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Operations Management
Managing 3 shifts of operations, with hardware including mainframe, iSeries, server farm, voice and data circuits connected to 2 domestic offices, 3 international offices, covering all time zones, including field sales representatives, and 200,000+ customers.
People Management
Managing the void between the business and technology is where I do my best work. The terminology, "Align technology to the business" is easy to say, and much more difficult to actually achieve. With the proper blend of personality, techno-savvy, business acumen, psychology, common sense and economics, the balance is struck and work gets done. Focusing the I.S. department to the mantra, "I.S. Is Service" maintains the perspective that as a service and support department, our job consists of maintaining the day to day availability while also creating reality from the dreams and needs of the business. Of course, this must be done at the right price point.  
Strategic Planning
Continual monitoring and metrics for capacity, performance, availability, quality service, along with visonary planning of technological advancements to drive revenue through increasing profits or reducing expense.  
Compliance with internal, external audit activities, including SOx, business continuity, disaster recovery, state and federal regulatory examinations, client inquisitions, covering domestic and international fronts. SLA levels were also in scope for cross functional internal activities and associated vendors.
Project Management
Ultimate responsibility for all Projects from proposals to implementations. Developed ISP ( I.S. Projects ) system to accept proposed projects, identify stakeholders, create time and cost estimates, assign technology staff, and fully communicate with all interested parties as the project progressed through the SDLC.  
Application SDLC
Application design specifications used in development of back office system, client facing systems, and integrations which involved multiple hardware platforms,  operating systems, vendors and 3rd party ASP.


My family, technology, people, music.