Guy Kemp, a California native and radio host, possesses more than three decades of radio experience and has used diverse formats of mass media extensively throughout his professional career. In 1978, Guy Kemp began his first radio job working nights at the KONO radio station in San Antonio. His enthusiastic presence has since been a component of various stations through the years, including KWST and KNAC in the early 1980s, KLAC and KMPC-FM in the mid-to-late 1980s, and WTKS-FM in the 1990s. As a pioneer of what he calls “combative” radio, Guy Kemp has been likened to Howard Stern's “evil twin.” Most recently, he has hosted the Talk American Radio Network program “Computerdaze,” which strives to inform listeners about topics such as technology and the Internet. Aside from his long-lived radio career and several roles and appearances in movies and television shows such as The Addams Family and Nightline, Guy Kemp has several other accomplishments under his belt. Kemp has triumphed against cancer, and he has written the autobiographical novel Model Dad about his adventures in the fashion world with his daughter, a model.Aside from his work with radio and other media, Guy Kemp has many diverse interests. He enjoys a number of sports, including baseball, boating, and water skiing. Baseball is especially relevant to Kemp's life: he played baseball in his youth, and he now serves as coach of a little league team in California. Furthermore, Guy Kemp has always wanted to own a hot dog stand, a goal that he achieved in 2004.

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Work experience
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