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·My Own Business:  CEO / Owner

Business Union for International Leadership and Development (BUILD)

-Training and Rehabilitation Human Resources -Making Training Courses (Inside & Outside Jordan) -Management Consulting and Companies Representation -Marketing (Advertising, Media and Every Thing) -Commercial Mediations and Commissions - Events Services, Management of Exhibitions and Conferences


  Work as Human Resources, Training Manager or a Suitable Administrative Departments in a Company that Appreciates Ambitions, Goals and Personal Capacity and Work on their Development, have Securable Job and Work in a Healthy Family Atmosphere that Contribute in the Development of Loyalty to the Company and the Continued Desire in Creativity, Development and Planning for the Benefits of the Company and the Employee.

Work experience

Dec 2010Present

CEO - Founder

(BUILD) Business Union for International Leadership & Development
Company Activities: - Preparation of Development Programs to Enhance the Role of Women and Youth in the Community. - Develop of Human Resources for the Leaders Preparation. - Making & Organizing Training Courses (Inside & Outside Jordan). - Business Solutions (Development, Strategies, Planning, Project Management, Operations & Projects Solutions). - Provide a Business Incubator for Entrepreneurs and Innovators. - Management and Recruitment Consulting. - Technical Consulting and Services. - Companies & Persons Representation. - Promotion & Marketing (Advertising, Media, PR and Communicate Solutions). - Commercial Mediations and Agencies. - Internet Services. - Management & Preparation of Exhibitions, Conferences and All Events.
Mar 2010Present

General Manager - Owner

Hammam Al-Sa'ad Foundation
The Activities: - Training and Rehabilitation the HR. - Training Courses (Inside & Outside Jordan). - Business Development. - Management Consulting. - Workforce Consulting and Services. - Technical Consulting and Services. - Marketing (Media & PR Solutions). - Events Services. - commissions.
Aug 2009May 2010

Executive Director

First Saudian Company

First Saudian Company for Investment Coordinating and Economic Consultants - (Recruiting & HR Development, Export & Import, Travel & Tourism, Real Estates, Economic Consultants & Investment Coordinating)

Establish and Business Develop the All Company Activities

Jan 2009Aug 2009

HR and Recruitment Supervisor

Future for Recruitment Company

Recruiting Company

All Internal and External Recruitment Procedures.

May 2005May 2008

Training, Development and Programs Manager - Public Relations Senior Manager and Chairman Office Manager

Jordanian Commission for Excellence & Development

Youth Works & Development

Training Courses Planning and Youth Projects Planning.

Managing all Chairman Works and Meetings. Making a Good Relation Between the Institute and the Other Governmental and Public Sectors.

Aug 2007Feb 2008

Human Resources Officer

Al-Baddad Holding

Al-Baddad International for Acquisition and Management of Company's (Al-Baddad Holding)

All Human Resources Procedures.

May 2003Jan 2007

Local Insurance Agent

Middle East Insurance Company

Life and Medical Insurance

Marketing and Selling all Life, Health and Personal Accidents Insurance Programs. Providing all Financial Consultants to Costumers for a Suitable Programs Selecting.

Feb 2001May 2003

Office Manager and Executive Secretary

Consultant Lawyer Abdel Naser S. Nassar Office

Law Office

Managing and Organizing all Lawyers Files, Works and Meetings.


Oct 2003Sep 2009


Jordan Applied University College of Hospitality and Tourism

Bachelor(BSc/BA), GPA 80.3%, Very Good