Gustavo Martin

Gustavo Martin

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 1972 - Present


Universidad Central de Venezuela

Professor and researcher (under-graduated and graduated level): Social and Cultural Anthropology, Kindship, Anthropology and  economics,  Political anthropology, Anthropology of Magic and Religion, Methodology, Cultural Psychiatry, Structuralism, Epistemological and Methodological problems in Social Sciences.

Sep 2003 - Jun 2006


Universidad de Salamanca

Professor of Political Anthropology at Graduated Level.

Sep 1997 - Jun 2003


Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón

Professor of Art and Anthropology and  several Seminars about Structuralism, Merleau-Ponty philosophy, etc.

Feb 1994 - Jun 2003

Director of Studies

Areté S.A.

Director of  Studies and  President. Public opinion and marketing research in several Latin-American countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá, Haiti, Aruba and Dominican Republic).

Sep 2001 - Jul 2002

Academic Vice Rector

Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt

In charge of all the academical  problems of the University.

Apr 1999 - Jun 2000


Centro Latinoamericano y del Caribe para el Desarrollo Cultural (CLACDEC).

The Latin-American and Caribbean Center for Cultural Development (CLACDEC) is an educational Institution in charge of formation of cultural workers from all Latin-American and Caribbean countries. The center also make research concerning some cultural problems and areas.

Sep 1997 - Jul 1998


Universidad Simón Bolívar

Professor  and Researcher of Social Sciences.

Sep 1995 - Feb 1997

Chairman of the Department of Theory and Methods

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Chairman of the charge of  developing  new methodological and theoretical strategies for social sciences.

Jul 1996 - Dec 1996

Invited Professor.

University of Cambridge

Invited professor in the Department of Anthropology and the Center of Latin-american Studies.

Mar 1994 - Jul 1995

Director of Graduated Studies

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Director of Graduated Studies in the Field of Social Sciences and Economics.

Sep 1991 - Jul 1993

Invited Professor and Associated Researcher.

University of California at Berkeley

Professor of Introduction to General Anthropology and Researcher in a Project about Epistemological Problems in Social Sciences.

Oct 1984 - Jun 1991

Director of Studies and Partner.

Consultores 21 S.A.

Director of  Studies and  Partner. Public opinion and marketing research in several Latin-American countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá, Haiti, Aruba and Dominican Republic).

Sep 1989 - Jun 1991

Chairman of the Department of Social andCultural Anthropology

Universidad Central de Venezuela
Jul 1980 - Jun 1984

General Secretary.

Universidad Nacional Abierta.

General Secretary of the Open University. In charge of archives, files, libraries, students evaluation, certification, international relations, operational planning.

Apr 1979 - Mar 1980


Consejo Nacional de Seguridad y Defensa

Strategical planning.


Sep 1991 - Jul 1993


University of California at Berkeley

Post-Doctoral Stage as Visiting Professor and Researcher Associated. I wrote a book about Epistemological Problems in Social Sciences.

Oct 1975 - Nov 1978


Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
Oct 1975 - Jul 1976

Diplome d´Etudes Approfondies

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

First year of Doctoral Degree with Field Work in the Basque Country.

Oct 1972 - Jun 1975

Magister Scientarum

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Master degree in International Laws and Economics (Markets, custom duty, exchanges,private and public international laws, etc).

Jan 1974 - Nov 1974

National Security and Defense specialist.

Instituto de Altos Estudios de la Defensa Nacional
Sep 1966 - Jul 1971

Anthropologist (B.A.)

Universidad Central de Venezuela

B.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology.



Curriculum planning

Creation, introduction and control of curriculum.

Field work.

Ethnological field work.

Operational planning

Planning based in objectives, goals, time, resources, means. Planning elaboration, fulfilment and control.

Strategical planification.

How to developed strategies in marketing, politics, public opinion, organizations.

Qualitative methods.

Focus groups, ethics dilemmas, interviews, psychological interviews, products analysis, story board analysis, advertising analysis, political  public opinion.

Quantitative methods

Public opinion and marketing polls, sampling, cluster analisys.


Anthropologist, Dr. in Cultural Psychiatry, Professor in several universities worldwide, expert in quantitative and qualitative methods of research, strategical and operational  planning and field work.


I am interested in lecturing and research in human values and in political values. I would like to use both quantitative and qualitative research methods and to apply my studies in order of making analysis about some new anthropological problems: migrations, cultural integration, identity, citizenship, cultural change, cultural adaptation, religion and identity, multiculturalism, fundamentalism, acculturation, ethics dilemmas, cultural disorders (ethnic disorders), antagonistic acculturation. Also, it is possible for me working in public opinion and marketing research, because I have an important experience in both fields.

At the same time, I am concerned with epistemological and methodological problems in social science and,  particularly, in social and cultural anthropology.

But, of course, I am open to hear and to work in some new area or project.