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You may find it interesting that my aspiration to be successful actually began with a series of illnesses I suffered in my childhood. A frail girl, I frequently visited local hospitals that were in extremely bad condition. Initially I thought my parent took me to those hospitals out of a concern over a fight family budget, but later I discovered that most Vietnamese hospitals at that time were poorly equipped due to an underdeveloped economy. This experience instilled in me, from an early age, a strong desire to do something  to be treated with better medicine and more advanced medical equipment. In retrospect, I even feel grateful to those unhappy experiences in hospitals, for they made me more mature, persevering, and above all, more determined in pursuing my professional direction than many of my peers.

     A defining moment in my life occurred in September 2009 when having excelled in the National Entrance Examination, I was admitted to English Department of University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, which is famous for its language teaching and international community. I left my lovely little hometown and went to Hanoi to conduct my undergraduate study. I left my parent and my friends in order to experience a new life and broaden the scope of my education and view of life. Whenever I tried to think or write about mylife, I always settled upon the importance of this move, which actually formed my destiny in my pursuit of English enrichment and the use of my knowledge to help those in need of a helping hand. It seems like from at that time I glued up my life with language teaching but life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what taste you will get next. And so was my ambition for the future, from a writer to jourlist, from film director to teacher. But now, after years of thought and exploration I found that I still have strong passion and persistence for a permanent career that your company could bring me and I am determined to devote my whole life to it.



   1.  I well understand the great pressure and challenges that will be presented to me when working in such a distinguished working enviroment as yours.But why I would like to choose a path rampant with thickets? Because I cherish the ambition to become a professional specialist in charge of client relationship, with my learned expertise to investigate numerous complex issues in dealing with different people from all ages, which might prepare myself well for the position in your company.
2.  My experiences have convinced me that if I want to be a contributive staff in your company, I should not only embed myself deeply in my native culture, but also draw inspirations from other disciplines, cultures and their people. I also enjoy appreciating Chinese traditional calligraphy and landscape painting and I hope one day I can practice them myself from time to time. All this allows me to maintain a keen mind in a wide range of Chinese cultures and endow me with inspiration now and then.  In terms of my future occupation, I see myself as an international specialist. In doing this, I will combine my Vietnamese perspective with other cultures. I also aim to develop my talent for my future career and let my character lead me. I know I can work toward these goals in an ideal working environment like yours, with fewer distractions and more commitment. I realize that admission into your group is highly competitive, but I know that I am highly qualified, eager and prepared to meet all of the challenges that will undoubtedly be presented. Please open your doors to me so I can bring the greatest contribution to your company.






Sep 2009Jun 2013

The Degree of Bachelor in English Language teacher education

University of Language and International Studies (ULIS)

     My undergraduate education so far is characterized by indisputable excellence.  The honors and accolades I won during my undergraduate studies reflected my achievements. Recognizing the importance of social activities, I took part in serveral international events and a number of organizations at my university, especially the most memmorable event “ASEAN BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT SUMMIT VIETNAM 2010” held in Hanoi from 26 to 28 October 2010. My university life ends with a happiest moment when I achieved 9.9/10 for my internship at Phan Dinh Phung high school (It is shown in my academic record). During my internship program, I gained extensive experience contacting with many students and also established a strong relationship with them.

Work experience

Jan 2014Oct 2015

English teacher

The Oxford Foreign Language Center

For me, teaching in classrooms is so fascinating, though it's not easy. Basically; two aspects are extremely important in teaching teenagers; one is discipline, while the other is initiating their interests and motivation in language study. I put a lot of effort into this and this effort has paid off. For example, I invited my English friends to come to my classes so that my students could use English to communicate with my native English friends. Consequently, the students showed great enthusiasm and initiative in learning the English language. Thanks to my good performance in class, I ranked in the top 5 among 50 teachers who desired to have a teaching position at my Language Training Center.

Aug 2013Dec 2013


Ministry of Education and Training Vietnam
After my graduation, I was accepted to be an assistant for Ph.D Nguyen Hong Son - Deputy Director General Continuing Education Department. During my 3 months working with Ph.D Nguyen Hong Son, I support him in preparing documents, arranging timetable and translating document. Above all, I had chance to support him in his research “The evaluation of the distance education graduates' level responding to requirements by recruiters”. We were planning to conduct the research in a large scale and my main responsibilty is collecting data from students. But it is also my regret when I finished my provisional contract with Continuing Education Department – Ministry of Education and Training Vietnam earlier and I couldn’t take part in the research after that. Since then, I continued to follow my interest in learning and teaching.

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1. Name: Nguyen Hong Son
 Company : department of continuing education , Email : [email protected]