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Work experience


Chief Operating Officer

Lakeside Comprehensive Healthcare



BS and Masters

California State University Northridge


Erich Mounce brings a wealth of experience to his work as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Lakeside Comprehensive Healthcare in Glendale, California. For nearly two decades, Erich Mounce has reduced costs and improved patient care in health care facilities in California and Washington, D.C. A veteran field paramedic, Erich Mounce has also held executive-level positions at California medical corporations like Envision Hospital Corporation and its predecessors. In addition, Erich Mounce has served as Vice President of Corporate Development and Marketing for Medco Associates and as Interim Chief Executive Officer for Michael Reese Medical Center. In the latter role, Erich Mounce was involved in the first privatization efforts for county and district health care providers. Outside the office, Erich Mounce stays active by pursuing snow skiing and sailing. Erich Mounce is also a member of the Healthy Communities Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors of A former Los Angeles City Fire Department paramedic, Erich Mounce was honored with a Los Angeles Community Protectors Award.


Snow Skiing, Sailing


Healthy Communities Foundation, St Mary's Food Bank, TAPS