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  • Sciences in general, Religion, Philosophy. Anthropology, Archeology. 
  • Sports: Soccer coaching and training, general fitness . 
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


Executive Engineer with extensive international experience managing construction and design companies in addition to manufacturing industries mainly in Brazil and United States as well as in Argentine, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Iraq and Cameroon.

Citizen of both of these countries and multi-lingual, fluent in English and Portuguese, very knowledgeable in Spanish, and able to read French and Italian.

Seasoned and successful entrepreneur breaking grounds for new markets and developing new suppliers of goods and services.Professional negotiator.

Comprehensive experience and understanding of the regulations and legalities of international bids documentation, the import-export trends and the supply chain.

Responsible for hiring, managing and training high-level employees.

Familiar with the scientific and academic world as a continuous self-learner and scholar. 

Griffin Drenasa - Services

For more than 60 years, Griffin Drenasa had successfully introduced many innovative technologies on a variety of projects like subways, dams, tunnels, water and sewer systems, underground structures and channels to mention few, the following list represents a sample services performed along the past years:


Industrial Facilities -Concrete Structures – Channels – Tunnels

Comercial and Residencial Buildings


Micro Piles - Root Piles - Diaphragm Walls - Slurry Walls

Vibro Driven Piles- Barrettes - Foundation Reinforcement


Wellpoint Systems -Relief Wells -  Dewatering Systems

Pumping Test- Deep Wells - Impervious Barriers


Tie Backs -  Anchors-Reinforced Concrete Walls

Grouting-Horizontal Drains


Consolidation Grout-Impervious Walls -Water Proof Treatment

Structure Repairs-NATM-Pre Cast Structures – Jet Grouting


Chemical Grouts-Jet Grouting-Gravel Piles

Prefabricated Drains-Sand Drains


Piezometers  -Soil and Ground water Sampling  - Monitoring Wells

Automated Data Collecting


Water Related Projects - Soil  - Pollution Remediation

Griffin Drenasa - Products


Griffin Drenasa manufactured equipment and materials for many fields including engineering and Geotechnical applications using state-of-the-art technologies and high quality products. Besides the regular line of products, Griffin Drenasa developed custom made equipment for specific needs or difficult assignments.


Wellpoint Systems - Sump Pumps- Piston Pumps - Vacuum Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps- Eductors


Rotary Drill Rigs- Core Bits- Special Tools- Vibratory Rigs

Casing and Rods


Slotted Screens - Self Jetting Screens- Agglomerated Sand Screens


Control Panels- Conduit Couplings- Weather and Explosion Proof Pannels


Pipeline Couplings-Cutting Tools - Repair Couplings


Soil Consolidation - Soil Drainage


Disinfecting of Potable and DI Water and Effluents

Odor Control  -Sterilization- Bleaching- Phenol and Cyanide Removal

Iron and Manganese Removal- Taste and Color Removal


Polymeric Resins- Sealants- Plasticizing - Impermeable Films

Work experience

Jul 2001Present

International Business Consultant

Almeida Consultant

  • For the development of new suppliers for equipment, parts and raw materials focusing quality, cost, and timing.Defined work force, budgets and sales goals.Wrote, reviewed and negotiated proposals and contracts and had key participation in negotiations until closing, on both sides of the trading.
  • Consultant for associations, consortium or joint ventures including knowledge transfer, guiding customers in new markets for sustainable growth.
  • Analysis of new technologies, equipment, and products to discover the proper choices for customers. 
  • Participated in many projects around USA where he had planned and managed field operations in addition to hiring sub contractors and purchasing.He had worked directly with engineers, high-level managers, customer’s owners, or shareholders.
  • Consultant for the design and manufacturing of equipments and products for the fluid handling field.
  • Designed, wrote specifications and prepared general quotation and proposals for construction bids.
  • Technical translator (English-Portuguese-English) and Notary Public.


Griffin Drenasa, Ltd
  • Managed the company overall operations, including the financial, marketing, sales and public relations leading more than 500 employees including engineers, geologists, technicians, accountants, controllers, auditors and administrative staff. 
  • Researched and developed new technologies, equipments and tools for the construction segment and for the control and treatment of water and groundwater.Designed, built and managed the manufacturing plant of the company achieving international quality standards for the global market.
  • Established partnerships enhancing the business growth.As a Civil Engineer, was accountable for completing large contracts in many countries.
  • Please check below Griffin Drenasa list of Products and Services.


Princeton Groundwater, Inc.

Land Surveyor and Astronomy

Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Master in Engineering

Mackenzie Presbyterian University


Notary Public
  Notary Public for the State of Michigan.
Languages, Computer and Other Skills
  ·    Multi-lingual: fluent in English and Portuguese, very knowledgeable in Spanish, and able to read French and Italian. Professional translator.   ·    Proficient with all components of Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Omnipage Professional, Internet, and specialized technical software.  Good knowledge of the PC hardware and peripherals.  Microsoft Registered Partner.    ·    Experienced technical and scientific lecturer for any number of attendants or audiences.  
Industry Management
·        Header of the design and manufacturing process of heavy machinery, tools and components.   ·        Intimacy using Sciences, technologies and environmental subjects in the development of products, machines and procedures, from the conception to the operational use.   ·        Manager of the Research and Development (R & D) department for new products and technologies. I have friendly traffic in the scientific world in many academic fields.   ·        Direct managed manufacturing facilities from the design to the daily operation.   ·       Comprehensive understanding of the buildings regulations and codes and consequent environmental concerns.  
Business Management
  ·        Pioneer of lean manufacturing, successfully taking a company of 400 employees to 60 employees while doubling the profits.  That included the management with emphasis on costs reduction, reengineering the operational, administrative, sales and financial departments to build an efficient and low cost structure.   ·        Preparing financial budgets, managing assets and real estate for maximum return of investment.   ·        Writing and negotiating technical and commercial proposals, contracts and purchase orders.   ·        Supervising, hiring and training all levels of employees.   ·        Procurement and supply chain organization and management covering all sorts of raw materials and products together with steel, plastics, chemical resins and other manufacturing items.   ·        New business opportunities identification including international joint ventures and associations.   ·        Practical application of the environmental protection issues.   ·        Author and lecturer of technical and scientific themes.