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Senior Executive with over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing and sales, logistic, administrative and financial management. Significant achievements in the management of business units in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. Highly results-oriented with ability to lead high performance teams able to understand the complexities of the various business environments and industries.

Work History

Mar. 2017

Química Ariston Ecuador C. Ltda. - Argentum Corp., Inc.

Country Manager / Commercial & Administrative Manager

Besides managing the operative and commercial activities of and in Panama in order to continue the international expansion of this pharmaceutical; I manage the introduction of new products from other pharmacists to Panama, and to other markets such as Ecuador, and Central America. Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp. of South Korea, BIOCHIMIC of Brazil are some laboratories; Along with the above I remain the commercial issues in Panama, and managing the sales and marketing of our products.

Oct 2015Jul 2016

PiSA Farmacéutica-BL Nutrition

Regional Manager-Central America

Led a role in managing commercial and administrative operations in Central America region, Panama, El Salvador y Guatemala; through leverage the skills and competencies, to achieve corporate goals.

•Ensure operability across the region, as a starting point for commercial growth in Panama, and reducing expenditures in Central America.

•Improve overall profitability in Panama against 2015; through developing the customer service, and commercial strategies for the region, such as product promotions, incentive programs for customers in El Salvador

May 2010Sep 2015

Química Ariston Ecuador C. Ltda. - Argentum Corp., Inc.

Country Manager / Commercial & Administrative Manager

Led the international expansion at this +US$12M Ecuadorian pharmaceutical manufacturer; through orchestrating their international trade office in Panamá. Managed commercial operations, introduction and commercialization of their pharmaceutical products in Central America, and managed +US$1M sales process for Nigeria, Africa.

•Started up a successful introduction of Química Ariston Ecuador C. Ltda. to the Central American market by accomplished legal and commercial aspect to operate in Panamá city for all Central America countries.

•Coordinated regulatory affairs in Central America, by enabled Química Ariston Ecuador R&D, pharmacists’ vendors and government agencies to meet technical regulations to get the sanitary permissions.

•Commercialize their pharmaceutical products; through building up strong commercial relationships with pharmaceutical distributors and drug store chains across the region to improve sales.

•Developed medical sales force to promote Química Ariston Ecuador products among health professionals. Developed data base from medical visits and health information providers such as Close-up and IMS Health.

•Managed general administrative affairs related to the representation in Central America, marketing and sales, as accounting and finances, included trademarks affairs.

•As administrative manager, analyzed marketplace to set up pricing and product profitability. Identified the marketplace' needs to increase the product offers, by searching new pharmaceutical vendors.

•Coordinated the pharmaceutical vendors’ contracts from South Korea, handling the requirements and implementation of guidelines to improve the commercial relationship. Through D&B managed business' information for credit decisions, B2B marketing and supply chain.

•Contributed to accounting, conducted ad-hoc reports/analysis for C-suite and advised in application of accounting rules.

•Supported operations. Co-worked with Química Ariston Ecuador foreign trade unit in the logistic of the shipments to African markets as a result of their sales; linked TPL services in Panamá and Ecuador.

Dec 2007Apr 2009

Amway Latin America

Strategic Planning Manager

Responsible for leading, together with the Vice President of Latin America, the preparation of strategic proposals and implementing them in the various markets that make up this region.

•Built up in conjunction with McKinsey & Company new strategies to address the Latin American markets in a way to embrace more the final consumer, and achieving closer contact with them.

•Presents the strategic initiatives at Deloitte, in order to set up objectives and sales forecasts for each of the countries comprising the Latin American region.

•Managed the cost of the strategic plan for the region to over $ 500M in sales in 2012.

•Managed the successful establishment of a committee for IT in order to create policies and strategic plans that organized and facilitated the prioritization of tasks in this area.

•Led the project to determine the current location of regional offices and the local headquarters in Mexico, a project of over $ 1.5M. Along with human resources to assess the new organizational structure to establish a head count, according to the new location.

Feb 2002Nov 2007

Amway de Guatemala

Market Manager                                                                                                 

Feb. ’02 – Nov. ‘07

Responsible for the operation in Guatemala in accordance with corporate guidelines to maximize the investments of this company. Supported and directed the processes of marketing, sales, logistics, IT, finance and accounting to achieve regional goals, and to control operating and capital expenses.

•Driven financial discipline to cut off costs to improve cash flow, through the introduction of controls on operating costs by improving liquidity for the end of 2002; accounts payable online collection.

•Managed a line of fragrances and cosmetics suppliers, managing vendors like Ungerer & Company, Freedom and Cosmetics Herbruger Alfredo Jr. & Co. Ltda, (local factory) to the markets of Central America, including Mexico. Being this product line one of the most important in sales for the region.

Annual Operating Plan Responsible

Jan. ’05 – Nov. ‘07

Simultaneously with the previous position, developed the annual operating plan for Latin America, preparing, analyzing and consolidating the annual operating plans of the various business units of this region, analyzing the markets and the profitability of the initiative to develop a consolidated plan for Latin America. •Prepared a business plan and financial analysis of strategies to improve revenue for Brazil, along with the Vice President of Latin America and the senior leadership of that country. The scope of the plan included an analysis of sales incentives, product prices and the sales force. As a result of the implementation, the market increase their revenue CAGR ('05-'07) +12%.

Jul 1999Jan 2002

Amway Honduras

Market Manager

Responsible for the operation in Honduras, according to regional guidelines for Central America to develop strategies to increase sales and improve service quality. Leading processes of marketing, sales, logistics, IT, finance and accounting to achieve the sales goals set for this country, keeping a budget operating expenses and capital.

•Reduced operating costs by 50% through the following steps: a. - External accounts and outsourcing activities to reduce inter-company charges; b. - Re-location inventory from warehouses leased to own, and c. - Discontinue low inventory turnover through an analysis of the economic contribution of locally manufactured products - SKU Rationalization.

•Developed strategies for overcoming those sales targets by more than 20% for three consecutive years.

•Developed sales force representing more than 85% of total sales country, supported by strong customer service, improve relations with them, and renewing the market as one of the most renowned in Central America.

Sep 1998Jun 1999

Amway International, Inc.

Distribution Manager

Responsible for the logistical operations of the bond warehouse and the 4 stores assigned to Panama, including IT, security, customs, storage, transport, handling and order fulfillment based on forecasts of sales and management of returned products. Administrative activities to ensure that customer requirements are met.

•Managed the cost of goods and distribution costs to reduced by 20% through a. - Reduced inventory adjustments to maintain a 99.95% accuracy; b. - Eliminated the bondwarehouse and construct a new one to ship the 4 stores in Panama. c. - Reduced transport costs by negotiating with local carriers.

Jan 1998Sep 1998

Dillon Construction, Inc. (D.C.I.).

Cost Engineer - Colon Container Terminal / Evergreen

Managed project costs, expenses, budgets and work plans in the initial phase of the project, and at different stages of it, as well as managed purchasing and contracting and monitor the payroll. Responsible for preparing cost estimates and construction plans for preparing bids and contracts with the project engineer. Establish and comply with the reporting system required by the contract, including quality control reports and reports of laboratory tests, among others.


Tejidos y Confecciones, S.A.

Industrial Engineer-Consulting

Responsible for production rates for various assembly lines in the textile industry




Dec 2015

BSc Accounting



Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua