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President and CEO at Maya Gold & Silver, Guy Goulet is a professional in the international field of mining. The company has owned and operated mines around the world since its inception in 2007. Since joining the company in 2007, he has successfully led it into a profitable period of expansion and growth within the industry. In addition to his years of working at Maya Gold & Silver, he has served as a director on the boards of many other mining companies including those that are privately owned as well as publicly owned. He earned his engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, which is known for its excellent engineering department. The Canadian native makes his home in Montreal, Canada and still finds time to go jogging in his free time.

Company Mining Goals

The goal of Maya Gold & Silver Inc is to help build viable mines throughout the world while supporting an economy that is sustainable. It generates profits for its shareholders with expansion and acquisitions and by developing successful exploration programs. Between all of the company's officers and directors, they have opened and operated eleven different mines around the world. After its incorporation in accordance with the Canadian Business Corporations Act in 2007, it was listed on the TSC Venture Exchange and conducted an initial offering to the public.

Acquisitions in the Mining Industry

Maya Gold & Silver first became involved in the Moroccan mining industry in 2009 when it bought a ten percent interest in Amizmiz mine located in the region between Marrakech and the Atlantic Ocean.  A year later it bought 100% of all rights connected to Amizmiz from a private Moroccan holding company. In 2011 it fully acquired the Azegour Mine, which is located near the Amizmiz Mine and is a producer of copper, molybdenum and tungsten. In the same year it acquired property and Mining Permit #233263, located in a vital mining district of the Anti-Atlas mountains and is home to the tenth largest silver mine, the Imiter Mine. Currently, negotiations are underway to acquire 85% of the Zgounder Mine, a silver deposit. In addition to its holdings in Morocco, Maya Gold & Silver has also owned stakes in mining concessions located in Mexico, including the La Campana property that is situated in Durango.

Moroccan Stability

Morocco is strategically located and enjoys a strong infrastructure along with a stable working environment. There is ample opportunity for growth and expansion and it is considered to be the most European of all African nations. It boasts a stable monarchy and gives a substantial break on taxes of mining projects for five years as well as a 50% discount on the tax rate of miners who export. Morocco also produces hydroelectric energy, thermal coal and phosphates.

Previous Business Experience

From 2000 to 2008 Guy Goulet worked at H20 Innovation as Chairman of the Board and CEO. The company creates water treatment solutions for the international community that support clean technologies as well as sustainable development. 


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