Amanda Metternich

Amanda Metternich

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2009 - Present


DePauw Information Technology Associates Program

The Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) is one of the five programs of distinction offered at DePauw University. It's purpose is to provide students with hands-on technology experience in a variety of different fields. As a first year ITAP apprentice, I am receiving the opportunity to participate in four six-week rotations in which I am focusing specifically in the areas of audio recording services, multimedia design and development, digital video, and computer service and support. In my second, third, and fourth years of ITAP membership, I will become an associate. As an associate, I will able to complete a one year long on-campus internship, participate in an off-campus internship, and work on more advanced technology projects on campus.

Dec 2008 - Aug 2009


M. Mogger's Restaurant

M. Mogger's restaurant occupies the building of the seventh largest brewery in the country. Although it is no longer an actual brewery, the restaurant still provides a historic atmosphere in which it displays antique brewing equipment, vintage signs, and original infrastructure. The restaurant was named after Matthias Mogger, who was a German immigrant and pioneer of early brewing. Because of Mogger's unique background, live entertainment, and great food, I decided it would be a great place to work part time. My job as hostess was to greet and seat customers, run food for the staff, make sure tables were clean, and to just keep everything stocked and in order.

Jan 2007 - Aug 2008


Riley Snack Shack

As a little kid, my favorite place to go get ice cream from was the Riley Snack Shack. It was always a real treat when my parents said that I had been good enough to deserve one of their famous flurries. My memories of the Snack Shack not only include the fantastic ice cream, but also their jumbo tenderloins, hand-battered onion rings, and Larry's legendary pizza. I knew that when I was old enough I wanted to work at this place that brought me so much happiness as a child. After becoming employed at the Snack Shack, my responsibilities included making ice cream, running the cash register, cleaning, making sure everything was in stock, and waiting on tables. As I became more familiar with the restaurant and more employees were hired, I moved on to be a cook in which I learned all the safety precautions that must be taken when working with food, how to prep food, how to filet and fry the most popular jumbo tenderloins, and how to make every single item that we served on our menu.


Aug 2009 - Present

DePauw University

Intended Minor: Anthropology

  • 2009-2010 GPA: 4.0
  • 2009 Dean's List



Microsoft Office

I have been using Microsoft Office throughout high school, and I am currently using it for school assignments. I am able to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access in order to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases.

Adobe Flash

I used Adobe Flash in order to create an animation that went into my website.

Adobe Photoshop

I used Adobe Photoshop when creating my personal website. I used it to create a banner and edit the pictures that I put on my website.

Adobe Dreamweaver

I recently used Adobe Dreamweaver to create my own personal website. The link to this website is

Audio Recording and Editing

I spent 6 weeks working in the audio recording studio at DePauw University with Recording Arts Specialist, Matthew Champagne. I learned how to properly set up a microphone, record live recitals, edit a musical piece in Pro Tools, and burn the finished product onto a CD.