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  • My short term professional goal is to get a job that facilitates my interest in computer science and software engineering.

  • My long term career goal is to combine my interest in physics with my interest in software by working in the industry of astronomical engineering.



Aug 2009Present

Depauw University

I'm a first-year at Depauw University. So far my plan is to major in Computer Science and Physics.  I'm also very interested in Creative Writing and Philosophy, so I might minor in one of those.

GPA: 3.7

Dean's List

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

ITAP Apprentice

ITAP (Information Technology Associates Program) is a program through the University I am attending that promotes combining IT skills with the development of your professional life.

I am currently in my first year of the program, which means I am in the training phase of whichever fields I am interested in.

  • I have learned to design webpages in html coding.
  • I have learned the syntax of the programming language Visual Basic.
  • I'm currently learning about sound recording in the recording studio on campus.
May 2009Aug 2009

Sales Assistant

Cromwell Radio Group

I worked at the radio station in a town about seven miles from my house.   For the most part, I helped a saleswoman organize her meetings and payments with various clients.

  • I made several spreadsheets and databases to keep track of what contracts had to be renewed and so forth.
  • I  wrote commercials for the local businesses occasionally.  I think I wrote about three or four, and the saleswoman in charge of me opted to have all of them aired.  
  • I  made flyers to promote advertising deals or upcoming events.


Audio Recording Software: Audacity and ProTools
HTML web design and DreamWeaver
programming in Java, C++, Visual Basic