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Barbara Wynn

"During these past four years, Hayley has earned her place as a well-respected and integral member of our small team of three, serving over 400 employees in all aspects of our training and development department responsibilities.She is eager to accept new challenges, works diligently to improve with each project, manages her time admirably, conscientiously balances her workload, and is dependably consistent in all areas. I recommend Hayley Fast without reservation both personally and professionally as a woman of fine quality, intelligence and initiative."

Mary Gordon

"I feel Hayley possesses several qualities which would make her an excellent addition to most any team, including: A passion for writing. Hayley has a passion for writing and using her writing talents to help others. Organization: Hayley is an extremely organized individual. This has definitely contributed to her success in the projects I have worked with her on. She has the ability to see a goal and create a project plan to reach that goal. Balance: While the demands of college and a job can each be taxing, Hayley has done a good job of achieving balance. I have valued my working relationship with Hayley Fast since 2006. You would be very fortunate to have Hayley as part of your team!"




Innovation/Creative Thinking


Time/Project Management

CSI/Lean Thinking

Microsoft Office (2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 versions)

Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign


Work Experience:

Strategic Marketing Coordinator at Winona Health

August 2010 to Present

Winona, MN

Training Assistant at Merchants Bank

September 2006-December 2010

Winona, MN

Marketing Intern at Merchants Bank

May-August 2009

Winona, MN


Winona State University

Winona, MN

Major: English

Minor Mass Communications

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