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My Profile

My Executive Career has a cohesive experience in management of FMCG and OTC's from 500 fortune companies, built it through leading Marketing, Sales and Trade Marketing operations and strengthened through collaborating as key marketing member in regional and global projects.

My contributions have been imperatives to the business growth, demonstrating strategic ability to deliver consistently revenues and profits above the target, establishing innovation procedures and developing talent.


Spanish 100% (Native) / English: Fluent (TOEIC Score: 890 points).

Executive Education

Efficient Consumer Response -Pfizer (Mexico, City)              2003

Effective Coaching Process -Pfizer(Cambodia)                        2002

Developing Advertising - Unilever(Cuernavaca, Morelos)      1997

Sales & communications - P&G (Mexico, City)                          1991

My Objective

My goal is to continue building my professional career within a multinational company, collaborating actively in the achievement of the organization objectives, by contributing with my management skills, creativity and capitalizing my entrepreneur experience.

Work experience

Earlier Professional Experiences 1991 -1998


1997 - 1998 – Pharmacia - Sr. Brand Manager (Dramamine, Kaopectate, Regaine & Nicorette).

1995 - 1997 – Unilever - Brand Manager / Jr. Brand Manager (Patrick’s, Brut, AXE and Lux soap).

1992 - 1995 – Quaker Oats - Assistant Brand Manager / Marketing Trainee (Quaker Instant and Capitan Crunch).

1991 - 1992 – Procter & Gamble - Scholarship Program in sales and professional relationships (Crest, Choco Milk and Vick’s line).

Sr. Brand Manager 1998 – 2001

Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Health Care

On charge of Bisolvon, Mucosolvan and Lonol brands, worth $33.0 MM USD in revenues.

1.  Developed and Implemented the Upper Respiratory Strategy.

·Designed and Implemented the Cough and Cold Tour to enhance the approach with pharmaceutical clerks, increasing 30% the inventory levels and 50% in recommendations on Self Service Stores and Chain Drugstores, resulting in 16% of incremental sales vs. PY.

·Developed and implemented the New Advertising Campaign and New Packaging Design for Bisolvon, by working closely with market research heads and obtaining the approval from the Global Board in Germany. Both projects became the guideline for the LA region.

·Increased the Bisolvon’s market share in +4%, becoming the leading brand in the market in 2000, with 18% in value.

2.  Co-led Mucosolvan switch from Rx into the OTX’s arena.

Developed and Implemented Mucosolvan Launch strategy with sales above $12.0 MM USD during the first year and a growth of 9% vs. PY (3 points above the category). The process became the standard for the organization winning Las Americas Award in 1999.

Marketing Group Manager 2001 - 2006

Pfizer Consumer Health Care

Responsible of Schick razor blades, OTC’s and New Product Development, Turnover $73.0 MM USD, 75% of the company profits and 60% of the annual revenues.

1.  Led the team to speed the process of launching New Products (Lubriderm Firm and Listerine DDE).

·Generating $2.3 and $1.8 MM USD of additional sales, both products were fast tracked and launched 3 months in advance due to a close team effort with supply chain and manufacturing.

·The communication strategy developed by the team delivered 2 TVC’s, which were rated above the norm in Recall, Brand Linkage and Purchase Intent according with the Pfizer’s standards.

2.  Developed and implemented the Schick Razor Blades strategy in Mexico.

·Increased the brand profitability from -6% to 10% in one year by implementing a depth analysis of trade marketing investments and redefining the go to market strategy.

·Led the strategy of Launching Schick Xtreme3, with 3.0 MM USD in incremental sales and 2 additional points of market share to reach a total of 8% in value.

3.  Design and Led the strategy to face the restrictions from Board of Health over the main cold active ingredient (PSE), focused on securing Pfizer’s revenues and profits.

·Led regulatory affairs team, achieving the commitment and support from the Board of Health, in 2 imperative actions: Reduce the importation of PSE’s shipments gradually and Speed the approval of new substitute formulations (PE).

·Developed and Launched 3 new cold products in a time record of 8 months, by leading a multifunctional team, delivering sales +8% above the original plan, while supported the company’s profit with an additional $8.7 MM USD.

