George Walton

George Walton

Work experience

Work experience
May 2008 - Aug 2008

Engineering Intern

Goulston Technologies

This was a summer internship.  My responsibilities included creating process and instrumentation drawings in order to streamline the chemical manufacturing process.  I also performed minor maintenance and repair work.

May 2007 - Aug 2007

Engineering Intern

Goulston Technologies

I was hired for this position as an intern for the summer.  I worked with organizing material safety data sheets in order to make them more accesible to employees as well as to inspectors.  I also worked on creating documents with collected information about chemical process equipment.

Jun 2005 - Jul 2005

Research Intern

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

I worked as a researcher in a chemistry lab through the Summer Program for Research Interns sponsored by the South Carolina Academy of Science.  I worked with molecular modeling software to research how current bond length data compares to calculations done before the use of computers.


Aug 2006 - Present

Bachelor of Arts

Clemson University

Clemson's architecture program results in a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree.  The cirriculum focused on methods and materials of construction, study of site issues, and the issues regarding spatial arrangement of a structure.  Here I gained experience in a good deal of design software, as well as graphical presentation techniques.



Google SketchUp

Adobe Creative Suite

Microsoft Office

Rhino 3D

Autodesk Revit



“Metal Ion Selectivity produced by C-alkyl Substituents on the Bridges of Chelating Ligands: The importance of short H--H non-bonded van der Waals contacts in controlling metal ion selectivity. A Thermodynamic, Molecular Mechanics, and Crystallographic Study.”  Robert D. Hancock, Alvaro S. de Sousa, George B. Walton, and Joseph H. Reibenspies.

Honors and Awards

SuperCrit, 2007, Honorable Mention

  • University sponsored sustainable design competition.

South Carolina Palmetto Fellows, 2006

  • Highest award given by the South Carolina Education Lottery for academic excellence.


I am an undergraduate Architecture student at Clemson University.

My skills include:

  • 3D modeling
  • Drafting
  • Computer Rendering
  • Graphic Design