2b Account Executive Bio

Direct Mail Advertising Sales

Internet Marketing Sales

Web creation/Hosting Service Sales 

Yellow Page Directory Sales 

Credit Union Autos Sales

Small Business Owner

My professional history has given me a rich opportunity to work with people, analyzing problems and providing solutions. I’d like to share with you my work communicating and working with people.

While studying Sociology in college, I was offered an opportunity to work as an intake interviewer and case manager for Family Social Services in Michigan and California, earning a Social Workers Certification. Eight years of daily Interviewing, evaluating, and executing problem solving strategies laid the foundation for the next 16 years as a small business owner. 

As a co-founder, I started an energy-efficient lighting wholesale distributorship from my kitchen table and grew the business in to a million dollar sale organization through cold calling, direct mail, print advertising and trade shows. I grew professionally as a phone warrior, account manager, and a solution selling specialist. My blueprint for success included goal setting and execution, working backward from the goal and setting steps in a flow chart to assure reaching the destination. Working with my accounts, I uncovered another need I could fulfill to increase their efficiency and started a supporting corporation to provide electrical services on a contractual basis for the products we sold. The service was a great success and further grew profits while propelling us into the service industry. Working in the service industry, I acquired good time management skills, discipline, and dedicated myself to providing the best customer service possible. Another start- up business opportunity was brought to my attention; open a branch auto locating service for a local credit union. As an experienced phone warrior and consultative seller, I presented the service over the phone to members, invoked participation and arranged for them to take possession of any make or model they requested. I delivered the automobiles with prepared financing and prearranged purchases for their trade in vehicles. The credit union retained the auto loans increasing their balance sheet and members greatly appreciated purchasing their automobile without the hassle of visiting and negotiating with a dealership. 

After four years, I was drawn back in to business to business sales with an opportunity to help a newly started print directory. I longed for a creative project I could share once again with business owners and advertising provided that outlet. I was able to use my skill sets and develop creative visual experience for the directory and the business owner that helped them to gain and retain customers through out the year, year after year. The directory was a success and our team was rewarded with an all inclusive paid vacation for two to Cancun for 7 days.

My next challenge gave me an opportunity to work closer with business owners and on a repeat basis to explore internet marketing and advertising print to grow their revenue and profits.

I found that my passion for building lasting relationships with business owners and watching their business grow from marketing and advertising efforts was truly an asset. As an advertising professional I have helped small to mid size businesses acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and build customer loyalty, target specific audiences and measure results from their advertising. I have selected ad space for display ads with targeted print publications, marketed businesses on line and brought buyers and sellers together. Through Website creation , website hosting services, I helped individual commercial professionals and business owners from a variety of retail, service, and professional industries realize the power in advertising to grow their businesses. I am seeking to connect with a company who is looking for a sales account executive to assist them in growing their business as they help business owners grow their business with on line marketing and print advertising. If my professional experiences can help your company, I would like to discuss our mutual interest. Advertising,  local advertising, targeted and measurable print advertising, weekly deadline advertising opportunities,  acquiring customers, retaining customers, building loyal customers, increasing business, direct mail, display ads, print advertising, weekly shopper publications, coupon advertising, local advertising, hyper-local advertising, free newspaper advertising, online display ads,  digital marketing, internet marketing, online marketing, website creation and hosting services,