·Led the Development of Reactine and Sinutab Brands launch’s strategy generating a business net sales of $8.0 MM USD (+10% above the annual target) – Both projects wererated as Excellence in Execution by the organization.

·Developed the OTC´s Price Strategy by channel based on a Fact Based Selling method, aligning discounts and trade terms, resulting in annual savings of 10% from trade marketing budget.

Marketing Manager 2007 – 2009

Johnson & Johnson Consumer (Pfizer CHC) 2001 - 2009

Direct responsible of the OTC’s Business Unit. Turnover $83.5 MM USD, that represents 41% of total company revenues and 60% of the profits.

1.  Built and Led the Commercial Strategy (Sales & Marketing Plans), delivering P&L targets.

·Developed and implemented the OTC’s National Sales Force with 55 reps (including field operation strategy, structure, training process, trade marketing activities and the application of technological tools to increase the visit’s profitability) focused on Self Service Stores and Chain Drugstores; generating incremental sales of $3.5 MM USD and increasing distribution levels by 110% in 4 months, resulting on an 80% of weighted distribution at national level.

·Led the development and implementation of Seasonal Marketing Plans with top 10 customers which represented 70% of revenues, achieving +10% of growth on base business vs. previous year, resulting in +4% of profits above the target; (Benadryl, Actifed, Sinutab and Reactine in Cold Season & Kaopectate Lomotil and Dramamine in Summertime); rated as Excellence in Execution by the organization.

2.  Designed and led the Integration Strategy of J&J OTC’s business, worth $22.0 MM USD (Tylenol, Motrin & Triatop).

·Developed and implemented the Marketing Plan and BTL strategies to support the Tylenol’s launch into the consumer market, achieving sales above $17 MM USD (+16% VYA) and increasing market share in 2 points to reach 10%.

·Led and coordinated an intercompany team, focused on sustains the business performance and secures the continuity of the operation, achieving double digit growth of +22% in sales during the first year.

3.  Designed and Established the Innovation Funnel Process, strengthening the OTC’s portfolio by delivering a pipeline worth $210 MM USD to the next 5 years.

·Generated 19 new initiatives among new products, acquisitions, and line extensions, by analyzing market trends and testing the concepts developed under innovative market research tools (Brainstorms, Snapshots & Bases).

·Developed New Claims based on consumer insights and medical evidence, (ie. Non drowsy to Reactine and the most recommended formula by physicians to Sinutab).

·Created and led a solid multi-functional team integrated by Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Finance, Sales, Advertising and Research Agencies. Encouraging them to foster innovation across their areas of expertise (practices and processes).

4.  Built and Led a High Performance Team retaining and developing key talent during the integration with J&J.

·Responsible of a team structured by 14 marketing members (2 Group Managers), plus 55 sales reps.

·Established the talent attraction process of OTC’s business unit, through the implementation of an innovative recruitment model, becoming in an important source of talent for the organization.

·Encouraged the team to foster best practices, providing professional couching and valuable feedback. After 2 years 90% of the team members were promoted inside the organization.

5.  Responsible of company’s media budget control worth $50.0 MM USD; developed the business model to work with the media agency, resulting in savings up to 10% (Lubriderm, Listerine, Johnson’s Baby, Tylenol and OTC’s line).

6.  Responsible of the Professional Relationship Program, sponsoring KOL and participating in congresses and seminars, resulting in a value added to the business performance (Reactine, Nicorette, Sinutab, Tylenol and Johnson’s Baby line).

Commercial Director & Partner 2009 – 2011

DAP Latinoamerica

Seized and Revamped Trade Marketing activities, translating the knowhow acquired into benefits for clients with savings up to 10% (Annual sales of $270 K USD and an interesting client portfolio).

·      Consolidate and increased my trade marketing skills, through working directly with sales reps, promoters, demo-girls, and handling exhibition materials; enriching my knowhow directly from the point of sale.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

·      The main activities are the management of outsourcing sales force, the development of technology applications to enhance the consumer experience at the point of purchase and maximizing the client’s investment.<o:p></o:p>



Bachelor degree in Marketing

Technological University of México - 1989 - 1993

Leadership and Management Skills

ITESM - CCM - 2000

Currently Accepted for MBA - Sep 2011