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Work experience

Research Fellow

Department of Fish Genetics
Research fellow at the Specializations: population genetics studies marker-based pedigree analysis maintenance of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) genebank production leader Work package leader in AQUAREDPOT an EU-FP7 project.
Aug 2009Present

Project Assistant

Temasek Lifesciences Laboratories
— Aquaculture(HAKI) Hungary Project assistant care of fish in a recirculation system. execution of experiments in AQUAMAX project.
Sep 2005Present


Fish Partners(USA)
— Aquaculture(HAKI) Hungary Trainee participation in an artificial fish propagation and incubation of gynogenetic haploid common carp stocks attending in the RESICARP project as an assistant, taking care of fish fry then performing experiments QUALIFICATIONS-Driving license: A, B in EU and C in US Certificate in life fish transportation Training certificate on operating RAS
Apr 2013Aug 2013

Production Assistant

— Production assistant pikeperch(Sander lucioperca) nursing and production in RAS(feeding, system maintenance, etc.) daily monitoring of water quality parameters rainbow trout(Oncorhinchus mykiss) nursing in flow-through as well as recirculation system
May 2012Sep 2012


Temasek Lifesciences Laboratories
— (Singapore) Intern in fish genetics performing a growth test between batches of Asian seabass with different genetic background based. on parentage analysis transcriptome analysis in liver for stress response in Asian seabass(Barramundi)
Feb 2012May 2012

Intern In Aquaculture

— Intern in aquaculture pre-nursing of barramundi (Lates calcalifer) fry in RAS(feeding, cleaning, monitoring of water quality parameters, etc.)
Sep 2005Sep 2006

Trainee In Aquaculture

Fish Partners(USA)
— Trainee in aquaculture 1 fishery, care of fish, artificial fish propagation and transportation of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus).




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Tessedik Sámuel College