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Work experience

May 2005Dec 2008

Regional Network Manager

AAR International/AAR Corp

Industry: Aviation

 Design and Implementation of Advanced Applications for Aerospace Manufacturing. Applications include Job Card, BOM, Time and Resource Tracking, and Report Generation, in Ruby On Rails. Database Conversion and Database Integration, Connecting legacy and new generation applications together using Ruby and Migrations. Presentations to key customers on IT, and Integration with key accounts IT systems. Management, Installation, Design, Implementation of multi-national communication network covering data/voice using VOIP. Network Management application in Ruby on Rails. Development of pdf2ruby plugin for the conversion of pdf forms into Ruby Code.

Feb 2004May 2005


NexG Systems Pte Ltd

Industry: Telecommunications/Wireless

Design of System Software using Linux and Open Source Tools for Wireless Radios. Linux Kernel Generation, Cross-Compilation tool chains. Creation of a Management Appliation for distributed wireless networks in PHP. Design of a MRP application for factory floor.

Apr 2003Feb 2004

Vice President, Product Development

SmartBridges Pte Ltd

Industry: Telecommunications/Wireless

Design of network and asset tracking system. Design of a custom cgi plugin to ease the intergration of SNMP into network mangement web sites.

May 2002Apr 2003

Senior Consultant

Secure Devices

Industry: IT- Hardware

IT Consulting. Focused on mobile computing, tablet pc applications, configuration setup and design. Research and Development of EPONS technology and components, and MESH Networking Technology. Leverage Windows Linux technology to mobility.

Oct 2000Apr 2002

Founder/CTO,VP Engineering

NanoStorage Pte Ltd

Industry: IT- Semiconductor/Storage

      Design of system software for MEMs based storage device. Design of test and factory automation software. Management of 3 software team members and 3 hardware team members.

Jan 1999Sep 2000

Acting Director, and Deputy Director Infocomm Lab

Kent Ridge Digital Labs

Industry: IT- Software Systems & Design

Created new strategic research direction - merging hardware and software methodologies. Promoted after first 9 months. Marketing and Sales of Lab research programs to outside partners/customers. Design of a Java VM, and translation into VHDL. Design and participated in the design of a Java p-code Linker

Jan 1993Dec 1998

Executive Vice President,R+D

Celerity Systems Inc

Designed and created over 12 major products

Extensive system integration experience. Lead early marketing and sales efforts in domestic and international markets Formed separate R&D area to allow for faster development Large scale, multi-national project management in countries such as Korea, Israel, Taiwan, and China. Product areas include: Storage Management, xDSL, T1/E1 Interconnects, Real Time Systems,Internet Appliances, Set-Top Boxes, DSLAM, and ATM switching. Responsible for Sales and Marketing to Strategic Accounts. Design of Realtime streaming software, using Linux. Linux OS BringUP. Set Top Box Bios creation. Set Top Box(Linux) based browser porting.

Apr 1987Dec 1993

Director - Special Projects

Data Research and App, Inc

Industry: IT- Software Systems & Design

Introduced and launched several new products for the company. Took company from a loss of $200K to generating $1,000K per quarter. Implemented rapid product development cycle to match market. Introduced company to hardware design and system integration. Product areas included Data Communications, Internet Technology, and High Speed Interconnects. Market and sales to banking and brokerage accounts. International Account Management. Design and Implementation of Netbios based trading system.

Jun 1984Mar 1987

Senior Analyst, Senior Designer

Newman & Associates

Industry: IT- Software Systems & Design

Development of JAVA like p-code environment

Design of transaction based, fault tolerant subscriber system on Stratus Fault-Tolerate Computers. Developed a advanced compression, and communications methodology to increase thruput in telecomunications networks. Developed a advanced data-mining system to reduce runtimes from 30 days to 48 hours on quarterly updates. Development of a Java-Like p-code system on Windows/PC platform for handling large-scale systems.

Apr 1980May 1984

Systems Analyst

Procomm Inc.

Industry: IT- Software Systems & Design/Medical

Development of Medical Laboratory automation system. Marketing and Sales of medical office automation system to regional doctors and hospitals. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support. Customer presentations and Training.

Additional Information

Citizenship: US Citizen, Singapore PR


To change the world with technology and innovation.

Tools,Technologies and Skills

Computer Languages: Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Python, VB, PHP, C++, C, Java, Assembler, Pascal, PL/1, Cobol, RPG, Fortran, Verilog, VHDL

Environments: Windows(All Versions), Linux(Multiple), Unix,AIX, Solaris, VxWorks, VmWare, IOS

Equipment: Cisco - Switches, Routers, Call Managers, Unity Voice Mail, Voip

Interfaces: Ethernet(10/100/1G - Copper and Fiber), PRI,T1, E1, T3/DS3/E3, V.35


Databases: Design and Implementation - Oracle(Version 1 - 11), MySQL, SyBase, SQL Server, Unify, sqlite3, dBase/FoxPro, Firebird

Applications: Inventory(Design and Implementation), Asset Tracking, Network Management, Time and Resource Tracking, Accounting(Design,Installation,Training), Test Cell Automation, Factory Test Automation and Reporting

CAD: ProE, Catia, Protel, Altium

Management: 1-100 Staff, C-Level, Board Level Participation, and Reporting.

Office: PowerPoint,Excel, and Word

Skills: Excellent Presenter

Ruby Skills: Security, Menu's, Database Conversion, gem creation, pdf creation, pdf to ruby conversion, workflow, email driven approval process. WMI Scripting, Web Screen Scraping, AGILE, SCRUM

Rails: Web based application development

1.  Network Management

2.  Asset Tracking

3.  Regional MRO Sofware Management

4.  BOM and Job Card Management

5.  Travel Management

6.  Workflow

7.  MRP

8.  Time and Hours Tracking

Hobbies: Hardware Design


Jun 1983Present

Associates of Science Degree, Data Processing

Graduated with High Honors