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Work experience

Oct 2010Present


CNN International

Following from the internship I was hired as a freelance camera man to fill in for any of the cameramen at any day of the week.

- Responsible for the operations and functions of the studio cameras during live broadcasts

- Performed video conversions to and from multiple formats

- Kept up to date off air checks for all shows broadcast from the the Hong Kong bureau


Sep 2010Oct 2010


CNN International

  • A six week training program to provide experience into live news production and broadcasting.
  • Tasks included:
  • Observing directors during live programming, 
  • Preparing audio and communications links
  • Operating studio cameras for news shows 
  • Clipping archive footage
  • Updating the library database
  • Additional to the above tasks, I was given the chance to re-edit my own cut of a recently aired TalkAsia show featuring musical guest Usher as the feature for the show.
Dec 2008Aug 2010

Assistant Manager

The CannyMan

  • Shifted from a cocktail bar to a Scotch malt whiskey bar
  • Learned of the different types of single malt whiskey from all parts of Scotland
  • Located in The Guang Dong Wharney hotel a more exquisite manner of operation was applied while working in this bar in comparison to my previous employment.
  • This new position provided me with more responsibilities during work such as cashing out and also being the only person behind the bar most nights meant I took in my own initiative to provide professional service.
  • Gained new responsibilities such as stock ordering and counting and rnning the bar when the manager was on leave.
Apr 2010Jun 2010


90 Degrees at Carlton

  • A part-time job in Southampton after completing my university study I found a bartending job outside of Hong Kong. 
  • Learned about a different system to bartending in another country
  • Expereinced a different culture in the nightlife between Asia and Europe
Oct 2008Jan 2009


Solent Productions

  • Solent Productions worked alongside with the Mary Rose Trust to produce short profiles about the scuba divers who excavated Henry VIII's flagship the Mary Rose.
  • Was asked to interview the divers and to produce a short profile of the retired divers about their moments during the excavation.
  • Worked with two colleagues to document two of the divers who took part in the first dive to search for the Mary Rose wreck.
Dec 2007Sep 2008

Junior Bartender

Heat Bar

-  Educated in use of the micros system and Pointsoft EPOS software-  Junior bartender working at a club in a prime clubbing location in Hong Kong-  Responsible for serving beverages of any sort and restocking supply-  Gained knowledge in creation of cocktails such as mojitos, cosmopolitans and piña coladas-  Very social working environment allowed me to make friends with customers and also work colleagues.-  This position improved my skills in discipline and determination as some nights of work were very stressful due to special events.  This also helped me learn how to work through high stress situations and control myself from snapping at people due to working in the service industry-  Basic knowledge in bar flairing.

Jul 2007Aug 2007

Dog Caretaker

Hong Kong Dog Rescue

-  Involved in cleaning, feeding, medicating abandoned dogs-  Also I had the responsibility to help visitors adopt any dog which enhanced my customer service experience-  Social working environment provided experience in socializing well with volunteers and visitors in a professional and personal manner

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Personal Assistant / Delivery Boy

Ocean Brand Ltd

-  Hired by owner of private oyster distribution business to perform any duties instructed-  Gained experience in fields of shellfish delivery and packing.-  Responsible for administrative duties such as processing orders and filing-  Also was responsible for performing any personal duties required.

Aug 2006May 2007

Substitute Native English Tutor

Ample Intruction Co Ltd

•Stood in for teachers around Hong Kong teaching local toddlers English

•Called in to work when matters were urgent

•Strong customer service skills: Handling requests and queries from parents in a polite and decent manner


Sep 2007Jul 2010

(BA)Hons Television and Video Production

Southampton Solent University
Sep 2005Jul 2007

IB Diploma

Sha Tin College Hong Kong

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is for students aged 16 to 19 is a demanding two-year curriculum leading to final examinations and a qualification that is welcomed by leading universities around the world. This involved studying 6 different subjects at an advanced level that would move on to a university education.

The six subjects I chose to study are as follows:

- English Literature

- Mathematics

- Spanish

- Physics

- Information Technology in a Global Society

- Film Studies

Sep 2003Jul 2005


Sha Tin College Hong Kong

Attained 10 GCSEs in various subjects:

- Information Technology

- Mathematics

- Science (Double Award)

- English Language

- English Literature

- Spanish

- History

- Business Studies

- Physical Education


Graphic and Web Design
AS a hobby outside of study I enjoy making graphic art using Adobe Photoshop. However as part of my study I have learned to create basic websites.
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is the standard application for business and personal document production. Through secondary school I have learned how to use the most commonly used applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. On top of that I also developed advanced skill sin use of Microsoft Access, for database creation.
Final Cut Studio Editing
Final Cut Pro is the industry standard editing software for film/video editing. I started using Final Cut at an early age as a hobby and further developed my skills as soon as I entered university. The main purpose of my use of Final Cut is for editing short films, documentaries and television segments in units I have studied throughout university.


My objective is to work in the television industry as a producer in live TV programming. I love working under pressure as it gives me a very ecstatic thrill and this adds greatly to my performance. Before accomplishing the pre stated long term goal, I want to embrace all the aspects of live broadcasting from the technical operations to writing


•  Graduate from Southampton Solent University

•  Advanced skills in Final Cut Editing

•Advanced skills in Information Technology both Macintosh and PCs

•  Highly experienced with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Databases and PowerPoint)

•Great quality skills in customer relations and service from previous experience i.e. Working as a bartender and serving customers drinks and talking to them providing excellent customer service with professional manner 


Michelle Price

Operations Director, The White Stag,

54-62 Lockhart Road,

Wan Chai

Hong Kong

Tel: 25280997

e-mail: [email protected]


Watching Television - Despite it being fairly lazy, I do enjoy watching television as it provides me with access to information from around the world and also it is a primary source for my entertainment. 

Rugby - I played rugby for my high school in Hong Kong as a lock.In 2005/6 our team came third place in the inter-school league.Playing in the ruby team has built up my self-confidence as well as learning to work together as a team. Outside of school I have played for the Twisters youth rugby team and competed in the 2nd division youth league in Hong Kong.

Hockey - I participated in the Hong Kong Men’s League 5th division playing for the Police Hockey Club. Specialized playing as a left defender. As well as this i am also the cofounder and vice-captain of the first boys hockey team in my high school.Playing hockey has allowed me to develop my tactical thinking during pressure as well as leadership.

Flairtending - As a side hobby I also enjoy flairtending. This is a form of bartending where a bartender would make a performance out of creating a drink. It mainly involves bottle juggling and twirling. I have basic knowledge of flairtending and basic skill.