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Work History


the chairman of the editorial board

journal political science and law 

faculty member-department general education

Arab american university- jenin 

Teaching:  political science International relations-  International Issues - Contemporary Arab Thought - Palestinian-studies - Civil society organizations and others

Sep 20112015

Faculty member (part time)

Al-Quds Open University - Jenin

 Teaching the following Course(35Hours)

  • History of Jerusalem.

  • The Palestinian issue.

  •  Arab world and the contemporary challenges

  •  And achievements of human civilizations

May 2009Jan 2012

Projects Coordinator


  Tasks :

  •  Overseeing the implementation of the project work plan and developed in accordance with the activities and budget of the project.
  • Communication with partners to link project activities to each other.
  • Collection of information, reports, assessments, and pictures to document the project activities.
  • Preparation of management reports, financial periodicals, and interim and final project and present it to management for discussion and approval
  •  evaluation activities project, and work on the final evaluation.
  •  Any other tasks assigned by project management.
Jan 2008Dec 2009

prepare reporting news.

Ndal al-shaab. Magazine / Department of Information and Culture Albeereh, Palestineinvestment bank building. 


* Supervisor of reporting news

* Supervisor on website magazine


Sep 2001Jun 2006

B.A. Political science

An-Najah National University

studying aspects of history, politics, culture and society, to be able to function effectively as a citizen

and a professional.

Sep 2000Jun 2001

high school

Mithlon secondary school for boys

Research achievements

2017: Published a book entitled: Introduction to Political Science and International Relations. Arab Democratic Center - Germany.


2017: Publication of a book entitled: Women parliamentarians under the quota system of parliamentary women. 
study the case of the Palestinian MP. Arab Democratic Center. Germany. 

22-2-2017:"the issue of refugees between the legal solution and the political reality- Palestinian and Syrian refugees .Sampl.democraticac arabic center for strategic politcal and economic studies. isuu no 1. Berlin

15-11-2016. "Jewish state declaration and its impact on the Palestinian political project: the right of return, self-determination, statehood. Magazine jil of political studies and international relations. No. 7. Lebanon.ISSN 2410-3926. 

*2016 VIII Scientific Conference "objective shifts in the Palestinian issue after the Oslo" Faculty of Arts Islamic University of Gaza

 Interjection title: the Palestinian- Israeli peace process between the solution and the Zionist settlement.

* 2015: The deployment of search arbitrator entitled "Sports and politics in the contemporary world," the magazine researcher Studies Academy, a quarterly magazine specializing in international court legal and political science - Fifth Issue - March 2015. 

*2015: Publication of an article: the title a fixed and variable in the Arab community. Telegraph Egyptian newspaper 30.06.2015 

*2012 Participation research entitled "Analysis of parliamentary performance of women parliamentarians in the Palestinian Legislative Council elected in 2006" at a conference of Palestinian women and reality and challenges and the future. Al-Quds Open University - Balou - 10-11 - / 9/2012.


Nov 2011Feb 2012

Project cycle management

Plan- Strategic Managment & Planning Consultants

Raise the level of administrative capacity and organizational factors

in the management of development projects.

Plan- Strategic Management & Planning Consultants), Ramallah-


Email: [email protected]

Jan 2012Feb 2012

ms- project

Center for Continuing Education-Quds Open University

AL-Quds open university ,Center for Continuing, Nablus, Palestine.

Email: [email protected]

Apr 2010May 2010

public relations

Center for Continuing Education

An- Najah National University, Continuing Education Center .Nablus Palestine.

Email: [email protected]


Build a cadre election

Central Elections Commission - Palestine

(Central Elections Commission - Palestine).

Al. B: 2319, beer - Balou - Building Palace Coral

Email: [email protected]


Identification of Agricultural Needs through Partnership

New vision- jinen – Palestine 3

Aug 2008Sep 2028


Academy of Al-Aqsa to float and Technology

Enumeration Cert.

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

Other achievements

Consultant at institut Euro-Arab . 

member advisory body Palestinian Initiatiue For Supporting Student.

Board member of the Thoroughbred Association for sustainable development and the media .

Assembly address, Ramallah and Al-Bireh - Beer City - MBC Building - first floor - phone 2967930-2-00970 


Arabic Language (My Native Language)

English Language (Second Language)

Computer Skills 

 I'm proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point. I'm very comfortable using these programs and have a lot of experience doing so. I'm interested in learning how to use any other programs as well.

 I'm very comfortable using computers and am confident in my ability to learn any new programs quickly.

Other Skills

Lead teams effectively and shows conflict resolution skills
Strong interest in women rights/ women empowerment
Ability Knowledge Management and Learning
Ability to plan and follow-up
The ability to build constructive relationships with others
The ability to work with the team
Ability to write detailed administrative reports.


prof.ayman yosef 


Dean Name Arts 

the Arab american university

mobile 0569317181

[email protected] 



head General Education

the Arab american university

mobile :0568204377

[email protected]

Dr. Saba'a Jarrar


General Education

the Arab american university


email. [email protected]