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The majority of my interests allow me to exert my true creativity by allowing me to create my own personal touches through personal experiences. 

  • I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures and also taking part in cultural events such as La tomatina, a famous tomato fight near Valencia, Spain and the Camino De Santiago in Galicia, a pilgrimage to the cathedral of Santiago to raise money for make a wish foundation charity.
  • I have also expressed a keen interest in charity fundraising throughout many events. I have taken part in a Guildford walk for shooting star chase charity, the silver stone half marathon and the London marathon 2013.
  • I am developing my intermediate knowledge and understanding of the written and spoken spanish language.
  • I am a keen football fan and enjoy being active in a football mens sunday league team, where I have been nominated as captain. As well as taking part in many different sports for leisure and social benefits.
  • I am very interested in Architecture and especially in the theoretical translation process into a sculptural design concept. Focussed on interior architecture.
  • I am excited by the use of model making within designs and the visualising of concepts.


I am aiming to become a professional designer taking part in a wide range of projects through different disciplines and producing a strong influence on the design direction of individual concepts.

    I am excited about the prospects of taking on many different disciplines and roles within a design company to not only gain a vast range of knowledge, skills and experience, but also to gain an understanding of the entire design process.

    I would like to realise my potential in this industry and as such I am seeking any opportunities to gain experience within the creative design industry, assisted by the ability to learn quickly and display the passion required . 

Work experience

Oct 2004Present

General Assistant

Tesco Extra Supermarket

I work as a multi skilled general assistant with the capability to work in different areas of the shop with different members of staff.

    Good experience in dealing with customers and working in different teams as well as helping in areas to solve problems and work as efficiently as possible. 

    My record here shows that I am a reliable employee with a good attendance record and valued by my team.

Apr 2007Present

General Maintenance assistant

Fellbon Property

A second part time job in maintenance. Assisting with general maintenance of Sandhurst Lodge and its grounds. This involves any job tasks from painting and decorating through to grass cutting and putting up fencing.

This requires basic carpentry skills and the ability to complete tasks effectively.

Sep 2012Feb 2013

Assitant Technician

Kingston University

An initial 3 month contract working on inventory for the University which has recently been extended due to the success of my efforts.

    Tasks included surveying and drawing plans of the campus buildings and mapping out internal rooms across 4 main floors. In addition I had to identify and reference items in laboratories at the University to create an inventory database with referenced floor plans and locations package.

    I have developed and improved my existing knowledge of AutoCAD software as well as the use of Microsoft Visio. Alongside this I used many other programs such as Excel and internal systems showing a wide range of skills in adapting to different programs and company set routines.

    I had to work as an individual planning and organising my own tasks and time scales/deadlines to the initial brief I was given when planning and drawing up the buildings and contents which shows a lot of self organisation and time management ability.

Dec 2010May 2011

Junior Designer

Indigo concepts

A university arranged internship, attending a restaurant and bar interior design company for a minimum period of 10 weeks. Developing skills in AutoCad and producing working drawings for construction and site surveys amongst other design processes.

Throughout my time with them I dealt closely with clients and took on immediate changes during meetings for designs. I gained a wide range of experiences from this practice.

On completion of this internship I was offered a more permanent role, showing that my work was valued and that I am capable of taking the work on.

Dec 2009Dec 2009

Junior Designer

Steve Howie Ltd

University work experience program. Completing a small independant project whilst organising and managing all aspects of the brief task.

    In doing so I gained a knowledge of the industry and design and construction techniques put into practice.

Within the two week placement period I learnt AutoCAD from scratch and managed to complete an entire survey, drawing and modelling project whilst learning the program.

    The standard of work I produced was sufficient for the practice and speaks volumes for my ability to learn quickly in a short space of time effectively.


General Assistant

Balfour News Agents

Served customers first hand whilst managing and maintaining a clear shop front. This helped to improve my customer service skills and gain a knowledge of working in a team.


Bracknell Borough Council

Work Experience school program. Property maintenance and construction design. Developing a knowledge of construction techniques and materials whilst shadowing an employee.


Matt Cripps

Mr Cripps is a BA Honours Degree tutor and also holds tasks within the MA course. He has directly reviewed and critiqued my work. As one of three University tutors i have reported to him for the past two to three years.

Tricia Tresize-Dundas

Tricia Tresize-Dundas has overseen all of my work for Felbon property and has allowed me to develop and learn my new skills as an assistant to the permanent member of staff.

Toni Ghani

Mr Ghani started his own business and has built it up whilst developing young interns through the company. He has personally reviewed my portfolio and has overseen all of my work to date with the company.

Steve Howie

Mr Howie created a wide range of design experiences before building his own design practice. Working from Camberley the company have many specialised designs in nightclub, bar and restaurant designs as well as other cross over projects. He has personally reviewed my portfolio and has experienced my initial work experience first hand.

David Utton

David manages the engineering and construction departments of the university, and worked with me to develop a time scale and plan of action which I was then left to adjust myself




BA Honours degree

University for the Creative Arts

finalised the course and passed the degree with a 2:2


BTEC Diploma, Foundation Studies

University College for the Creative Arts

Completed the foundation study with a pass grade experiencing a wide range of creative disciplines as an exploratory stage.


A - levels

Sandhurst Sixth Form College

For the duration of the A-levels basic skills were generated for furthering qualifications.


GCSE Qualifications

Sandhurst Secondary School

Initial design directions were produced with a grade A achieved in Art and Design


Microsoft Visio
Used at my current job I have developed an extensive knowledge in a short space of time. Used to map out and plan drawings from surveys.
Digital Photography
Experience in research methods along with lighting and composing visual presentation photos
Drawing techniques
An extensive set of skills to develop design ideas and communicate concepts. All types of hand drawn technical drawings and perspective drawings as well as overlay techniques and site survey drawings
Model Making
Experience in techniques for visualising proposals on projects and producing presentation visuals. As well as creating sketch maquettes for quick idea generation and development purposes.
Computer literate
Computer literate in many programs such as MS Office (Windows, word excel etc), Apple software, and Sketch up as well as design software listed above such as Vectorworks, Auto CAD and Microsoft Visio.
Auto CAD
Used whilst on a 2 week work experience placement from induction training through to a full range individual project creating a Technical drawing package along with renders for planning application proposals. The teacher of the software was surprised by the speed and process undertaken in which the software was learnt successfully. I have also been using Auto CAD on a daily basis at my current job and have developed a strong knowledge of the software.
A brief but intensive discovery of the software used on occasions during the 3rd year of University work for presentation visualisations.
Extensive and confident experience in the use of Vectorworks on various projects throughout the 3 year University degree ranging from Technical drawings to 3D models and Visualisation Renders.
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop skills include extensive visualisation work and presentation work for the duration of foundation and University courses as well as an introduction during Sixth Form. image editing and manipulation