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To obtain a rewarding and progressive position with a forward thinking transportation/logistics employer.


Highly motivated, flexible, and innovative operations manager with over nine years of experience in logistical planning, scheduling, and management within the railroad industry.

Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Manager of Terminal Operations

Union Pacific Railroad
Actively oversee the daily operations of train movements in and around Union Pacific's South Bay Area operations network. Effectively manage time sensitive cargo and train movements. Frequently reported to senior level management on performance based measures and quantative measure of success and on time performance. Dynamic assets utilizations in upwards of $35 million worth of inventory, in regards to crews, rolling stock and locomotives and track. Logistical planning and leadership of over 250 square miles of railroad network. Used root cause analysis to eliminate safety issues and improve efficiency. Directly coached and mentored three direct reports. Strategically revived customer's satisfaction in on time railroad service; the use of innovative processes; which in turn raised the monthly customer satisfaction scorecard from a dismal 87% on time to 99.8%. Strategically developed a Safety Action Plan using historical derailment and personal injury data, and implemented it January 01, 2009. The result was a 55% reduction in Human Factor derailments and a 25% reduction in Personal injuries on my assigned territory. Sharpened and honed my analytical and organizational skills through the daily activities associated with the job, as well as several key projects that were rolled out through the course of 2008 to improve terminal working conditions and employee morale. Served as the Union Pacific's South Bay Area Safety Team Captain in 2007/2008 and again in 2008/2009. Recipient of Union Pacific's "Golden Spike Award" in 2008 for outstanding customer service relating to
Jun 2004Apr 2007

Manager of Yard Operations

Effectively managed the logistics of rail yard and mainline operations, including crew utilization, asset management, including cars and locomotives. Administered quality efficiency testing events on railroad personal to ensure compliance with state and federal safety regulations. Used quantative data analysis to eliminate variable factor in the work place, thus making a safer work environment. Risk analysis.
Jan 2001Jun 2004


Union Pacific Railroad
Safely and efficiently coordinated the movement of time sensitive freight trains over the Union Pacific Railroad network.


Jacob Park

Mike Gillson

Charles Hurtt




California State University-Chico
Sep 1996Jun 1997


Sierra College


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